Waiting For You Online_Chapter 71_Arm Got Hurt


The girls on the side were laughing among themselves for the glance of Qin Yu. Guo Youling suddenly looked at He Jin, who’s a couple of seats away, “Isn’t Qin Yu looking at you? Senior He, are you coming to watch the match because of Qin Yu?”


The other people laughed. He Jin had already heard from Tongxuan about this rumor, and knew that they were kidding. However, he did feel something inside, of course, he felt embarrassed when he heard that, and he tried to object, “well, no, I just have nothing else to do, that’s why I’m here.”


Seeing how serious he looked, the girls stopped laughing.


Tongxuan, however, knew that something else was going on. When they went out for a coffee, He Jin had admitted that he had a good relationship with Qin Yu, and there’s nothing special about coming to watch a friendly match…Tongxuan whispered, “I never saw you coming to watch a match. Did you change?”


He Jin tried hard to utter a smile to Tongxuan. Well, yes, his life has changed a lot. He remembered on the first day of school, when he first saw Qin Yu, there was also a competition organized by the tennis club. Qin Yu and his teammates were in a rush to the tennis court, and when he got out from his foyer, He Jin accidentally knocked out the lunchbox on his hand…at that time, He Jin even thought that such activities had nothing to do with him.


Nowadays, he was playing a couple game with Fire. In reality, he is learning tennis with Qin Yu, he tried drinking and staying up, he even started to have feelings for the same sex…he once thought that he could just let his emotions run wild, yet he somehow held himself back.


Tongxuan opened a bag of potato chips and handed it to He Jin, which he refused. Hou Dongyan was looking at Tongxuan, begging for it, Tongxuan rolled her eyes and passed it to Hou Dongyan.


The players from the two Universities shook their hands before the match started. There were first two singles matches, and in the first one, Guo Youling’s boyfriend, Zhao Xibai was in it. The girls were cheering and screaming. The happy atmosphere indulged He Jin to cheer along with them.


Yan University’s tennis club is not as famous as the one of Hua University. In Hua University, quite many new members were recruited. Also, the club leader, Jiang Baijian intended to hand over his responsibilities to the new club members from the first year. Therefore, no one knew for sure which side would win.


On the first match, Zhao Xibai led a new guy from the first year to play doubles, and they won by 6:4. On the second match, two new guys from Hua University played. In the face of the experienced members from Yan University, they lost, but they still performed relatively well.


After the doubles were finished, the next one to come was the singles. Qin Yu was the first one to play, and everyone started cheering again. Even the cheerleaders from the other University were staring at him. This made the girls from the Hua University laugh.


Qin Yu went to do some warm-up exercises. This time, he didn’t look at the audience, but he entirely focused on the other party.


“Zhang Xiao!” Guo Youling yelled the name at once, and explained to the others, “he’s the tennis club leader of Yan University, he’s in his third year now…”


The other girl said, “they’re something, they even let their leader come to fight Qin Yu!”


He Jin was puzzled, “what? Is he really that good?”


Then, He Jin looked at the guy called Zhang Xiao. He wasn’t as tall as Qin Yu, less than 180cm. He’s not that strong either, although quite good-looking. However, when he showed up, the girls immediately waved their pompoms and yelled his name with joy.


Guo Youling said, “I have heard that Zhao Xibai is the only one in Yan University, who has the strength to compete with our best one. He seems to be really quick…Oh, right, Qin Yu’s is, of course, our best one!”


Unlike what’s usually shown on cartoons, when the two parties would talk for some time before the game started. When the referee waved his flag, the game was about to begin.


Qin Yu was the first one to act. He shot the ball, which went straight above the net, and instantly buckled back the ball shot by Zhang Xiao!


Referee, “1:0!”


It went quiet for two seconds. Then, people started to scream. He Jin heard someone behind him yell, “What a great shot over the net! Amazing!” Qin Yu was apparently taking his lead. Zhang Xiao was quick, but still not as fast as Qin Yu.


Without waiting for the audience to finish screaming, the players returned to their positions and started the second round. Zhang Xiao didn’t fall into the same trick this time, yet Qin Yu didn’t let him go either. He played a cut ball and continued to score!


After the two scores, the atmosphere was pushed to the maximum.


Zhao Xibai was taking a bag of drinks for his girlfriend, while seeing the heightened atmosphere, he shook his head and said, “see how manipulative he is!”


When the girls took the drinks from Zhao Xibai, one of them said, “you’ve done a great job too.”


Seeing that there’s no seat for him, he chose to squat, “it’s only you who praised me, it’s not enough.”


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