Abandoned Reincarnation

Chapter 10 – Adventurers’ Guild



Although we had trouble with being attacked by monsters while we were on the road, we were still able to safely overcome that problem, and we have now finally arrived at the commercial city of Karaba.

After undergoing a quick baggage inspection at the city’s gate, we were able to enter the town proper, and I was overwhelmed by its liveliness.

The main street had various stalls lined up on it, with many sellers actively trying to call customers in with their voices.

There were also a variety of races amongst the people walking around the city. Humans, dwarves and beastmen were all mingling around together.

This city had so many people in a single place, and it was so different from the village I grew up in…

“Wow…” I couldn’t help muttering as I let my gaze wander around.

All children in my village dreamt of going to town, so I couldn’t help feeling moved now that I had finally set foot in it.

Besides, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone of a different race! There are beastmen here, you know!? Beastmen!? Would they let me touch their tail!?

“I’m going to the merchant guild for now, but you’re going to register as an adventurer, right? So can you follow Ryuk to the adventurers’ guild?” Ronil asked me.

“Eh? Is this alright?” I asked.

“Of course. You helped us out plenty, so let me do this for you.” Ryuk told me.

“Thank you!” I replied.

The adventurers’ guild wasn’t too far from the gate, but Ronil made sure to park the carriage right next to its entrance, so me and Ryuk were able to quickly enter the building itself.

Ryuk also had to report the completion of the escort request, so it was convenient for him to accompany me.

The inside of the guild was quite large, and about half of it seemed to actually be a tavern.

As soon as I entered it though, the eyes of adventurers seemed to instantly gather on me.

“A child in a place like this?” I heard one adventurer said.

“Is she an adventurer? She’s rather small…” Another adventurer said.

“Did she come here to register?” A third adventurer said.

Most of the adventurers seemed to be strong-looking men, but there were some women too.

They were also muscular though, so all adventurers here seemed to be constantly training their bodies… I suppose it couldn’t be helped that me, a small girl, would attract attention in this kind of environment.

Casually, Ryuk blocked their gaze with his body.

When I looked up at him, he sent me a quick wink.

Ryuk really is a good person, after all.

Once we arrived at the reception, Ryuk started talking, “I’m Ryuk. I’m here to report the completion of a request.”

“Of course. The escort request from Morsego to Karaba, right? I have received word of the requester safely passing through the gate, so the job has been properly completed.” The receptionist replied.

Ryuk was taking care of his errands first, and he seemed to have come here several times before, as both him and the receptionist seemed to be quite familiar with this whole thing.

And then, as soon as this short exchange between Ryuk and the receptionist was finished, the receptionist stamped a document, signaling the completion of the request.

Then, Ryuk said, “Also, I’d like you to register this child as an adventurer.”

“This child…?” The receptionist muttered.

Perhaps because they couldn’t see me from the desk, the receptionist looked left and right while searching for me. Then, only after they leaned forward, they finally found me.

Their expression was distorted when they saw me, “I’m sorry, but one can only register as an adventurer after they become 10 years old.” The receptionist told me.

“I’m 11 years old.” I replied.

“Eh?” The receptionist opened their mouth agape and carefully stared at me, looking at me from head to toe.

I tilted my head during this process… Is it that hard to believe I am 11 years old?

I mean, I know I’m not that tall, but isn’t it a bit rude to doubt it this much?

“11? Isn’t that a lie?” One adventurer said.

“I thought she was 7 or so…” Another adventurer said.

“Such a small child is becoming an adventurer?” A third adventurer said.

Those adventurers’ whispers are all too loud! Stop listening in to my conversation with the receptionist! I’m 11 years old, alright!?

However, there is no way to prove my age since there aren’t IDs or anything like them in this world…

Registering at the guild should be very easy, and most people should be able to get it done just by signing a simple document, but… I didn’t expect my short height to be such an obstacle in this place.

How troublesome…

“She’s saying the truth. She is 11 years old, she is just a bit short.” Ryuk intervened.

The receptionist sighed, “Alright then… Then, please fill out your information in this form.” then handed me a document.

They still don’t seem to believe me, but with Ryuk’s help, the receptionist gave me the documents.

If I had come alone, I wouldn’t have been taken seriously at all… Thank you, Ryuk!

So now I just need to fill out this form…

Fill it…

… I can’t fill this.

I mean, I can’t read!

I couldn’t read the characters that were written in the document at all, because I have never been taught how to read back in the village.

I mean, I do know how to read the characters in a magic circle, but those seem to be of a different language.

I tried staring at the document for a while, but I really couldn’t read it, so I reluctantly decided to rely on Ryuk, “Uhn… The letters, I… Don’t get them.”

“Mmm? You can’t read? Well, here you put your name, and here…” Ryuk started explaining it to me.

I felt a bit embarrassed that I couldn’t read at my current age.

I mean, it’s only natural that I don’t know how to read when I never received any formal education, but reading was so natural to me in my previous life, that I just couldn’t help feeling embarrassed about this.

