Yuusha Aruiwa Bakemono to Yobareta Shoujo

Chapter 3 Part 3

“It feels as though I have heard some evil speech mixed with something extraordinary just now but…”


Said the man wearing the priest’s garb with stars attached to it. His dangerous gaze was visible from within the dignified helmet.

It looked like the hero was about to say something but Matari came interrupting,


“I-it’s just your imagination. We are pious Star Church followers, after all! Mo-more importantly, I want to enter the labyrinth quick!”


“Ah, I see, my imagination… I will also feel awkward handing over someone with future prospects over to the Inquisition. Alright, show me the search permit or a temporary permit. Well, from the looks of it, you look like members who just joined the guild.”


Demanded the Star Church soldier, crossing his hands and showing clear signs that he was annoyed. Seeing that attitude, the hero said silently,


“You’re quite arrogant for a gate guard…”


“Did you say something? I feel like I heard some evil…”


“Nope, nothing.”


“U-umm, is this fine?”


Matari asked honestly, putting out her hand.

The hero also followed after her.

On their palms were a black star and a carving of a sword. This was their proof of being in the guild and would become a temporary permit. To use it as a temporary permit, they needed to put it on.

When the occupation is officially recognized, it seems like this star changes according to the business.

It isn’t a tattoo so it is not like it will remain forever. When one wants to retire, if they want to hand it over, it can be removed.


“So you both are in the warrior guild, eh? So people who can control magic early are taken in quite easily, huh? It is tough advancing through the labyrinth with just a sword. If you don’t have magic, you will reach your limit quickly. Well, you wouldn’t go far either way, though.”


“Ye-yes. Thank you for the advice.”


Matari can’t use magic. The hero can’t probably use it either. Magicians and clergymen are in great demand now, so making them travel along is thought to be quite a difficult task. Those precious talents are being invited in altogether by the countries. And to develop skills and experience befitting of that, they stay in this labyrinth city. They wouldn’t really accompany newbies. It is a different matter when they are paid, though.


“It’s nothing. After all, if you guys earn, it helps us too. The Star Church will prosper even more if you defeat monsters. So it’s a waste if you just die suddenly.”


Said the man, wearing a prideful smirk within the helmet. Who knows if his personality is just bad or he was being meddlesome.


“Yes, yes, we understand so let us in already. How long do we need to hold out our hands?”


“Don’t be hasty. The people with temporary permit are specially needed to provide ‘offerings’ when they enter. And, so– if you want to go in, hand out 100 copper coins. By the way, that’s for everytime you enter.”


“Wh-what’s with that?! That’s a rip-off!”


The hero shouted angrily. Matari was impressed by that courage — in a different way.


“It is just natural. We are putting a ‘miracle’ on you to bring you back here after 3 hours, after all. If you think of it in terms of life, it is actually too cheap. It won’t be weird to even ask for 1 gold coin for it.”


“Th-this bastard!”


The hero’s face got all red. The guard was enjoying looking at this easy-to-understand girl. She was reacting quite a lot so he was probably just having fun with them rather than getting angry.


“I guess we have no choice. We will pay. We just need to defeat more monsters and earn for that. I will work hard too.”


“Bu-but, with 100 copper coins, we could have all those good food and wine—-”


“It’s just as that ‘Art’ lady says. If you just earn properly, there will be no problem at all. If you work hard, you might also be able to regain your former glory — oops, I guess that was going too far.”


The guard sneered and looked down on them.

Matari was reflexively gritting her teeth, enduring it without saying anything. They all silently handed over 100 copper coins.


“Very well.—May the Star God lead you pious followers.”


As the Star Church guard chanted the prayer, Matari and the hero’s black star started shining–and turned white. They didn’t feel heat or any pain. It seems to be an effect of magic or something of the kind. Matari, who was ignorant of magical knowledge, asked upfront,


“What is this?”


“It is proof — that you will be able to walkthrough the barrier surrounding the labyrinth. Now you can enter the labyrinth. When that white star turns completely black, teleportation magic will be cast upon you. Every 3 hours. It has already started ticking. If you don’t want to waste it, you’d better hurry.”


“Say that first!”


“He-hero-san! Let’s go quick!”





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