Aiming To Be The Best Soccer Player In The World With The Skill I Got From Gacha ~ [Skill] That Grows With More Effort ~

Childhood Chapter

Episode 03 New [Skill] Acquisition


Good morning. It’s a wonderful day to play soccer today as well.


Now, use the ball to … ahem, a newborn baby can’t do that yet!


I remember checking my status before going to bed and getting excited. I should practice self-restraint since my mental age is 30 years old.


However, it is no exaggeration to say that all [Skills] are practically cheats.


Although the [Skill] is a guided system, it’s an ability to transform depending upon the owner’s efforts.


I feel like I have become a stoic kid who loves to work hard in order to accomplish my aspirations.


No, I don’t feel bad at all …. It seems that I’m already firmly influenced by [Skill].


In my previous life, I was a person who did not like to put in effort in anything. Having this [Skill] now is a great help.


I really want to do my best in my second life. I regretted not doing countless things I could have done and put a little more effort into doing them.


Hee hee hee, so this is the effect of [Skill]; my aspirations have been overflowing since earlier.


Shall I check out the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] now? It’s probably because of God’s power that I know how to open it.


Since I’m a newborn, I don’t have much muscle strength. With trembling hands, I open my Status menu and tap [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies].


Hmm, it’s pretty tough being a newborn.




The big screen appears with a sound effect. I think it’s about one-meter wide.


I can’t estimate the width or the size because my body has become smaller.


Eh? Isn’t this bad? It’d be over if mommy saw this.


— As expected, she couldn’t see it.


I was anxiously staring at mommy as she approached and caressed me, but she didn’t react to the screen in front of me.


When I thought I could finally read the guide carefully, it just occurred to me that Imy eyesight has not completely developed yet.


Argh! My plan …!


<< Do you want to play audio data? >>


Oh, oh! Awesome! Thank you, God.


I will do my best today as well (prayer).


<< Cutting Edge Soccer Studies. Author: Tengu King.

In this volume, you will learn soccer by making full use of cutting-edge science. >>


God wrote this book. I’m so excited.


<< The main topic describes appropriate training methods according to the growth stage of human beings, such as childhood 0-6 years old, childhood 6-12 years old, adolescence 12-18 years old, adolescence 18-24 years old. Also, the specialized edition discusses tactics, situation judgment ability, mental, aerial battle, pass, dribble, etc … >>


Uh-huh. I see, I see.


[Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] introduces over 100 essential soccer abilities that are divided into smaller sections with detailed descriptions for easier learning.


There is even a “creative” section.


It will take a long time to cover everything.


At a glance, the 0-6 years old childhood section has hundreds of pages.


I clicked childhood immediately.




<< Do you want to play the childhood section? >>


When I nod, it begins to play.


Although the narration is done with a beautiful voice, I keep encouraging myself to concentrate on the content as well.


<< Factors that are important in early childhood … >>


As expected, the soccer studies also mentions that 80% of brain development is formed by the age of five.


Oh! So the ability to control one’s body is dependent on the brain. It’s not like I have to throw away all of the memories from my previous life.


The ability to freely move or stop one’s body according to the mental image greatly depends on the environment of this childhood period.


Digging deeper into the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies], it explains about the motor nerves in more details. The motor nerves are “information pathways” that are used to send motor commands from the brain to the muscles.


80% of the nervous system that issues the commands in the brain is completely developed by the age of 5 years old.


I see. In other words, I have to constantly exercise while I’m little and strengthen the communication between my brain and body.


Needless to say, training is essential.


The book also explains that it is safe for children to climb, even newborns may do it, and so it is recommended to start as early as possible.


Uh —! I can’t move my body at all!


I’ll try to move my limbs. This is difficult training for a newborn.



In this way, I devote myself to exercise my brain by continuously training my body to move whenever I have time and keep studying the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies].


After I was able to walk, I walked around tirelessly. After I was able to run, even if I fell, I stood back up and continued to run. I’m learning how to fall by doing this.


In the future world, children who are overly protected would easily be injured because they don’t know how to break their fall.


The decline in children’s athletic ability is also a serious matter. Experts seem to be hypothesizing that the famous aliens from the urban legends might be how human beings would look like in the future. [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] has everything written in it.


It also covers all kinds of movements, including climbing movements and stopping movements.


As expected, the infant’s body that becomes tired from all the exercise recovers immediately after a nap. Isn’t this condition listed in the Status as [Supercompensation]? Well, I guess not.


The reason why this infant’s body is pushed so far to do the exercises is to deepen the connection between the body and the nervous system of the brain during this bonus time. I’m aiming to develop the best motor nerves.




Saitama Prefecture, Ninomiya Family.


Months have passed, and Kei Ninomiya has become a 3-year-old child.


My family that shouldn’t be forgotten here consists of my mommy, Keiko Ninomiya, and though my daddy is much older than mommy, he’s the dandy Tomokazu Ninomiya.


Mommy is a full-time housewife who is taking care of me and doing housework every day since early morning.


