Abandoned Reincarnation

Chapter 11 – Staying at an inn


Since I finished my business at the guild, I quickly left it and went outside, with Ryuk right by my side.

I was feeling a bit tired right now, probably because I was exposed to lots of stares the whole time I was there.

Once outside, I joined up with Ronil, who was waiting for us, and told him that I successfully registered myself as an adventurer.

“Congratulations on becoming a proper adventurer, Haku.” Ronil told me.

“I appreciate it. And thanks for going through the trouble of bringing me to the guild.” I bowed to him in response.

If it wasn’t for Ronil and Ryuk, this wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. Ronil brought me here in his carriage, so I was able to reach this town without many issues; and Ryuk helped me with the registration process.

It would have definitely taken much longer without their help, so I owe them a lot.

“Oh, right. Your portion of the reward.” I took out five of the small gold coins that I received earlier and handed them out to Ryuk.

Since we hunted together, I should give him his fair share… Especially because Ryuk was Ronil’s escort, and the monsters appeared in the middle of his escorting.

Normally speaking, Ryuk should be the one to get the full reward from this, but… Well, I’d be completely out of money in that case. I wouldn’t even be able to pay for a stay at an inn like that, so even if it’s a bit unfair to him, it should be fine to give him half of the reward, right?

“No, no. This money belongs to you, missy.

“I barely did anything in that fight. You were the one to kill all the orcs.

“I can’t accept a reward just because I was accompanying you.” Ryuk replied.

“Eh? But…” I started replying.

“It’s fine. I was already paid for the escort itself, and you need this money more than I do, don’t you, missy?

“So, you should keep it.” Ryuk, smiling, gently pushed the money back to me.

He really is a nice person…

And it’s certainly true that I need this money. It should be possible for me to forcibly give this much to him, but let’s be courteous for now and keep it.

I’ll pay him back later though.

“Thank you very much.” I told Ryuk.

“It’s nothing.” Ryuk replied.

“So, Haku, what are you going to do now? I’m going to the merchant’s guild myself.” Ronil asked me.

“Oh, let’s see…” I started thinking.

I am a bit interested in the merchant’s guild, but I can’t keep on relying on Ronil’s kindness forever.

So, just like I had originally planned, I asked him for the location of an inn I could stay at.

After telling me about the inn, Ronil also told me that he will be staying at the city for a few days, so I could rely on him if I had any issues.

Then, I waved to Ronil as he drove the carriage away.

As for Ryuk, he seemed to be planning on taking another request, so he went back to the adventurer’s guild.

And now that I was alone, I decided to immediately head to the inn that Ronil recommended.

It was located fairly close to the main street, and it asked for 2 silver coins per night.

Meals are paid separately, and they cost 10 silver coins or 1 small gold coin, so I should be able to stay here for a while.

Ronil seemed to have introduced me to a pretty good place, as its interior looked quite nice, so I decided to tell the receptionist that I would stay here for the night, and rented a room.

It was a fairly spacious room, and there was a lock for the door, so I shouldn’t need to worry about theft while in here.

And then, once I sat down on the slightly worn-out bed, Aria, who had been hiding all this time, appeared right in front of me.

“Ah, I can finally come out.” Aria said.

“Sorry for coming to such a crowded place, Aria.” I apologized.

Faeries almost never appear in public. There is probably no record of one ever appearing in a city, in fact.

It’s not hard to imagine what would happen if Aria was seen with me, so, for as long as I stay in the city, Aria will remain hidden.

I felt a pain in my heart as I thought about how selfish I am being, having Aria follow me to this kind of place is…

“It’s alright. I’m here because I want to be with you, Haku, so you can do whatever it is that you want to do.” Aria gently smiled to me as her bright green hair swayed.

When she says it like that, it’s hard for me to stay sad for long.

Though it’s kinda disappointing that I can’t speak to her while she’s hidden.

I mean, one can still hear her voice even while she’s hidden, so I would be able to talk to her like that, but… Since nobody can see Aria during those times, it would look like I’m talking to myself.

It would be troublesome if someone saw me doing that and stared at me suspiciously. I’m not sure if I’d be able to make a proper excuse for it, but I definitely would not reveal Aria. I absolutely cannot do that.

It would be nice to whisper to her, but it would be hard to talk properly like that when we’re in a crowded and noisy place, so I don’t think it would work out well.

I wonder if there is a better way to do it… “I wish I could talk to you even while you’re hidden.” I told Aria.

“Well, I’ve been feeling a bit bored too, so, in that case, would you like to try using Telepathy?” Aria asked me.

“Telepathy?” I asked back.

“Yeah. It’s a skill that you can use to tell someone else what you’re thinking.” Aria explained.

I see… If I can convey my thoughts to her, then I certainly won’t need to say them out loud.

“How do I use it?” I asked.

“It’s not that hard; It’s similar to magic.

“All you have to do, is create the words that you want to convey, then deliver them to the other party.

“I think you should be able to do it in time, Haku.” Aria explained.

Then, to exemplify it, Aria used Telepathy, and her voice started resounding in my head. And when I looked at her mouth, I saw that it wasn’t moving at all.

So this is Telepathy?

Prompted by Aria, who had a visibly proud expression on her face, I tried it out myself.

Just like how it works with magic, I tried imagining the words that I wanted to convey in my head, then created a path to deliver them to Aria.

Now, push the words through it, making them fly towards her.

[Like this?] I asked, through telepathy.

[Yes, yes! Just like that! As expected of you, Haku! You’re truly excellent! You were able to use it so easily!] Aria replied telepathically.

It’s kind of weird to be able to talk to someone without moving our mouths, but it’s very convenient to be able to talk without exchanging words.

I’m a bit happy that I was able to grow closer to Aria with that.

However, if it takes this long to create the connection each time, then we won’t be able to have a proper conversation.

I guess this will take some practice… Eventually, I’d like to speak telepathically at the same speed that I talk with my mouth.


After practicing Telepathy with Aria for a while, it was time for dinner.

When I went to the dining room, I saw that it was crowded with many guests.

Meals are not included in the room’s fee, so I paid for it now, then took a seat.

After a small while waiting, I was brought a bean soup, with bread as a side dish.

If possible, I’d like to eat meat, but I’m not complaining about this meal. I’m grateful that I can eat this much.

I put my hands together in thanks, then started eating the soup… It’s good. It’s not thin like the soup I used to eat back in the village. The flavor from this one is great, and the bread is also soft and delicious.

It’s a bit of a frugal meal, but if I can eat it at this price, then it’s more than enough.

I kept on eating the delicious dishes and finished my meal in no time.

I also wanted to give some of it to Aria, but she said she didn’t need to eat… Does this mean she can’t eat? That’s kinda disappointing.

After eating, I went to the bath. It seems like some inns don’t have baths, but this one has it, even if it’s not very big.

How long has it been since I last took a bath?

Once I learned how to use magic, I often washed my body with water, but I had no bathtub back in the locus of magical power, so this is the first time in a long while since I’ve taken a proper bath.

It felt so good to soak into the water after washing my body… The tiredness of the trip seemed to be washed away by this.

In my previous life, I thought that taking a bath was a hassle, but after losing access to baths, I realized how truly wonderful they are. Baths are truly the best.

I took a long bath, since it was my first bath in so long, so I ended up feeling a bit too hot by the time I got out.

When I returned to my room while feeling kinda dizzy, Aria had an exasperated look on her face.

It couldn’t be helped. It felt really good.

Once I laid down on my bed, I fell asleep, almost immediately… Perhaps because I was tired from the trip.

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