Waiting For You Online – Chapter 75 – Don’t Come In !

After seeing the word “sweetheart”, the sleepy head instantly got up, and retracted his hand back to his blanket, as if he was afraid of being caught by someone.  


Once again, he went to sleep, and He Jin made a sly dream. He dreamed of Fire and Qin Yu. Later, he didn’t know what happened, but the images of the two people overlapped. He dreamed of Qin Yu lying on himself…and they did it, He Jin felt so comfortable, he’d never experienced this kind of happiness before. In the end, Qin Yu was biting his ear and told him emotionally, “Ah Jin, I want a baby with you.”


He Jin woke up instantly, and the sky outside the window was bright, and he was sweating all over!


Wait, he felt that somewhere of his body was feeling uncomfortable, He Jin got off his bed and ran to the bathroom…


Hou Dongyan, who was still in bed at this time, faintly heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. When he saw the bracelet, it was later than eight o’clock. It was time to go to school.


He slowly moved to the bathroom door, but saw the door locked, “Jin brother, what are you doing?”


He Jin, who’s in the bathroom, was scared to death, he was quickly rubbing the inside of his pants and calmly said, “I’m taking a shower! Wait!”


Why would he take a shower so early in the morning? Hou Dongyan frowned, and looked at the messy bed of He Jin…well, could he be doing that thing? He Jin didn’t look like someone who’d let himself go with his instincts…it shouldn’t be.


Hou Dongyan yawned… Well, he believed that He Jin was a serious person!


Five minutes later, He Jin cleaned up, Hou Dongyan went into the bathroom, and looked at the white underwear hanging on the bathroom rack.


…my axx, He Jin being serious!


The whole morning, He Jin was not in good shape. He was thinking about the dream from last night. And he felt so ashamed that he wanted to hide!

When it was almost the end of the class, He Jin received a text message from Qin Yu, and he was invited to eat together at noon. He Jin secretly reminded himself, that since Qin Yu had already someone in his mind, he shouldn’t be having hopes on him anymore. They should remain friends and friends only…and he should accept that.


He calmly agreed to the invitation, but when he saw Qin Yu, He Jin was full of embarrassment again. If Qin Yu knew what he had been doing in his dreams, he would be disgusted for sure…


“Is your arm better?” He Jin lowered his head, and he tried to distract himself.


 “It’s still wrapped, but don’t worry, it is not so painful anymore.” Qin Yu raised his arm, and his wound was covered by his sleeves.


He Jin, “where shall we go to eat?”


Qin Yu, “I want to eat some steak. Let’s go to San Shi Canteen?”


San Shi Canteen is a famous restaurant in Hua University. It was a bit more expensive than the other canteens, and there were fewer choices. However, the meals were usually better made, and there were also western, Japanese, Korean sets.


Since Qin Yu wanted to eat steak, He Jin followed him, and the two walked for fifteen minutes before arriving there.


When they got to the restaurant, He Jin wanted to take out his meal card but was stopped by Qin Yu, “you paid yesterday, it’s my turn today.”


 “I…” He Jin wanted to say that the dishes the two had the previous day were just enough for one person, so they might as well pay separately, but just when he opened his mouth, Qin Yu tied his wrist with one hand, pulling his body behind.  


Qin Yu stopped He Jin in front, and turned around, “listen to me, I’m going to pay.”


Listen…listen to me…


Isn’t this too intimate?


Qin Yu grabbed him for a while, until he didn’t struggle anymore. He Jin was a bit offended. He didn’t feel particularly happy as being a senior of Qin Yu, and he felt like he ought to pay. And he thought that he lost his dignity.

Qin Yu took the meal card and found a seat, only to see that He Jin was not feeling too happy.


“What’s wrong? Are you not pleased?” Qin Yu asked.


He Jin turned his wrist under the table and wanted to let Qin Yu never to touch him again. But it sounded too much like a girl, so he tried to adjust his tone, “don’t do this anymore. I don’t want to owe you.”


Qin Yu was stunned, and he smiled, “so you treat me as an outsider?”


He Jin, “it’s not that, but you…”


Qin Yu interrupted, “ok, ok, I won’t do this anymore. But remember one thing, He Jin, I’m happy to treat you, don’t think that you owe me something.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yu was really not angry at all. He’s not that kind of person who cared about money so much, but he realized that he’d upset He Jin a bit, so he had to say something to make things up. Also, after what happened in the game last night, he was in such a good mood, and he even found He Jin a bit lovely when he looked upset.  He was tempted to hold and kiss him.


…They always say that when one gets pregnant, they will have a bad temper, and it looks true!


Well, although it is only “pregnancy” in the game, Qin Yu could not help but bring that happiness to reality. He couldn’t care less, since He Jin didn’t know what he was thinking anyway.


The card flashed twice, and Qin Yu hurried to take the steak at the window. He saw that there’s a prune juice, so he took a bottle for He Jin.



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