Waiting For You Online – Chapter 85 – Being Caught

After visiting the relatives for a day, He Jin had also been listening to how his mother bragged about how obedient her son was, and how frequently he was awarded a scholarship. He Jin felt like his ears started to hurt from all these bullsh*t.


Someone asked her, when would her son graduate, and since he’s so smart, had she ever thought of sending him abroad to study? Whenever she heard of someone asking this, she’d reject by saying that if kids are sent overseas to study, they wouldn’t even know if their parents fall sick. And for her, she’s very determined to have her son back to his hometown to work. There’s nothing that will change this fact.


He Jin thought, who had ever promised her that he’d return to hometown to work? That’s not what he asked for at all!


That night, He Jin, who had been running back and forth the whole day, was exhausted. All he wanted to do was to get online and play games with Fire, or check out how their Devil Baby was doing. He felt like by doing so. He’d feel better.


After dinner, He Jin locked himself in the room, but there was still sounds outside, he didn’t dare to put on the helmet at this moment. That’s why he took the book “The Water Margin” from his bookshelf and started reading. Since his mother didn’t allow him to read anything aside from academic books (including fiction), there was nothing else except famous Chinese classics in his room. All he could do to pass the time was to flip through this book which he had read countless times.


However, after a while, there was a sound behind him. He Jin complained, “why didn’t you knock?” He saw his mother handing him a cup of freshly squeezed juice, and he felt guilty for his lousy attitude just now.

His mother looked at him angrily and put the juice on his table, “it’s my home, why is it necessary to knock? How come you have so many opinions?”  She turned her head to check what book He Jin was reading. After knowing that it’s not anything non-serious, she turned away.


He Jin sipped his juice. After seeing that his mother was still standing there, he looked up and asked, “what else do you want to say?”


“Nothing. Can’t you let your mom look at you sometimes?” His mother showed an unhappy face, as she had felt that her son was keeping a distance from her. When he was small, he was very close to his mother, but all had changed after he grew up, and she could no longer understand what he’s thinking. She rolled her eyes and tested He Jin, “by the way, your aunt told me about a girl studying in Q Major University. I saw her photo today; she looks quite pretty. I’ve heard that…”


When his mother first started talking about it, He Jin could almost guess what she was going to say. He heard an alert in his brain – damn, it’s happening for real!


The guilt that he was having disappeared totally. He Jin looked at his mother, feeling annoyed, “are you arranging a blind date for me?”


He Jin’s mother was stunned by the way her son looked, “well, yes. Why?”


He Jin closed his book, “Mom, I am only in the 3rd year of University, and I’m just 23 years old, not 32 years who’s still single! Can you stop worrying about stuff like finding a girlfriend for me? I can look for myself!”


When He Jin’s mother heard this, she was sure that He Jin had someone in his mind, that’s why he reacted that much!


“Then, have you looked?” She looked at He Jin and asked.


He Jin’s look wandered around and turned away his head, “not yet. First, I’m still in college. Secondly, I don’t have a job. Nothing has been settled. I don’t’ have any intentions to look for a girlfriend now.”


Her mother guessed for a long while, and now she felt more that her son was lying to her. However, since she didn’t have any evidence now, there was nothing much she could accuse her son of. She said a few more words and went out.


He Jin breathed a sigh of relief and calmed himself down. He felt that every time he talked to his mother, he either felt powerless or so angry that he’d almost lose his mind!


Finally, it was past midnight, and there was no sound inside and outside. He Jin had endured his fatigue until now. The moment he put on his helmet, he instantly felt more energetic. He had told Fire previously that he’d get online later, and Fire was waiting for him.


Fire continued to bring He Jin to the PK Dashboard of fairy pets. In the past few days, He Jin had not lost a game with other players’ real-life spiritual pets contest. He had maintained a 100% winning percentage and had made it to the top 500.


Fire, “according to your strength, you’ll be able to make it to the first 200 after one week.”


He Jin was full of confidence, but when he was talking with Fire, he felt like the whole world was shaking…no, it’s him who’s shaking! He Jin’s facial expression instantly changed, and said, “my mom’s here.” The next second, He Jin immediately got offline.


He Jin opened his eye mask and was so nervous that he went stiff. Sure enough, his mother was standing in front of him, and she shouted, “what is this thing? Why are you wearing this when you’re sleeping?”


He Jin forced himself to calm down and recalled his previous lies, “didn’t I tell you before? It’s to relieve insomnia.”


Her mother shouted, “didn’t you realize how scary that was when I opened the door and saw this big thing on your head?! What is this – to relieve insomnia? Have you been wearing it recently?”


He Jin, “yes…”


Her mother quickly caught the loophole in He Jin’s words, “then how come when I came to wake you up in the morning, and you weren’t wearing it?”


He Jin, “I…I took it off in the middle of the night!”


Mom, “took off? Where did you put it, and how come I only saw it today?”


He Jin, “I put it in my schoolbag…”


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