That Time We Started Dating, But I Have To Make Up An Identity In Japan



“It is not that funny”


I said slightly angrily. Before my eyes, Suzuna is bending her body at a ‘く’ character, holding her stomach, and laughing. It cannot be helped, can it, now that I conquered the world, I know that the family name comes first in the continent’s eastern region and it is even the same for Suzuna’s country that we are currently in, but when I first met Suzushiro・Suzuna, I did not know about such things.


However, well, I had been calling Suzuna by her name pretty much since the beginning huh.


As I am thinking of such things, perhaps she got exhausted from laughing, Suzuna, who finally stopped laughing, spoke to me.


“But you know, if we are going to『Date with marriage in mind』, we have to come up with Demon King’s name, occupation, and so forth that make sense even in this country……rather, come to think of it, I don’t know the Demon King’s name though!?”


I answered Suzuna’s question, one that she apparently realized now after all this time.


“Name huh……I am a Demon King. As yet I have no name¹”


“What are you, a cat¹!?”


Suzuna instantly interjected. How nicely done. As a matter of fact, recently, as a part of instilling culture into myself, I borrowed and read several of Suzuna’s world’s literature, and amongst that, there was also a novel with a cat as the protagonist.


“So, what’s your actual name?”


“Well, my birth name slightly lacks solemnity. I have been wanting a name that is Demon King-like and filled with solemnity, but I have not come up with one yet. ……It cannot be helped, although I do not really want to say it, I cannot be hiding my name from my future wife either. My name is, well……Toko”




“Exactly. My eldest brother’s name is Riko and my second brother’s name is Roko. By the way, my family name is Bagatelle. Originally, I, who is the third son, cannot succeed that family name, but from what I investigated, my brother’s descendant had a scandal just the other day, the person himself managed to survive but the family name is discontinued. There is no problem even if I go by the Bagatelle’s family name”




“Uh-huh. The『Demon King Assassination Attempt Incident』”


“Eh, could it be……”


“It was the Knight who was sent flying by your kick. It was also a surprise to me that that was my brother’s descendant”


It is actually no different from strangers if there has been no communication for as much as three hundred and eighty years. Well, still, he is pitiful so I mediated another place of employment for him. Although he is now working as a Knight in the country that summoned Suzuna, a family name that caused a scandal is a hindrance nonetheless so he has changed his family name to Toccata. I think there is nothing to worry about though.


“Huーmph……in that case, shall I call you ‘Toko’?”


Suzuna says to me, but I was not really delighted about it.


“No, I would be happier to have you call me,『Demon King』, as you have until now instead. After all, I am the one and only Demon King in the world”


“Aah, you are prouder of that huh. Hmm, in that case, I’ll call you『Demon King』 as I have until now. However, what should we do about the world over this side……I’ll be like an idiot if I called you『Demon King』 ……”


“Does it not work to say that it is such a nickname?”


“Aah, there’s that way as well huh. But, as I thought, it’s a little strange……nn!? I might’ve, thought of something good!!”


Thus, Suzuna gave examples and explained to me the name, occupation, and nickname that I will disguise as……I see, interesting!


And then, I changed into formal attire after practising for a bit and was led by Suzuna to her house.


“Suzuna-san’s parents and Aneue² is it. Please to meet you. I am the one called Toko・Bagatelle. I am a Demon King who came from another world. I will be in your care hereafter”


“Same here, I’ll be in your care”


In response to my greetings, Suzuna’s parents and elder sister greeted me normally despite their gaping eyes.


“And, um……your job is?”


Hesitantly, Suzuna’s father, Gogyou-dono, asks me.


“As I have said just now, I am a『Demon King』. A Demon King refers to the 『King of the Magicians³』”


As I’m saying that, I took out a handkerchief from the breast pocket of the clothes……the『Tuxedo』 that I wore at a matchmaking party previously…..picked up the cylindrical hat with a brim called『Silk Hat』that has been placed on the couch I am sitting on, held it upside down after showing Suzuna’s family that there is nothing inside, placed the handkerchief above it, slowly chanted some vague incantation,『Abarabarabara, Ibarabarabara』, and suddenly removed the handkerchief.


Thereupon, a pure white kitten popped its face out from within. It is『Shiro』that we are raising in the Demon King Castle. Suzuna named it. Besides it, there are,『Kuro』,『Buchi』『Tora』『Mike』『Tama』, living in the Demon King Castle. Just a moment ago, I did an other-world summon.




