Chapter 2: I succeeded in conquering a kingdom but I realized that becoming a king is really boring


I decided to start world conquest to fulfill my goal of ‘becoming a great person’. In the legend, every ‘demon king’ always have this goal in mind. Because I am now a ‘demon king’ if I didn’t do the world conquest, what will I do?


So I decided to conquer my own country first. Well, even if I called this my birth place, there’s no more acquaintances of mine that is living. Relatives and descendants of my brothers may have survived but without any interaction for 388 years, we’re as good as strangers.


The conquest goes for only a day.


I made my own virtual image floating above the skies of the kingdom and declared that it will be newly named as demon kingdom. I said that the true goal was world conquest and this country is only the beginning.



After that, I waited at the plains near the capital for the country to gather troops and defend from my attack. This plain used as a place for knights to do simulation fights. There is no high ground and have good visibility. It is what’s called as advantageous territorial by the military.


It was me alone, waiting to battle against the kingdom’s army. I thought that I would have to wait for a couple of days but they are ready after preparing for half a day.


A total of 30.000 armies which is a great amount for an emergency call up. When I tried to eavesdrop on the conversation of the soldiers by using wind magic, apparently they were originally prepared to resolve a conflict between border with the neighboring country. So this kingdom’s army originally was the fighting force prepared to resolve another problem. 1.000 knights, 5.000 knights apprentice, 20.000 soldiers, and 4.000 supports. Because it was close to the royal capital, the number of supports are quite small since there’s no need to transport provision.


Aside from that, there is 100 wizards. As expected, for a big kingdom gathering so many wizards aren’t a problem. Normally even one knight won’t be able to win against a wizard.


However, before the great me and my power, the army was as good as a toy doll made of wood. They are all incapacitated by just one paralysis magic. There was no reason to kill them.


As I watched the sea of 30.000 helpless people lying in the great plain, I was flying above them while laughing like a ‘demon king’. Crossing the army and headed to the king. I advised him to surrender. The king agreed and surrendering with a request that I must not hurt anyone. Isn’t he a good king that care about his people more than his well-being?


I told him as long as he admits that the kingdom is mine, I will even spare him along with the others. The king was stunned when I said that but he soon completed the surrendering process.


This is only the first step of ‘world conquest’.


The next day, I sat on the throne instead of the old king to experience being a king.




It was really boring.


There is nothing to do aside from reviewing reports, calculations, adjustment of vested interest for some nobility and large merchants; tax revenue, confirmation of draft revision of law and etc.


If this is all it’s going to offer, there’s no need to continue being the king. So I returned the throne to the former king and ordered him to continue govern the country. I didn’t ask him for gold, silvers, treasures from the treasury and slaves.


The reason is simple, it is unnecessary.


Worldly things are not priceless, for example money. I can make as much money as I want using magic.


All the things in the world are made of invisible fine grains. The grains also combined from smaller grains. If you change the number of arrangements of the grains, it is easy for you to make things using magic, for example a large amount of golds. You can do it easily.


(Tl note: was it atoms and molecule? XD)


Precious stones are more simple. Just by changing the grain arrangement of coal, I can turn it into diamonds. This comes from the result of my countless years of magic research. Gold, silvers, precious stones, I don’t think that they are valuable.


It is more the unnecessary for me to take in slave. What on earth will you do with a slave? I can do whatever I want by myself since I used to live alone for many years.


In the first place, for me it was unnecessary to eat and drink so there is no need for someone to cook for me. Cleaning the room, laundry and many more are easily done using magic. It was unnecessary for manual labor.


Escort? Was this even a joke? I can easily make an army of 30.000 people neutralized in an instant. The only thing I need is defensive magic that is always sticking to my body. This defensive magic prevents physical and magical attack. Still, this defensive magic is not all invincible. If there is an incoming magical power that is stronger than my defense, this defensive magic will be broken. The same thing applies for physical attack too.


Defensive magic like this is something that can be used by ordinary magician. However, in most cases, the consumption of magical power to maintain this spell is outrageous. For me, it was just a simple thing to turn the world’s magic into my own magical power to supply my defensive spell. In other words, in order to break through my defense, the attacker need enough power to break through the world itself.


When I noticed this… I realized that I am ‘unexpectedly’ invincible.


People have gold, silver, and treasures because they are actually a weak person. If someone is strong like me, there is no need to enamor yourself if wealth and get some soldiers to protect it.


I was disappointed.


My goal ‘to become a great person’. How did you describe ‘great person’? is it really a trivial thing to be great?


I decided to continue my world conquest. If I just stop here, I can’t forgive myself. I decided to make my demon king rise up among the mortals.


So I thought again about my world conquest goal.


Once again I noticed my stupidity.


In the legend, it was only a ‘legend’ that the ‘demon king’ had to conquer the world. The demon king is said to conquer the world for his self-interested desire. But, if you think about it, the demon king had might powers rivalling to mine which allows him to easily satisfy his ‘self-interested desire’.


Then, in reality, the demon king should have another reason to conquer the world. There might be a good reason for conquering the world.


(Tl note: lol this really hit my mind. Why do you think demon king in those stories want to start world conquest?)


When I think about it, maybe it’s just like the king of this country before, trying to protect the people despite the harm that can come upon himself.


Is that what it means to be a ‘great person’?


So, putting yourself first is not what a ‘great man’ should do.


Then, the real reason, the world’s strongest existence, the demon king conquering the world is becoming a ‘great man’ for the people?


Therefore, I made up my mind.


I need to conquer the rest of the world and put them all under my governance.


These countries will not fight each other. In other words, war will be extinct and the money that had been poured into military can be used for other things such as welfare and industrial improvement.


Well, this is truly a splendid goal to ‘save’ all the people in the world.


Is this the original reason for the demon king world conquest?


My goal for world conquest is achieving ‘world peace’ and ‘improving the welfare of all human beings’.


So, the second step of my world conquest begin as I head to another country to subdue.

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