His mother sneered, “you earn by yourself? How? Haven’t you seen the news about the unemployment rate of graduates? Even if they’re from Hua University, they might as well drive a cab…I’ve asked around, the job that your Dad found for you, you’ll have about $10,000 per month with all the benefits. It’s quite decent. And even with that income, you’ll only save about $100,000 maximum in a year. Do you have any idea about the real estate market in Q city? Even if you don’t drink or eat in a year, you’ll only be able to buy a toilet. By the time you’ve got enough money to buy a flat, we’ll have turned into ashes!”


He Jin, “I can find a job in A city, the salary is higher there…”


His mother, “it’s even harder in big cities! Do you think a high salary solves all the problems? When your salary is higher, so will be your expenses. You’ll have to rent an apartment, and I’ve heard even in the 3rd ring of A city, one square meter is $80,000 now! You’ll also have to work at the city center, meaning that you’ll need to spend two hours per day on a train. If you find a job in the suburban area, then why not find one in Q city instead? Don’t think that I have no idea. I read the news every day!”


He Jin frowned, “then I won’t get married, not until I have money.”


His mother was shocked, and she suddenly raised her voice, “how is it possible? You must get married! And you must buy an apartment! I’ve said so, if you don’t have money, I’ll help you save it. Just make sure you finish your studies and find a job near home, then everything will be stable…”


The topic entered into its vicious cycle, He Jin tried his best to stay calm, but he couldn’t continue this conversation.


After his shower, it was 11 pm, He Jin was lying on his bed, and he felt like half dead.


Because of their different mindsets, He Jin found it unbelievably torturous for the conversation he’d just had with his mother. He didn’t want to follow her advice, but he couldn’t find a valid reason not to. After all, he’s still a student, and he wasn’t sure, nor could he guarantee about his future. A transcript would not be able to secure his success. Once he graduated, all would have to be started at the beginning…


Oh, how much he hoped that he could have a significant sum of money now, all piled up in front of his mother, and he could say with confidence, “Mom, we are not short of money. Treat yourself and Dad better. There’s no need to consider about me so much. I will be responsible for my life.”


…but is this a question about money? Hell no!


He Jin never thought that their family is poor. He also remembered how much his parents earned pre-retirement. Although they weren’t rich, they could perfectly manage their living. However, their quality of life still made He Jin think that they were suffering…especially the way his mother said, “we have been saving up for one week for this meal”, wasn’t this too exaggerated?


Therefore, it wasn’t the problem with money, but the mindset. Even if he gave his mother 10 million, she wouldn’t want to spend a penny on her own. She only wanted to spend all her energy and time on the family, on her son, and maybe her grandson…etc.


“He Jin! Did you buy this bag of snacks?” His mother’s voice came in through the door panel. “How many times have I told you not to eat junk food, and what is this…sushi? The news has reported about this kind of plastic box already. It’s toxic! Since you ate so little during dinner, is that because you’ve had too much snack? And these aren’t cheap, I think? I’ve been saving up all the time for you and worrying about you, why can’t you let me stop worrying? Don’t let me see you buying these things again!”


He Jin, “…”


He Jin turned over and covered his head with a pillow, and his brain was going to explode. At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear – he had to become stronger; it’s not the time to give up!


That is the first sentence Fire said to him, after he had surrendered to Fire. Otherwise, why would he suddenly think of that…He Jin suddenly grew a thought to fight back. He knew that he had to get over his mother, or maybe win her arguments, or his life would be screwed!


His Mom, “did you hear me or not?”


He Jin was getting angry, “yes I did!!”


If he told his Mom that his classmate bought him the snacks, his mother might even nag more. He Jin, out of rationality, tried to get away from this trouble. There was no meaning in arguing with his mom, and he was going to postpone it.


At night, when he heard that both his parents had been asleep, he sent a message to Fire. Seeing that there’s no reply, he sneakily took his game helmet in his backpack, got back to his bed and wore the helmet.


At midnight, Ah Jin logged on to the game. Fire was there.


Fire, “it’s so late already, you still got online? Are you home?”


Ah Jin, “yes, I’m just here to have a look.”


Fire, “haha, for the baby or for me?”


Ah Jin, “…”


Fire, “we’re on the floating island, why don’t you follow us?”


Ah Jin quickly flew near Fire, seeing that he was with Dumpling. When the Devil Baby saw He Jin, he was so excited that he kept making these “Ji ji ji” noises. He also kept kissing He Jin and wouldn’t let go of him. He Jin smiled, “I feel like he’s grown a lot.”


Fire, “yes, I’m not sure if he’ll continue to grow. I just ordered him to fight some monsters, and I found that he’s quite smart. He can learn and remember things quickly.”


Ah Jin held Dumpling and kissed on his cheek. The Devil Baby made a “Ji” sound again, looking a bit silly.


Fire was stunned too.


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