There isn’t a speck of dust in my house, probably because of her mysophobia. She has this habit of cleaning everything spotless.


Her cooking is like the dishes in Instagram pictures. They taste excellent. She’s a perfect mother, my mommy! Hahahaha!


She’s a beautiful woman, too. She has silky long hair, and is an excellent cook. Daddy did a great job in choosing her.


But she indeed has mysophobia; she flips out when daddy sits on the sofa in his work clothes.


And daddy is the president of a company! Although considered small, his business employs about 30 people.


I have the impression that he drinks a lot, but someone who looks like his subordinate came to have dinner several times; he flattered daddy for being an amazing president.


His company makes metal mold for anything. He seems to be creating precision equipment for car parts manufacturers. The business seems to be prospering; and new machines are to be installed.


I hit a jackpot! My home is peaceful and secure. Hahahaha!


Oops, don’t forget Kei, the 3-year-old kid.


I grow up quickly, and seem to be considered a naughty child.


However, I can’t get used to my face no matter how much I look at it in the mirror. The reason is quite … nah. It’s because I’m too well-featured.


I have beautifully large soft black eyes and silky smooth skin texture. I think I look like an innocently pure good looking boy. My hair is smooth as well.


Well, my mom urged me to grow my hair out, and it has grown quite long. My hair is as long as a women’s short hairstyle right now. However, it seems that beautiful women get tired of their beautiful faces in three days, but I never get tired of my face.


Ahem, this makes me feel like a narcissist. Please stop.


But where did my father’s gene go? All my facial features are inherited from mommy.


No, I have no complaints. Thank you very much! I love you, mom! I’m glad my dad’s face wasn’t inherited!


However, as it has become clear recently, my mental age has been pulled by my body and become quite young.


To be honest, I wouldn’t say “mommy and daddy …” even if it kills me. Also, I don’t feel disgusted for being caressed.


On the contrary, it even gives a sense of security. What’s going on? I hope this feeling will soften as I grow up.


At the age of three, I have a hobby. It’s to take a walk every day. Whenever I’m taking a walk, my neighbors always greet me. My reputation for being sociable is the best. I feel like I’m an idol.


Also, my parents think I’m a genius; no, I make them think I’m a genius.


I have been talking incessantly since I was about 1 year old, thought that was just my guess.


I have witnessed mommy and daddy are making out at night a few times, but I put my child character on full throttle and ask,


“What are you doing, dad? Mom? Naked exercise?”


Well, I thought that’s how a child would react so I retorted that remark.


My parents smiled bitterly with embarrassment.


Let’s go back to the training matter at hand. I think I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m trying to follow my training menu efficiently to become a professional soccer player in the future, so I told my parents about it.


Mom was happy, but dad looked a little sad. Could he have wanted me to succeed his business after all?


However, it would be a waste of time if I only execute the training menu whenever they’re not looking. There’s no way around it. Telling them of my dream aiming to be a professional soccer player is the only way to get rid of their point of view of onlookers that sees me as a genius for doing mere training.


However, my only concern is about [Effort ★].


[Effort ★] Cumulative Time


– Physical Activity 8,031 ​​hours


Wow, I did my best. However, I still can’t acquire the next [Skill].


Originally, I thought I would have exceeded 10,000 hours by now, but I couldn’t do much when I was a newborn.


I wasn’t slacking off! I was overestimating the abilities of an infant’s body ….


I learned later that babies sleep for 15-20 hours a day on average.


I was surprised and thought babies are like cats because they sleep so much.


Even so, I have worked hard and accumulated nearly 10,000 hours in three years.


I’ve done a lot of different training menus day after day.


By the way, what I acquired after achieving the first 1,000 hours was


[Physical Technique] Correction to body movements to stop/move, correction to control body movements and forces.


Well, it was a piece of cake to acquire this correction skill.


What came after that was not easy. I was so happy that I was grinning from ear to ear for a whole day at that time. My parents weren’t suspicious looking at my silly demeanor. They were happy as well.


By the way, I think it’s pretty amazing that I acquired that skill before I turned a year old.


The muscles and bones were not fully developed yet, so it was necessary to concentrate just on one movement.


However, after getting the [Skill], I feel that my movements have become more efficient.


And I think it’s easier to move around. Well, it certainly feels like some corrections have been made.


Well, after that, I haven’t acquired any more [Skills] at all ….


Noooo … (cry).


Right now, I’m training to widen the range of motion by doing somersaults and stretching.


But I want to join the swim club so I can really train my range of motion and respiratory organs.


The body will become supple which leads to an increase in lung capacity. It is also the best sport to train my respiratory and inner muscles efficiently.


Swimming really is amazing.


If the inner muscles are trained since childhood, a strong physique will be acquired by adolescence.


If I swim regularly and train according to the theories described in the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies], even Japanese people will be able to acquire monster-like physique and stamina.


Well, the [Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] doesn’t seem to include all information.


Besides, I want to be able to swim because I couldn’t swim in my previous life.


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