“Is it ok?” Qin Yu reminded him. His low, deep voice appeared extra sexy with the bathroom’s echo effect.


He Jin wasn’t sure what he was thinking about anymore. He squeezed out some gel and put it on Qin Yu’s back, he stiffly wiped the gel onto his back, and slowly felt his firm muscles…


Qin Yu, “go further down a bit.”


He Jin, “…”


When he finished putting on the shower gel, He Jin stuffed the bath ball into the hands of Qin Yu quickly, and rushed outside the bathroom. He’d forgotten that he still had to hand him the towel. He went away after saying, “I’m leaving.”


Qin Yu was thinking about how weirdly He Jin was acting. For anyone who’s straight, they would at least joke around and say something like “Qin Yu, you have such a great body” or wipe his body hard to ease the embarrassing atmosphere. However, He Jin said nothing until the end; he just casually wiped a few times then quickly stormed out. Qin Yu found it quite interesting.


If someone told him He Jin was 100% straight, he wouldn’t believe it.


“Ai!” When he was thinking about the fun part, Qin Yu accidentally made his wound wet…


After half an hour, Qin Yu was in the hospital again.


Doctor, “I warned you that!”


Qin Yu stretched out his arm and put it on the desk, “I forgot. Let’s rewrap it.”


Doctor, “…”


In the evening, He Jin, who was dwelled into his deep thoughts, got online and found that Fire wasn’t there. He wandered in the game aimlessly. The more he did, the more uncomfortable he felt. He was still thinking about how Qin Yu tempted him in the bathroom, but he was already an admirer of someone else. While in the game, he was rejecting someone who’s fond of him…He Jin was driving himself crazy!


What’s the big deal of being gay, anyway? He didn’t want to hide anymore.


If he’s fond of Fire as well, then why should he differentiate himself into a “web version” and “reality version”? If he wanted to be happy in the game, why should he forbid himself?


He Jin squatted on the yard, and was looking at the red bean tree which had matured. He was missing Fire, he wanted to be in his arms, he wanted to be hugged, and he wanted to be called “Ah Jin” gently…


At this time, he heard an alert sound. Fire got online!


He Jin’s heart was beating crazily. He instantly stood up and wanted to look for Fire using “Shadow”, but Fire had already used the Husband and Wife skills to fly and got in front of him.


“Are you farming again?” Fire looked at him from the top, “let’s go. There’re still a few more rounds for Husband and Wife mission. Let’s complete them.”


He Jin immediately called upon the Poor Flames, and Fire spread open his wings, He Jin cried, “Fire…”


Fire, “yes?”


He Jin looked at Poor Flames, “let’s ride together.”


Fire looked at him for two seconds, then retrieved his wings. He Jin got on Poor Flames’ back, and Fire followed suit, he was slowly hugging him from behind. This time, He Jin didn’t feel embarrassed nor nervous, and he didn’t care about purity anymore.


He felt safe with Fire. His empty heart was instantly filled with warmth.


He Jin was riding Poor Flames and flew down from the Nine Heavens Falls, what was waiting for them on the bottom was the Phoenix Island. They felt refreshed when the mist was washing their faces. After flying for a while, Fire suddenly whispered to He Jin’s ears, “what now? Were you missing me?”


He Jin, “…”


Fire didn’t hear He Jin’s answer. He smiled a little, and put one arm around He Jin tightly, his other hand took the ropes from He Jin’s hand, hitting the back of Poor Flames and adjusted the flying posture.


He Jin wanted to cry a little. At this moment, he knew that Fire understood him.


Fire kissed He Jin’s ears, which was acknowledged by He Jin. They didn’t seem awkward anymore, there was no more cold war, and Fire no longer forced him to call “husband”.


When they arrived at the Phoenix Island, it was already the 78th round of their Husband and Wife mission, and last round was all about dramatic missions, which were quite complicated. It would take them at least one hour for each round, they checked and saw that there were three more to go. Well, let’s complete all that night!


From 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm that night, the two stood for the last time in front of Weaver Girl. They submitted the last mission. Suddenly, there was rainbow rain on the Phoenix Island!


He Jin took the final task of the Husband and Wife mission – a book with skills.


After almost one month, what they got was a book! The hell!


Wait…what book is this? “Guide on Having Babies”?!


…he had a bad feeling.


At the same time, there was a new message from the system – congratulations players of Husband and Wife, “Fire” and “Ah Jin”, on the completion of the hidden mission on the Phoenix Island. The prize is this “Guide on Having Babies”!


[World] “Three Three”, “what sort of new system has the master and his wife developed?”


[World] “Octopus Sister”, “whenever I see messages about Fire and Ah Jin, I have to doubt whether I am in the same game as the Master’s!”


[World] “Singer and Cat”, “I need the ID of the player above!”


[World] “Weak Muscles”, “I wonder if this is a guide on how to make babies…”

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