So, in the end, after Ryuk told me what was written there, I had to tell the necessary information to Ryuk, and he had to fill it out for me… So embarrassing.

In the end though, I was able to submit the document to the receptionist at least.

After that, the receptionist quickly read the filled-out document, and reluctantly stamped it, “Alright, here is your certificate that proves you’re part of the adventurers’ guild.” the receptionist then gave me a small metal plate that was about as big as the palm of my hand.

My personal information was written on it, and there was a circular depression with a magic circle within the plate.

“Please pour your magic power into the guild certificate. Your personal magic will be registered on this, and the certificate shall serve as your identification card.” The receptionist told me.

Everyone has magical power. Occasionally, someone who has very little mana may be born, like me, but everyone has at least a bit of magic.

Also, each person’s magical power has its own unique wavelength, so if you make a registration based on that, it becomes possible to identify each unique individual.

I tried analyzing the magic circle within the metal plate, and it seemed to have a simple Storage effect on it. The only thing it seems able to store is money though.

Well, that still sounds quite convenient, doesn’t it? The guild’s badge is essentially a wallet.

Either way, I put my magical power on the badge, just like how I was told to do, and its magic circle glowed faintly.

Immediately after that, the personal information that was only written on the plate before, was now carved into it, with my name taking the center spot within the badge.

“Is this alright?” I asked, wondering if the registration was now complete.

“Yes, your registration is complete now. This guild badge proves that you’re an adventurer, while also functioning as a wallet that you may use when selling materials, so please be careful to not lose it.” The receptionist told me.

After that, they explained me all sorts of things related to the guild rules, how to purchase materials, accept requests, conditions for adventurer rank promotions…

But throughout the whole explanation, the receptionist still had a grumpy face. They really don’t seem to believe I’m already 11 years old… That hurts me a bit.

In any case, as I just joined the guild, I’m an F rank adventurer. I can be promoted by fulfilling requests and by accumulating achievements.

The benefits of promotion are various, such as being paid better for the materials you sell, or getting discounts at the guild’s bar.

Well, I’m not really interested in alcohol, so the tavern-related benefits aren’t useful to me.

There is no age restriction for drinking in this world, so I’m technically allowed to drink here… However, alcohol is poisonous for a child’s body, so I would rather eat something delicious instead of drink alcohol.

“If you have any questions, there is a consultation room in the second floor that you may use.” The receptionist told me, ending the explanation.

“Understood.” I nodded.

Now that we finished my registration, me and Ryuk went to the purchase office, where I can sell the orcs that we hunted on the way here.

We ate a part of one of the orcs though, so I only have four orc bodies to sell, but it’s still better than nothing.

After all, I don’t have any money on me in the first place. If I don’t start making money now, I might not even be able to pay rent at an inn today.

What is a good inn to rest at though? I’m not really sure… I guess I’ll ask Ronil later.

So that’s why I went to the purchase office. Ryuk was still with me, and that felt a bit troublesome, as I worried other people might think that we were dating, but… Honestly, it’s reassuring to have him by my side.

Especially because I have been feeling eyes on me since a while back. I don’t think it’s unusual for a child to become an adventurer though, so I guess I’m calling attention due to being too small.

Therefore, I want to finish this as quickly as possible, so as to get rid of those stares.

“Excuse me, I’d like to sell some materials.” I told the person at the purchase office.

“Huh? What was that? A child?” A bald man spotted me after looking around for a little.

Then he tilted his head… I’ve already seen this reaction before!

I was already tired of this, so I decided to start taking out the orc corpses from my Storage right away, so as to stop any conversation from happening.

And since I was at it, I also took out the horned rabbit I hunted at the forest, since I still have orc meat to eat anyways, so the rabbit meat is unneeded.

I piled them up right in front of me, then heard some ruckus come from my surroundings.

“Wait, that’s Storage!?” One person exclaimed.

“Even though she is so small…” Another person muttered.

“I want that girl.” A third person said.

I heard a dangerous remark come from one person, but I decided to ignore this and the other comments.

Or rather, could this bald man please hurry up and assess those corpses!? He was totally surprised and wide-eyed and wasn’t moving at all!

It was only when Ryuk talked to the bald man, that he came to his senses and started assessing the goods. Thank you very much, Ryuk!

“What’s up with these kills? All the heads were neatly cut off… Miss, who asked you to sell those?” The bald man asked.

“Nobody asked me to. Me and Ryuk hunted these.” I replied.

“I hardly did anything, actually.” Ryuk stated.

Hearing that Ryuk helped made the bald man feel more convinced, but then Ryuk said he barely did anything, so the bald man now looked visibly confused.

Is it that surprising? Shouldn’t this kind of thing be easy for someone who can use magic?

“So, what about the appraisal?” I asked.

“Ah, right. It’s rare to find goods in such a neat condition, so I’ll buy them for a higher price than the stipulated one.” The bald man replied.

As a result of the appraisal, I got 2 small gold coins per orc, and 1 small gold coin for the horned rabbit, totaling 9 small gold coins. This was certainly a better result than what I had expected.

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