Aiming To Be The Best Soccer Player In The World With The Skill I Got From Gacha ~ [Skill] That Grows With More Effort ~

Childhood Chapter

Episode 02 Reincarnated


March 7, 2009. Saitama Prefecture.


“Baa-boo? Baa-boo-baa-boo!”


Where? Where am I?!


T-that’s right. I was reincarnated.


It’s kind of simpler than I thought. I thought there would be more side effects.


My vision is blurry, but it’s a house with a nice aroma that brings a calm atmosphere.


Oh? There’s a woman with long hair, but I’m having trouble seeing.


Is she my mommy?


I felt comfortable knowing that I was reincarnated safely. I hope my parents are kind.


All things considered, my body doesn’t move at all. I feel like gravity is pinning me down. Being a baby is … like having a disability, after all.


Let’s check my status immediately. I have to start thinking about my future plans.


Time is precious, so I want to start building a body befitting for a soccer player as soon as possible.


There’s a reason why I’m in such a hurry. Early childhood has a tremendous impact on future athletic performance.


About 80% of brain development is completed at the age of five. That’s why I can’t afford to waste any of this bonus time.


It is no exaggeration to say that thinking power equals soccer IQ!


In addition, brain development is deeply related to motor nerves. I will confirm the details in [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] again, but conscious training of the brain is considered the most important task from now on.


If I’m aiming to be a professional soccer player, I can’t waste even a second of my time.


But before that, I need to have a meal. I’m hungry.


“Kei, it’s time for a meal — where’s my good boy —?”


As expected of my mom. She knows I’m hungry. Ah, it’s delicious.


My tastebuds have become those of an infant’s. Breast milk tastes so delicious.


After I was full, I became … sleepy ….


Huh?! No good! I have to check the status.




Name: Kei Ninomiya

Age: 0 years old


[Effort ★] accumulation 0 hours

[Cutting Edge Soccer Studies]




I see. It’s a pretty simple notation.


I thought I could see more attribute values.


Shall I check out the details of my attributes immediately?


Tap [Skill].


[Effort ★] Reduces the feeling of reluctance to make efforts. Increased aspirations. Experience increases 1.3 times for the things done 5 times a week. Also, related techniques will be unleashed after a certain cumulative time is spent (1,000 hours until the next release).


[Dexterity] Correction to dexterity value. In addition, 1.1 times correction to the user’s body, things to be handled, and skill acquisition.


[Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] A textbook showing the results of research based on science and experiments related to soccer up to the year 2050. There are videos about soccer techniques that can be browsed as well. This book includes all aspects of soccer knowledge, including nutrition, as a guidebook for a soccer player.


T-this is amazing! No, this is beyond amazing! This is certainly a cheat!


It is said that successful sports players and world-renowned artists have one theory in common: the theory of 10,000 hours.


The theory argues that it takes 10,000 hours for the brain to learn a skill in any field.


Of course, some overwhelmingly many people can’t become world-class players even after spending 10,000 hours.


Without an adult mindset and the correct knowledge, spending this enormous amount of time would be meaningless.


In a sense, for me to reach this level is considered overcoming the first barrier.


This is because; anyone who would spend that enormous amount of time in a specific field would be considered a madman.


But global players more or less exceed this standard.


In addition, the growth of the techniques after reaching 10,000 hours would be considered a masterpiece. The techniques would then grow like a sponge.


— In other words, it’s an awakening.


If I use Reincarnation + [Effort ★], I can complete 10,000 hours of training before becoming a teenager.


I shall train based on science written in the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] and strengthen the connection between the neural circuit and the body while cultivating my thinking abilities utilizing my adult mindset.


My mind should be able to grow dramatically because a kid’s brain develops very easily.


Moreover, skills in soccer or any other sports could be overwhelmingly improved between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, which is amazing. That period is called the golden age.


This is deeply related to the development of the nervous system. Players who missed this window for technique improvements would have to compete with other methods.


So what I’m trying to say is that it would be imperative for me to complete the 10,000-hour training before reaching my golden age.


I’m going to combine my awakening based on the 10,000-hour theory and the dexterity correction to the acquired techniques during my golden age.


It will create an unprecedented growth rate and create a player who can play in a whole new dimension that has never been seen in the world.


Hahahahaha, t-this is a-amazing …!


I shall create my own monster with the highest level of thinking, motor-nerve coordination, and skills.


If I work hard, I should be able to even make a name for myself as the first Japanese Ballon d’Or champion.


Getting awarded the Ballon d’Or every year would no longer be a dream.


The winner of that award is considered the best soccer player in the world.


I’ll be the god of soccer.


I’ll do it! I’ll make sure to get it done! I don’t want to live my life with regrets anymore!


Before that, it’s time for a little nap … to facilitate the release of the growth … hormone.


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