The Laughable Master Justice

“I heard the crown prince was infected with a weird disease.”


“Mmm.” A left hand held a white piece.


“There are notices everywhere on the street, the kingdom is rewarding a thousand gold for a doctor.”


“Ooh.” A right hand held a black piece.


“Miss, did you already know about this early on?”


“Not really early, about three days before.” The information came together with the news about the empire wanting to take over the bank.


This is still called not early? Lu’er pouted her lips: “The crown prince is your cousin, how come you’re not nervous at all?”


“He won’t die anyway, why would I feel nervous?”


“How do you know he won’t die?”


Murong Yun Shu slowly put a black piece on the chess board, she lightly said: “I’m familiar with the person who poisoned him.” Specifically, she met him before and knew his name.


Lu’er screamed: “So the crown prince was poisoned by someone?!” which means the rumors that were spreading outside…….




“Don’t tell me……That person really was Master?” Lu’er really hoped it wasn’t true.


“Yes, it’s real.”


“Oh my god!” Lu’er face palmed: “Master must be out of his mind! How could he poison the crown prince!”



“That’s right, he not only poisoned the crown prince, he even used the black heart poison specially made from Mount Heifeng. As if he wants everyone to know that he is the one who poisoned the crown prince.”


Lu’er was so speechless that she flipped her eyeballs: “Miss, can you please act like a normal person! Poisoning the crown prince is a big crime! We’ll get decapitated!”


“They won’t slaughter the whole clan, what are you afraid of?”




“Even if their whole sect got slaughtered, I haven’t married to him yet, which means I’m not in their family list.” Murong Yun Shu was so calm as though even if a tornado were to befall on her, it wouldn’t affect her a bit. She continued putting a black piece on top of the chess board and complemented: “In any case, you won’t be implicated in the crime so stop worrying blindly.”


Lu’er’s eyes got wet, was Miss worried about her?


“Miss, even if you don’t have any feelings for Master, the person who is sick right now is your cousin, aren’t you a little worried about him?” Lu’er remembered that Miss had had a close relationship with her cousin in the past.


Murong Yun Shu ignored her words, she continued confronting with her left and right hands.

“Actually, you are very worried for your cousin, right?”


Let’s make it draw, or else her left and right hand won’t be able to get along peacefully in the future.


“Miss, did you hear what I just said?!”


Murong Yun Shu had never seen Lu’er being so determined on other things before! She held back her hand from the chess board and put the pieces back into the chess box instead, then she said: “Haven’t you heard of being obedient with your husband once you get married?”


“Huh? Miss also knows that you should be obedient to your husband?!”


Murong Yun Shu did not care about Lu’er ridicule, she said with a serious face: “My future husband is poisoning the crown prince. Of course I should stand with him, showing mercy to the enemy is showing cruelness to myself.”

“……Let me remind you, that enemy of yours is your cousin brother, your close childhood cousin.”


“Keep the chess board well, don’t mess up the pieces, I’ll continue next time.”


“We were talking about your brother.”


“If you talk once more, I’ll change your name to clamor.”


Lu’er immediately shut her mouth. She knew Miss’s personality very well, it is possible that Miss could even change her name to Emperor or Father.


Murong Yun Shu raised her eyebrow and was pleased to see Lu’er reaction, then she strolled back to the study room. When she went in, she saw the financial reports piled like a mountain, she slightly sighed and mumbled: “Father, Murong Sect is so huge, from the top we have house beams while till the bottom we have cellar basements. You could’ve hidden the silver taels anywhere! Why would you throw it into a dog hole? You knew your daughter has mysophobia, digging into a dog hole just for five hundred thousand…….How could she…….endure this!”


Murong Yun Shu sighed again, she rubbed her eyebrows and slumped on the redwood chair, her thoughts went away, oddly……she thought about Chu Changge. He really was so arrogantly…….bad.


Murong Yun Shu comfortably propped her face on her elbow, her mind started to imagine that Chu Changge was caught to face the three official trial, with the presiding officer using 9 times 9 equaling 81 kinds of cruel torture to make him admit his crime. However, his expression was cynical as he confessed to all his crimes: “That’s right, I poisoned the crown prince, what are you gonna do about it?” All the officials would be stunned by his answer and their expressions would be blank.


“Miss, what are you giggling at?”


Murong Yun Shu was shocked by Lu’er sudden appearance, she diffidently hid her smile and quickly sorted out her mood, then calmly asked: “Anything happen?”


Lu’er stared at Murong Yun Shu weirdly, she wanted to dig up the roots and inquire at the base but she was scared she’ll get her name changed, and hence she tried to hold back and said: “The butler came and reported just now, Fang Hongfei brought a bunch of people to the house and caused trouble.”





Looking at the fierce parade of ‘Justice Master’s who came for a punitive expedition, Murong Yun Shu couldn’t hold herself back and laughed, it wasn’t because she loves to laugh, it was because—the scene was too funny.


“What did you just say, Master Fang? Forgive me, I am slightly deaf so I couldn’t listen to it very well.”


“Murong Sect colluded with the Mojiao Sect, bringing disaster to the world. Today, I shall get rid of Murong Sect for the peace of the world.” Fang Hongfei spoke plausibly.


Murong Yun Shu thought his look was so amusing. For the peace of the world? How did he come up with such a dramatic idea?


“What are you laughing at?!” Fang Hongfei felt exasperated.


“Laughing at laughable people.”


“You’re insulting me as a laughable person?!”


