Chapter 1: I’ve become a demon after 400 years, but in the first place I mistook the purpose and means.

He finally become a demon king. It takes a while. It has been 390 years since he decided to become a demon when he is 10 years old. Finally, he fulfilled his dream and become a demon king!


A legend was saying, “If you haven’t made a ‘crime’ with a woman for 40 years, you can become a wizard.”


No, this is not a legend. It was a firm fact. About one in a thousand people who can use magic, achieve it this way. If the population of a large city is a millions, half of it, five hundred thousand are men, fifty of them are ‘wizard’.


By the way, a woman can’t become a ‘wizard’. There is a legend of a ‘witch’ but the way of women and magic remains a mystery.


Therefore, he chooses to protect his virginity for 40 years. At the age of 10, he entered the monastery to learn the knowledge about magic while practicing spiritual and physical training. At the same time, cutting off contact with women, and at the age of 20 years, he lived in seclusion in the mountain.


Hard. It was hard. To suppress the desire of healthy young body, a great mental power is necessary. But he managed to get over it.


Finally, it become possible to use magic when he reaches 40 years old!


He endured the severe practice that only one from a thousand people can achieve and became a ‘wizard’.


However, he is still not satisfied with it.



In addition to the former legend, “If you abstained from the crime of women for 400 years, you can become a demon king.”


No one never prove this fact. However, as the legend has this saying, it was considered worth it to challenge it.


So, he continues to live in seclusion on the mountain. After accustomed to the life in the mountains for 20 years, and the fact that he can now use magic, it was not that difficult anymore.


He continues to practice his magic. As he practices his magic, he is improving its accuracy, the power, and the speed of invocation. Making use of the magical knowledge he learned, he devised a new magic and improved it. Using the knowledge of his self-created magic, he further delves and carried out research on magic.


In the early days, his magical powers run out really quick. He need to meditate and sleep to recover his magical power. However, as the training showing some result, his magical power increased rapidly and the number of times magic can be used is increased. Because of it, he become more obsessed with magical practice and research without thinking about anything else.




And times goes on.


When he reaches sixty years old, his body doesn’t require food or drink anymore. Because of his magic research, the source of magical power that comes and scattered around the world was able to be converted into magical power and life force.


Because of that, his body has stopped aging. Even more, he succeeded in rejuvenating his body from his research on healing magic.


His physical body aging stopped, never will it became old.


The vitality of his former young body is returned and very vigorous.


He can feel the energetic power from the young flesh but after a while like he use to do, he suppresses that desire without problem. It was because his mental strength has been trained previously and he know exactly how to endure it.


After that he continued to practice magic.


100 years…


200 years…


300 years…


His magic power keep improving as if it was natural. Even the need to sleep is gone and replaced by magical practice all year round. Well, it wasn’t really good to engrossed on it too much hence there is a day off per week and it was off for the whole day.


Converting the world magic power into your own magic power and vitality, there is no limitation. No matter how much magic power he uses, his magical reserves never burn out like it used to do and there is no need to recover magical power by sleeping.


As a result, his magical power has reached a terrifying level. There is a thing that is called ‘legendary’ magic; calling a meteorite from above the sky and dropping it on the ground. He learned that. That magic can even ruin the world depending on the size of the meteorite summoned. However, to call down such big meteorite, it wasn’t possibly just by relying the power on his body. Although it was possible to refill the magical power from the magic power from the world but the amount of magical power that can be used at once has its limits.


Therefore, he decided to walk on the path of finesse. He focuses on moderate size meteorite and controlled the friction which it was burned down by the atmosphere and turn it into something small up to the point he can control it before it lands on the ground.


He succeeds to control the meteorite until it was able to pass the needle’s hole in the form of fine grains. Of course the speed of the meteorite become dozens of times faster than the speed of sound. It was so fast that it was accompanied by a shock wave, but he can contain the shock wave with magic and aim the meteorite precisely. He has acquired such fine magic control ability.


At the same time by making himself possess such great magic control, he can now use magic at its utmost efficiency. Where he used to spend a lot of magical power when casting a fireball when he first started; by now he can use the same amount of magical power to perform a thousand fireball spell. In other words, he can also compress a thousand fireball spell into one fireball. That is because he has the ability to control it all. There is no need to mention the legendary spell and call down a meteorite. Even if he uses an ordinary magic attack, it is still possible to make thousands of people go extinct and wipe out an entire army.


Then, when he is 400 years old, something happened to his body. The limit of magic that can be stored on his body disappeared. In other words, it has now become possible to use magic by converting all of the magical power that he can absorb from the world.


He can now call down meteors that will destroy the world.


He now has no limit to the magic power that he can control.


Combining fine control with unlimited magical power, whether it is a hundred thousand soldiers or millions, it wasn’t even necessary to use deadly magic to deal with them. He can simply captivate them all by using sleep and paralysis magic.


At this moment, he is worthy to be called the ‘demon king’.




So, I finally realized that my training was completed and decided to go down the mountain.


I’m starting to remember why I tried to become a demon king in the first place as I head to my former hometown.


It is for revenge!


I was poor. Deemed as stupid and being bullied. It was the beginning of everything that made me walk this path as the demon king.


Now, since I have gained this power I should not run away any longer.


Foolish people who once bullied me, you should prepare! Fear this demon king enormous strength and cower before me!


It only takes an instant before I reach my hometown.


However, there were only strange faces.


It was as expected. I am now 400 years old. Those who had been bullying me when I was 10 years old can’t live as much as I did. At most, 300 years ago they have all pass away.


I come back…too late.


My vengeance… I should’ve come back right away when I was 40 years old when I can use magic. It was enough to use that kind of power for my revenge.


At this point, I realized that I am more amazing that I shocked me.


I am amazingly stupid!


Becoming a demon king, it was only a means to reach my goal. I mistook the purpose and means.


You, idiot, idiot!


My mentality soon changed there. It can’t be helped that time goes on. Furthermore, there is an infinite lifetime in the future. From now on, I wonder what can I do with this power of the demon king.


So, I decided to think about what I want to do aside from ‘becoming a demon’ and scrapping the idea of ‘taking revenge on the bullies’.


I look back again and remembering things from when I was 10 years old. I remember I want to ‘become a great person’, then ‘get a beautiful bride’ and ‘become a good father’.


It was such a normal dream for a ten years old me and I decided to make those past dreams comes true.


It starts with, WORLD CONQUEST!

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