Abandoned Reincarnation

Chapter 12 – First request



I twisted myself on top of the warm bed. Enjoying this comfort that I haven’t felt in a long time.

It really was nice to be on a warm bed, but due to that, I had a really hard time actually getting up.

It was only after Aria urged me, that I finally made up my mind and got out of bed.

I’m hungry… Let’s go to the dining room.

I paid the fee and took a seat. There weren’t many customers today, probably because I overslept.

After waiting for a bit, I was brought the food.

Today there was soup, bread and salad. And after looking closely at the soup, I saw that it also had meat in it… I’m eating a fairly fancy meal today.

The room is clean, the food is delicious, and the price is cheap. I’ll probably stay here for a while.

After finishing the meal, I applied for an extension on my stay. I had seven silver coins in hand, so I decided to extend my stay for another three days.

I can stay longer if I feel like it though, I’ll just need to pay for it again.

Then, I went outside, and saw that the city was as crowded as yesterday.

As expected of a merchant city, there are many products from various regions here. Stalls selling food or tools that I never saw before are widespread in this place.

Fascinated by those sights, I went to the adventurer’s guild. Now that I have become an adventurer myself, I’m going to start fulfilling requests.

Once I entered the guild, the eyes of many adventurers, who were hanging out at the tavern, gathered on me.

… I feel like their gaze is stronger than yesterday.

Rather than a curious gaze though, this feels more like the stare of a beast aiming at its prey.

… Did I do something?

I was confused by this, but I decided to head to the reception anyways.

The procedure that I was taught yesterday, was that I should look at requests posted at the bulletin board, pick a request I’m interested at, then take it to the receptionist and apply for approval.

However, I cannot read, so I don’t know what are the requests that are available.

It would be nice if someone could tell me what’s written on them, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask those people who are glaring at me.

So, I decided to play it safe. Instead of stopping by the bulletin board, I went straight to the receptionist.

Ryuk told me yesterday that there are some permanent requests that the guild always accepts. Stuff like collecting medicinal herbs is always necessary, for example, or exterminating certain monsters that never stop appearing no matter how many are killed.

He also told me that novice adventurers tend to start by taking those simpler quests to gain experience, and only start taking specific requests once they’re confident enough on their capabilities.

Ryuk himself also started with this kind of request, so I decided to follow my senior’s advice and apply to a permanent request.

“I’d like to take the permanent request of collecting medicinal herbs.” I told the receptionist.

“Alright. Can you show me your guild certificate?” The receptionist asked.

After I showed them my guild badge, they smoothly filled out some paperwork, then gave me the okay.

After thanking the receptionist, I left the guild while feeling a stare at my back the whole time, but I tried my best to not pay attention to it.

After that, I went to the city’s gate.

I don’t know where are the best spots to find medicinal herbs, but there should be some herbs in the forest I was in, at the very least.

That forest is fairly large and extends all the way to the immediate vicinity of this town. Even though it took us two days by carriage to come here, the forest is still just a small walk away from the city’s gate.

If I was able to read the request form on the bulletin board, I would probably be able to find out where is the best location to gather herbs at, but since I can’t read it, I’ll just have to go by intuition.

Once I left the city’s gate, I went straight to the forest.

I thought I would have to go through luggage inspection before leaving the city, but just showing my guild badge was enough to let me pass.

It didn’t take long to reach the forest, and the first thing I saw there, were multiple children sitting on the ground doing something.

I wondered what they were doing, and after looking at them for a while, I realized that they too were gathering medicinal herbs, just like me.

I didn’t see them at the guild, but judging from their appearance, they are probably adventurers.

I suppose most children don’t drink alcohol, as it’s a luxury item, even if it’s not prohibited to them, so the people at the tavern are all adults.

I don’t want to get in their way, so let’s go deeper into the forest.

The dense forest is quite dark, even during the day, so the visibility here was quite poor. I had to walk very carefully to not trip on any tree roots.

“So you’re collecting medicinal herbs today?” Aria asked me.

We were a certain distance away from the other children by now, so she appeared right in front of me, as there was nobody else near us.

She then twirled around my face, hopped around a bit, then perched on my shoulder.

“Yes. It’s my first request.” I replied.

“Well, you should be able to find them easily… Or rather, you already have them with you, don’t you?” Aria asked me.

I ended up collecting most of the medicinal herbs in the locus of magical power and kept them safe with Storage.

I also collected any herbs that I saw on the road with Storage too, so I have a pretty decent amount of herbs with me.

If I use those, I should be able to immediately clear the request, but I decided to not do it.

I would like to check out how it feels like to do a request normally, and I’d also like to figure out how much I can earn through this process.

The reward for gathering herbs is insignificant by itself. The main way of profiting from this request, is by selling the medicinal herbs to the guild. The more you get, the more you earn.

Conversely, if you get a small amount of herbs, your payment will be close to nothing.

That’s why I want to know how much I can earn on a day. If I can’t get at least two silver coins from this, then I won’t even be able to pay for my lodging in the long run, never mind the food.

With this in mind, I headed deeper into the forest while plucking any medicinal herbs that caught my eye.

Somehow, there were a fair number of beings in the deeper parts of the forest.

Like a goblin that came my way, though I was able to defeat it without getting in danger. It isn’t scary if you can find them first.

Aria was the one who found it though… Does she frequently use detection magic?

Well, I stored the goblin’s corpses and continued heading deeper into the forest, until I reached a small spring.

There were less tree branches here, so sunlight was able to shine onto the water.

At this moment, Aria flew out of my shoulder and touched the water.

“Is something the matter?” I asked her.

“Springs are special places where faeries can restore their precious magical power. Differently from rivers, springs store the magical power of their surroundings, so they’re good places for faeries to rest at.” Aria explained.

“I see.” I nodded.

I smiled a bit as I saw Aria happily touching the water and flying around.

Since we were taking a break now, I sat on the edge of the spring and put my hand on it.

I could feel a slight cold sensation come from it, and when I moved my hand lightly, I could see ripples spread throughout the spring’s surface.

The water here is so clear that I can easily see its bottom… And if I look closely at it, I can see some grass swaying around, at the bottom of the spring.

After appraising it, I saw that this too was a medicinal herb.

It also seems to contain a small amount of magical power and have the effect of detoxifying wounds and recovering fatigue. This species of medicinal herb seems to grow in large numbers at underwater locations.

Well, this seems to be a pretty good herb, so let’s take it as well.

I used Storage to take some, though not all, so as to let them regrow with time.

Though coming to think of it, I wonder how medicinal herbs are used? Are they materials for creating potions or something?

I did hear that potions are extremely necessary for adventurers, as they’re often injured in the middle of their jobs.

However, potions are quite expensive, so it’s hard for them to buy said potions.

I know how to use healing magic circles though, so that’s not a problem for me.

That said, if potions are so expensive, wouldn’t it be more profitable to sell those potions instead of selling the herbs themselves?

It might be a good idea for me to do some more research on this later. Especially because having potions with me might also be helpful in case of an emergency.

However, I don’t have any tools with me right now, and the sun is starting to set, so… If I am to make potions, then I should only try it tomorrow.

I wish I had at least a mortar to work with though…

Wait, hold on, can’t I make one with earth magic?

Let’s try making one tomorrow!

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