That Time I Drove Away The Fateful Rival, But I Revealed An Important Matter Because Of That



“What did you say!?”


The woman who is called ‘Sawajiri’ or something glares angrily and tries to flare up at me, but she flinches and stops her objection when I glare at her. Over there, I carried on speaking.


“Try thinking about it. It is because you are more capable than that woman that you were chosen. It is because, you are the very best hand for the sake of winning, that the coach chose you”


“But, I’m a first-year student and I don’t even have very much experience in volleyball! It’s simply because of my height is tall, that I was chosen as a regular……”


“That is wrong”


I interrupt Suzuna’s objection and continue talking.


“It is just that your disposition is above whether you are experienced or not. If you cannot perform in the actual match, you will be taken off the team, right? It is because of the fact that you were able to perform, that you were the superior one. It is simply, just that.


, upon hearing my words, the woman, who was silent just now, flared up at me this time.


“What convenient things are you saying! I too, if I could go out into the game, I’d be able to perform better, much better than a fellow like this!! And yet, even though I worked hard for two years and thought that I could finally take the spot of a regular, a fellow who simply has a tall height stole my position, there’s no way I can let that go, right!!”


Over there, as I stand in front of the woman so as to shield Suzuna, I put an end to that nonsense.


“It just means that your two years of effort whatsoever is, inferior to that『fellow who simply has a tall height』. It is true that Suzuna’s disposition may be better. However, it is not as though Suzuna did nothing either. Even Suzuna had put in the effort. Nevertheless, if your effort surpassed the culmination of Suzuna’s effort and disposition, you would have been the one to be chosen as the member. It is at the point in time when, without being able to admit to that, you envy your opponent’s disposition, give up putting in the effort to surpass your opponent’s disposition through your game, scorn human relations, that you definitely cannot win Suzuna.


“Wha, wha……”


To the speechless woman, I unfeelingly hammered in the final nail in the coffin.


“You can get lost. I make it my principle to be magnanimous, but even so, my tolerance has its limits. I am not tolerant enough to forgive the woman I love being unjustly scorned”


And when I glared at her, the woman turned back and ran off without saying a word.




At the same time as when I spat that out, something pressed onto my back. No, is this Suzuna’s face?


“Thanks, Demon King. For getting angry for my sake”


I hear a muffled and soft voice from behind.


“And, acknowledging me”


I hear a light sobbing leak.


“It’s frustrating……I, was frustrated! My tall height, it’s something I can’t do anything about, isn’t it! Having that, being said as though I’m cheating……I too, ever since I received the regular position, I told myself that I’ll make sure that I’m not embarrassed about it, and worked hard! And yet, nobody besides the advisor and Akagi-senpai acknowledged me……I was continuously being scorned for just being tall……that, has been gnawing away at me the entire time……”


‘Akagi’, I guess it is the『Volleyball Club Senior』 or whatever’s name, whom Suzuna liked, whom I heard about previously.


, over there, the pressure on my back disappears. And then, I hear a cheerful voice that is a complete change from just now.


“But, that ends today as well! I’m gonna throw such a worthless past out the window and push forwardd!! After all……”


Over there, Suzuna suddenly brought her face before me, smiled, and said.


“I have someone who says that I’m,『the woman I love』♪”


Over there, I recalled what I uttered out just now and instantly turned red.


Wha, what have I done! I said something outrageous in the confusion of the moment, did I not!!


“Ah, uh, no, um, that is……”


Looking at me fluster, Suzuna’s smile turns into a smirk.


“Huhh? Are you trying to hide it at this point in time? Despite the fact that you’ve been hinting awfully much until now that you like me”


“What ‘hinting’!?”


To the surprised me, Suzuna goes even further on the offensive.


“Isn’t it so. Firstly, you were about to deny and say,『she didn’t participate』, on whether the person you like is a matchmaking party, but you immediately corrected yourself and said, 『no, she had participated』, didn’t you. I was the only woman who had participated in a matchmaking party but wasn’t seen as a candidate, wasn’t I. Previously, when I asked 『what if the person you like hates cat』as well, you heard that I like cats and said something like, 『in that case, there is no problem』”


“Th, then?”


“It’s all exposed, Demon King’s feelings”




I unconsciously let out a strange voice and hugged my head. What is this! All my distress and hardships until now, it was all for nothing, was it not!


, and I realised something over there, so I ask Suzuna.


“You were pretending like you did not know even though you had realised?”


“Yeah. I mean, I wanted you to confess properly. That’s a woman’s heart. ……Well, it’s difficult to call it a『confession』this time around either, but you distinctly said『love』”




I have no words when she says that to me.


“Besides, I too, have been instigating you in hopes that you quickly confess. I give advice like,『if you’re serious then you have to properly confess』, and, 『she may also be waiting, you know』, and although it’s a love comedy, I brought a romance genre manga in an attempt to show you how to confess”


“Then, you were awfully cooperative because……”


“It’s because I wanted you to quickly confess『to me』. I mean, when I thought about it when I realised that Demon King likes me, I realised that there’s nobody who matches my conditions as much as Demon King”


“What conditions?”


“I mean, don’t you think so? You don’t mind my height, you know that I can use magic, we’re about as powerful as each other so you won’t have an inferiority complex nor try to make use of me instead……Demon King is my ideal partner the more I think about it. And besides……”


Over there, she cut herself off for a bit, stared at me seriously and opened her mouth.


“I, like it, the part that Demon King genuinely gives it his utmost at everything. I like it, your willpower to work hard for four hundred years. I like it, the part that you give your best in order for everybody in the world to be happy. I like it, the part where you’re slightly off-point and interesting. I like it, your tenacious heart that doesn’t give in to slander. Besides, even the part that even though you’re stronger than anybody in the world, you’re a late-bloomer and a coward at love, it’s adorable and I like it”


When she says that, she suddenly brings her face close to me, and kisses me on the cheek!


I blushed so hard that I wondered whether or not my face was going to explode.


However, I cannot just be on the defensive here!


Just now, I only said it in the middle of a statement towards someone else, did I not. Here, I should properly confess!!


Over there, I turned to Suzuna again and said while I stared at her eyes.


“I too, like you. I like your straightforward temperament. I like your kind heart that is tender to the weak. I like your righteous heart that does not forgive injustice. I like your courage to stand up against even the strong. I like your tenacious heart that does not cease to work hard. Your height as well, your beautiful visage as well, your proportionate elegant body as well, your long glossy black hair as well, I like it all. I love you!!”


When I finished saying that, Suzuna’s face too, was dyed crimson red. Seeing that, I let out the decisive words from my mouth.


“Will you, marry me?”


Suzuna, whom I asked that, distorted her face, and lightly hit my chest with her fist as she answered.


“Geez, there’s no way I’ll refuse at this point in time, right! But, I can’t get married immediately. I’m still a high school student and I even want to go to university after all. Until then, it’s an engagement, I guess?”


“It will be so”


Muu, it is somewhat regretful, but Suzuna is too young to marry by this world’s common sense so it cannot be helped.


However, Suzuna and I have already become special existences to each other. Over there, I again wished for one more thing and asked Suzuna.


“Suzuna, I have a wish……we, became special existences to each other after all……”


“What do you want to do?”


“May I, call you Suzushiro?”

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