Episode 29

I Tried to Rehearse a Date, but Ended Up Meeting a Fated Opponent


“So, this is ‘Okinawa’, huh?

“Yes. There are other reclaimed places, but Okinawa is the most popular one, because there are so many things to see and do here.” (Reclaimed place means land that is obtained by filling shallow parts of ocean or seas with soil, cement, concrete etc.)

I asked for confirmation, and Suzuna gave me an explanation. I heard that there is a method of reclaiming the sea for the development of coastal areas, and I came to Suzuna’s world to see an actual example. I also wanted to visit a tourist spot in another world to get an idea of how to promote tourist spots.

I asked Suzuna to help me find the right clothes so that I wouldn’t look out of place. Suzuna said that she was not that familiar with men’s fashion either, so she just copied the mannequins from a store. But I didn’t understand what she meant. Suzuna was wearing a winter coat on top, but her waistcoat was very short. Her socks were long enough to reach above her knees, but isn’t she cold? No, it’s true that she looks very good, and I can’t help but look at her, but that doesn’t mean I should stare at her. I must have lost my mind! I am a Demon King who has been a virgin for 400 years!

Coming here to inspect the development of the waterfront area and the promotion of tourist attractions was just an excuse I came up with. In fact, I had heard about some places in Suzuna’s world that were suitable for a ‘date’, and I remembered that one of them was a reclaimed land called “Okinawa”, so I asked her to take me there.

Of course, my real goal was to go on a ‘date’ with her. But, I haven’t even gotten a clue at how I am going to do it. We are not going to have a relationship yet, but I’m hoping that we can at least walk together like we are on a ‘date’, so that I can be ready when the time comes. It’s a selfish idea though.

It was a shame for the Great Demon King, the ruler of the world, but love is something that makes even the Demon King timid. In addition, the other party is a hero from another world. It’s an opponent that even the Great Demon King can’t beat.

“Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s go somewhere.”

Suzuna urged me to take a look at the tourist map that was being distributed for free, but although I could read the words, I couldn’t understand what was written on it.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t know where to go. Do you have any recommendations, Suzuna?”

Suzuna chuckled lightly and took the tourist map from my hand.

“If it were just me, I would go to Vieux Fort to do some window shopping, but I think FU TV might be more interesting for you. It’s a TV station that makes the TV programs I showed you before. I’d also like to show you a full-scale Gundam. If I show you that, you might actually make something that works in the other world.”

“I’ll leave it to you. Lead the way.”

I didn’t understand half of what Suzuna had said, so I was going to ask her to lead the way, but then she sighed and asked.

“The Demon King, you’re thinking of using this as a rehearsal for a date, right?”

“Oh, what made you think that?”

I knew that a “date” was a meeting, so I asked her back in surprise, to which she replied with a chuckle.

“It’s obvious. You know, when you go on a date, the man should take the lead and pull the woman along. Men who are not used to dating sometimes leave everything up to the woman, such as where to go, because they want to fit in with the woman, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Women usually want a dependable man to pull them along. Understand?”

“Is that so? Huh?”

I was astonished. How could it have been the worst hand?

Suzuna continued to speak in a comforting tone while I nodded my head in disappointment.

“Well, well, don’t be discouraged, Demon King. This is the first time you’ve been to this place, and you also don’t know much about this world, so it can’t be helped. But if you really want to ask a woman out on a date, you have to do some research before you ask her out. In addition to researching the location, you should also find out what the other person likes and wants. You don’t have to ask them directly, but guess from what they usually say and do. That’s what most women are looking for.”

“Oh, how difficult!”

I had heard similar things before, but for me, who is not very good at guessing other people’s feelings, it is really a difficult task.

When Suzuna saw that I was troubled, she continued with a wry smile.

“Well, that’s a general statement, and I personally don’t demand that much. Especially if I’m dealing with a simple-minded man like you.”

I am not happy to be called a simple-minded person, but at the same time, I am also a little relieved. And objectively speaking, I am certainly a simple-minded person.

“I’ll do my best in the future, but for now, why don’t you show me around?”

“All right. Then let’s look around.”

After saying that, Suzuna took my hand.


“What’s the matter, Demon King? There are a lot of people here, so let’s hold hands otherwise we will get separated.”

“Oh, yeah. Mmm.”

No, no, no, Suzuna was right. It’s true that the number of people in this world is much larger than in the other world. On top of that, this is a tourist spot, and the crowd is intense. That’s why we have to hold hands so that we don’t accidentally get separated. There is no more meaning than that.

It was a little cold, but neither Suzuna nor I were wearing gloves. Just by feeling Suzuna’s cool hands gradually become warmer, my body temperature also rose.

Suzuna took me by the hand and I walked without knowing where we were going, but it seemed that we were heading to a park that Suzuna recommended earlier. We seemed to be nearing our destination, and as we walked, she began to explain the place we had arrived at with some pride.

“Look, look. This is one of the most beautiful parks along the coast, but it’s not crowded. Relax and enjoy the view.”

Suddenly, Suzuna stopped walking and I almost bumped into her.

“Mmm, what’s the matter, Suzuna?”

However, Suzuna did not answer my question and remained rigid. When I looked beyond her gaze, I saw a woman standing there who had also gone rigid.

“Sawajiri Senpai…”

A few words spilled out of Suzuna’s mouth. The other woman, who heard it, spat out in an annoyed tone.

“It’s my bad luck to meet such an annoying girl in such a deserted place. You’re still so big and thin, but you’re so good at sucking men into your mouth!”

What the hell is this woman? Why is she so rude? Who does she think she is?


“Please don’t.”

Suzuna stopped me when I tried to complain. She then spoke to the other woman in a firm tone.

“I don’t have that kind of relationship with this person.”

“Hmm, I don’t know. How can I trust a bitch who stole a regular position with her mouth instead of skills?”

When I heard that, I realized who she was. She was one of the people who had been bullying Suzuna in the club that she had told me about before.

But Suzuna didn’t say anything to the woman’s snide remarks, just stared at her with her mouth shut.

However, the strength of Suzuna’s grip on my hand, was a true indication of her emotions.

After all I can’t keep quiet!

So, I said to Suzuna.

“Suzuna, are you sure you’re not mistaken?”


Suzuna and the woman looked at me in surprise. In response, I continued to speak.

“You must be feeling guilty towards her because you were picked up as a starter instead of her because of the club advisor’s favour but you’re wrong.”


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