Waiting For You Online – Chapter 77 – The Devil Baby

Fire was on the edge of the bed. When he saw He Jin, he pointed excitedly at the baby, “come and see!”


The baby was closing its eyes, and its head was like an egg membrane that’s waiting to break open. The two had almost forgotten that it’s just a game. They got together carefully, like a new father and mother.


Ah Jin, “hasn’t it come out all along? How long has it been already?”


Fire, “it’s been almost an hour. Without you, I dare not touch it.”


Out of courage, Ah Jin went forward to remove the skin of the egg. Just when he touched it, the membrane turned into a white clothing on the baby’s body!

Suddenly, he saw that the baby’s eyes opened!

He Jin was stunned, he held his breath with Fire and the two were staring at the baby who had awakened. The baby blinked his red eyes, and he stretched his head and touched Ah Jin’s palm. His short black hair felt like feathers. In a moment, He Jin felt softened, and he kept smiling foolishly.


Fire was acting the same. One could never see him as the usually cold, calm Qin Yu.


The baby who had awakened was half the size of a human baby, like a small pet. He suddenly stood up and looked at Ah Jin and Fire respectively, his eyes were so big that they almost occupied half of his face. If he’s without the horns, he would be exactly like a lovely doll.


The baby turned around and the two found that he’s with cute black little wings!


……Wait, what’s the white, long hair that’s on his buttocks? Did he inherit a ferret’s tail as well?

It seems that he knew where Fire and Ah Jin were looking, after shaking the tail twice, Fire burst out in laughter, he spread his hand on the bed, smiled and pointed to the baby, “dumpling, come over.”

Dumpling looked at Fire, then waved his wings and landed on the palm of Fire after a short while.


Fire and Ah Jin: (⊙o⊙)!

The two seemed to have the most interesting toy in the world, they were pointing at dumpling who was flying here and there.

Ah Jin, “what a good baby!”

Hearing the praise of He Jin, the little baby waved his tail and took the initiative to fly to Ah Jin, and landed on his palm. He Jin asked curiously, “does it understand what we’re saying?”


Fire, “maybe it recognizes our voices.”

He Jin thought about it for a while, then asked, “what’s a dumpling actually, NPC?”


Fire, “it should be a type of pet of the system.”


No matter if it’s a pet of the system or NPC, it’s got attributes. The two looked at dumpling’s little head, and there was a half-transparent message box:


“The Baby of Fire and Ah Jin”


Name: Dumpling


Type: Devil Baby


Age: 1 year


Life value: 100000


Attributes: Baby with incredible attack power, he can replace pets, and can fight with both the parents or one of the parents.


The name “dumpling” was already in the system, maybe the system caught it when the two were discussing about the baby. No wonder it reacted when Ah Jin called him dumpling. They were surprised at his life value which is…100,000?!
Even He Jin’s snowy state had a little more than 50,000 life values, and this little thing had twice of that? How crazy can that be?

Seeing the expression of Fire, obviously the he was also shocked by this!


“His amount of blood is almost the same as mine!”

At this moment, the two’s friends bar suddenly moved frantically.

Fire randomly opened one of it, it was from Dead Water, “have you just had a baby?”


How did he know? Has this been on the TV?

As expected, on the World Channel, players were discussing about this “Devil Baby”. When looking a bit further, Fire saw the announcement made by the channel a few minutes ago – “Congratulations to husband and wife ‘Fire’ and ‘Ah Jin’ on having their Devil Baby!”


Ah Jin and Fire were too focused on dumpling and they missed the news. Now, all their friends were catching up on it.


A few minutes later, several people who got permission from Fire and Ah Jin appeared at their home, aside from Dead Water, Hou Dongyan was also there.

Just after the exams, Hou Dongyan hadn’t seen a trace of Ah Jin. When he returned to the dormitory, he found that his roommate was already wearing a helmet and was online. He followed him and found such an announcement unexpectedly!


Giving birth, hatching…


Reading these expressions, Hou Dongyan felt like he’d been hit by lightning. It’s fine to get married with a guy, but then they had a baby also…so, Ah Jin didn’t care about morality anymore?


The group saw that Fire was holding “Dumpling”, and actually, the baby didn’t need to be held, since he could fly to anywhere he wanted. However, Fire couldn’t help but want to feel like a proud father…


He Jin stood behind him, the group looked around them for a long while, one talking after another…

Nine Hall His Highness, “damn, you guys acted really quick! I don’t even have a wife yet!”


Dead Water, “it’s so lovely, what’s its name?”


Wild Crane, “it’s even got horns! How cute!”


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