“You’re the one who admitted it, don’t shift the blame on me.” Murong Yun Shu looked like she wanted to excuse herself and stared at Fang Hongfei, then she turned her sight to the sage-looking Elder Mo in the group of people and said: “Murong Sect is just a small business place, it’s an honor that Elder Mo from ten thousand miles of Mount Wudang would come for a visit to Murong House. Someone, find seats for our guests.”




Elder Mo looked kindly as he stroked the few sparse bit of white that could be called a beard on his chin, then he sat down and smiled: “Miss Murong, I’m just passing by so I came to beg a cup of tea, I hope it’s not bothering you.”



“Then Elder Mo has come to the right place.” Murong Yun Shu smiled lightly, she walked back to the owner seat and sat down.


In the meantime, the maidservants served the guests with tea.


Elder Mo sipped the tea and praised: “Delicious tea!”


“Elder Mo, are you going to Shaolin Temple to take part in the martial arts world tournament?” Murong Yun Shu also raised her teacup, she acted as if she didn’t have any intention of asking the question.


“That’s right.”


“Then why did you come here with Master Fang?”


“About that……”


Murong Yun Shu lightly continued: “Elder Mo please tell me straight, Master Fang and I are foes on the inside and outside, you don’t have to have  scruple about us.”


Fang Hongfei’s face paled as he heard the words.


Elder Mo burst into laughter and said: “Miss Murong, you are quite different from the rumors.”


“Elder Mo should know that rumors are not reliable.” Murong Yun Shu said the phrase with double the meaning.


Elder Mo had a glamorous intellect. He had naturally understood Murong Yun Shu’s real meaning behind the sentence, then he smiled friendly with his hand stroking his white beard: “If we didn’t see the real person for ourself, how would we know the real truth?”


Murong Yun Shu nodded as if she learned something: “Thank you Elder Mo for your advice.”


Elder Mo also nodded his head, he was pleased to see Murong Yun Shu was worthy to be taught.


“Elder Mo, we didn’t come for tea.” Fang Hongfei finally couldn’t hold his breath anymore.

“Nobody would serve you tea, too!” Lu’er angrily stared at Fang Hongfei.


“You!” Fang Hongfei stuttered, he was so furious that he combined all the past and present resentment together and blamed Murong Yun Shu: “Murong Yun Shu, you colluded with the Mojiao Sect, bring disaster to the world, you still don’t admit it?!”


Murong Yun Shu coldly humph: “Whether I admit to the crime or not, what will you do? I, Murong Yun Shu isn’t one of the underworld people, even if I do really commit a crime, the emperor will interrogate the case. Master Fang, aren’t you a little much of a busybody?!”


“You……You are betrothed to Chu Changge, and that is related to our underworld matter!”


“Oh?” Murong Yun Shu relieved her eyebrows and smiled: “Which means, Master Fang is trying to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven to get rid of me, the future Madam of Mojiao Sect?”


“I…….” Fang Hongfei suddenly realized the situation, now that Murong Yun Shu’s identity has changed, being against with her is also equal to being against the Mojiao Sect. He immediately felt regret, if he knew this would happen, he would not have broken the betrothal with Murong Yun Shu and then there wouldn’t be any Mojiao involved to wreck his intentions.


Fang Hongfei as their leader had flinched, his followers were even less emboldened, all of them looked like they were scared.


Murong Yun Shu raised her mouth and looked disdainfully at them, she stood up and slowly walked to the front, every step she moved forward, the followers took a step away, and until they finally stepped away, she finally spoke: “Everyone……” She stopped for a few seconds and continued: “I, Murong Yun Shu am not related to the underworld, if anyone has complaints about the betrothal between me and Chu Changge, please visit Mount Heifeng to fight it out against him, but……” she stopped again, her face revealed a warm smile: “I suggest- those who have complaints should hold yourselves back. If someone sent their precious lives just because of my betrothal matter, that would make me feel guilty.”



As Murong Yun Shu finished talking, the scene had gone to silence. She could only hear the sound of breathing and the leaves rustling on the banana tree in front of the house.


“Miss Murong’s words are right, everyone should leave. The resentment between Mingjian Sect and Mojiao sect shouldn’t have involved any innocent people.” Elder Mo said.


“Fine, today we shall leave, but Murong Yun Shu please remember, from this day onwards, you have become the enemy of the entire underworld, anybody has the right to punish you!” Fang Hongfei said hatefully.


“I, Murong Yun Shu don’t walk the path of the underworld, how is it possible that I forged an irreconcilable resentment with the underworld? Is everyone from the underworld so unreasonable?” As Murong Yun Shu finishing her last sentence, she turned around and looked at Elder Mo.


Elder Mo understood her meaning, he smiled with his eyes praising at her: “Miss Murong can rest assured about this, every friend from the underworld is very reasonable, if anyone deliberately embarrasses you, they will be fighting against our Wudang Sect, too.”


Fang Hongfei did not expect that Wudang Sect would support Murong Yun Shu, his face turned pale immediately and he angrily swept his sleeves and left the scene.


Since the leader had gone, the other followers also left.


“Thank you Elder Mo for upholding justice.” Murong Yun Shu cupped her hands together and thanked Elder Mo.


“Miss Murong, the innocents will remain clean, you don’t have to thank me.” Elder Mo lightly smiled and said: “But I do have some advice, although I am not sure if I should speak it out loud.”


“Please don’t mind me.”


“I sincerely hope you can reconsider the betrothal with Mojiao Sect’s leader. Since both good and bad are irreconcilable.”


“Thank you for your reminder, I’ll take it into consideration.”


After Murong Yun Shu sent Elder Mo away, she thought she could finally relieve herself, but then she saw Manager Qian rush into the door as if something urgent had happened.



Edited and Proofread by: Loriel

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