Suzuna’s parents and Aneue raised voices of admiration and applauded.


“Here, as you can see, he’s a『Magician』. He came from France to study abroad because he has an interest in Cool Japan, and he’s saying that he’d like to do the naturalization application as well if possible”


Suzuna explains the job and personal history of my disguise. In this world, it seems『Magic』has been lost, but there are『Magic Tricks』. The various types of gimmicks are being called as such.


“And, his setting is『A Demon King Who Came From Another World』. He’s constantly into his role through and through”


“This is for publicity as well, I would like your forgiveness for any rudeness it may cause”


We explained and Suzuna’s elder sister, Nazuna-dono, asked me.


“Why a setting like the『Demon King』again?”


Over there, I answer with the reason Suzuna came up with.


“I received a deep impression when I was watching sumo broadcast and saw a musician who went by the name『Demon⁴』 who was commentating”


“Aah, you received『His Excellency⁴』’s influence huh……it’s true that it’s impactful huh”


“I cannot sell if I do not go that far”


“I see~”


Nazuna-dono who nods in appreciation. As for the parents, they are listening with half-convinced and half-suspicious looks. These reactions are pretty much as anticipated, so Suzuna gives the additional explanation as planned.


“He’s the son of a considerably rich family, and although he’s the third son, he can apparently get a considerable bit of inheritance. Because of that, he has no sense of urgency even though he has the skills, which is the flaw in the crystal~”




Nazuna-dono took the bait, so Suzuna explains a-s p-l-a-n-n-e-d.


“He says he’s living in a castle-like house”


……I was not lying.


“Heh, that’s amazing! Suzuna, you, where did you find such a good catch?”


“Erーm, I was summoned to another world as a Hero……”


“Suzuna, you don’t have to also stick to the script!!”


“Actually, I met him there when I stayed over in Yukari’s house during summer break”


“Aah, that event?”


I see, in regards to what happened on the day she was summoned, she had explained to her elder sister that she went out to an event in the midst of the stayover. I have heard that she explained to her parents that she stayed over at a friend’s house and went out on a day trip the next day to a different event with her friend.


“Yeah, the one I went to with Yukari on the following day of the stayover. He was doing his『Gimmicks』there”


“『Magic Tricks』!”


Me correcting what Suzuna said, was also something that we prepared beforehand.


“Okay okay, I got it. Then, those『Magic Tricks』were amazing so I talked to him after it ended and we hit it off. We then started dating, I brought him home thinking that it’s about time to introduce him. It’s probably something way ahead, but he’s also thinking about the future quite seriously”


“I see……”


Her parents also seem convinced upon listening to Suzuna and Nazuna-dono’s conversation.


“By the way, how old are you?”


I was asked by Suzuna’s Mother, Hakobe-dono, so I also respond to this with an answer that has been prepared.


“Although my actual age is four hundred years old, my appearance is twenty years old”


I am not lying.


“In that case, you have a three years age gap with Suzuna huh. Nonetheless, your Japanese is fluent huh”


“I use a lot of words and expressions that I memorized from watching anime and drama, therefore, it might be slightly strange for daily conversations, but how is it?”


“Aah, in that case, you’ll get along well with Suzuna huh”


I received numerous questions afterwards as well, but while weaving the truth together and making it into a『Setting』, we had a conversation that’s acceptable within the scope of this world’s common sense.


“Well then, excuse me”


It became dusk, so after I retired from Suzuna’s house and sent Shiro back to the Demon King Castle, I flew to the country called France that I disguised as my birthplace. Over there, I first acquire the local’s language with Magic, afterwards, I sneak into the government administration office, secretly created my citizenship, created a passport in order to enter into Japan and also the departure record. Afterwards, I sneak into Japan’s government administration office as well, created the visa and entry record. With this, in regards to this world, I indisputably became the French-Japanese citizen called 『Toko・Bagatelle』.




¹: It is a reference to the novel written by Natsume Souseki, I Am A Cat.

²: A way of addressing the elder sister

³: Demon King: 魔王(Maou)

King Of Magicians: 魔術師の王 (Majutsushi No Ou)

⁴: His Excellency Demon: デーモン閣下(Demon Kakka). A sumo commentator and Japanese musician.



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