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Chapter 235 Territorial Business Administration Course


“Doing a debut dance to open your heart to the archduchess after being scolded by your attendant? To think one of the few heroic figures of Arkshia would be manipulated by women.”


“I won’t lend you the note if you are going to ridicule me, Sieghart.”


“Now, now, don’t sulk, Kaldia.”


I pushed aside the feathers of the quill pen with which he was trying to tickle my cheeks.


“But it was a target for attention… is that okay?”


“Well, there’s not really a problem…”


Or so it’s supposed to be. At least for me.


On the day following the opening ceremony, at territorial business administration class.

Being trapped in from both sides by Zephyr and Sieghart, who were also taking the course, I was casually conversing about pointless things with them.

I haven’t felt this in a while–ever since last year. Well, this might be a bit late as a year has passed, but I enjoy these talks with my school friends. Although my conversations with Ratoka and Tira and the others are also quite casual but they don’t have that feel of talking to a friend.


From the second year in the academy, they start giving specialty subject lectures after noon.

It is a general rule for direct sons of feudal lords to study territorial business administration or law and home economics for the noble daughters.

On the other hand, sons or descendants who do not possess a land–in other words, the parents of whom do not have a count rank–study law or economics pursuing a government job or study military studies, commercial science or global sociology. Girls normally aim to be a teacher or a court lady and even home economics or economics depending on their fiance–meaning they don’t have many choices.

Special examples would be from the dukes’ family or the royalty, as the crown prince, Grace and the archduchess Emilia are studying global sociology and Erik taking military studies lectures.

I guess I would also fall in the exception section.


“That reminds me, Sieghart, is it okay for you to not take any military study lectures?”


“I have been told quite a lot about wars and battles by my family, you see. The eldest son of the family must properly study territorial administration studies… otherwise we can’t manage this land we received from the his majesty, the king, after all…”


“Ah… I see…”


All three of us ended up giving a distant look while nodding.

Although it wouldn’t be weird if the Rolentsor family started saying stuff like all their residents are soldiers or ‘farmers soldiers unite!’ and stuff, it actually seems like their territorial management is going quite steady, as because of the calm climate and blessed soil, they have a great source of income from the high quality agricultural products. Seems like the current feudal lord has been working hard at it.


“What about you, are you fine not taking it?”


“Yeah. I am prioritizing the territory first.”


“No hesitation, huh? Even though you did enough work to be recognized as a hero, are you not interested in the rank of a military officer?”


Hearing Zephyr’s words, I wondered about the path to becoming a military officer for once.

As I had selected territorial business administration studies without a second thought when selecting courses, I didn’t really think about the rank of a military officer.


“Nope. I don’t have any intention of commanding any army other than my territory’s and I also don’t plan on moving them from the territory unless needed.”


Well, at the end, no matter how I looked at it, it was a no-no.

In the first place, the reason I was able to achieve such merit in war is because of the highly special combination and abilities of the horsemen and military engineers of the Kaldia territory and the special trust we have among us.

If I lose them, I would be nothing more than a young girl. I don’t even have experience as a military soldier and neither do I think I am gifted with the talent.


“What do you mean by you don’t plan on moving your territory army from the your territory?”


“The territory army now has too many functions for the territory to reorganize, you see. Although it is because the education hasn’t quite caught up yet, besides from the military police who uphold the public order in the territory, we are also taking in residents who have nowhere else to go. For the land’s development, flood control, soil preparation or periodic thinning of forests and afforestation. Even patrolling for monsters and suppression beside doing postal services. We are also doing agricultural work in the area directly under the king. If they are mobilised from the territory, each and every aspect of the administration will be delayed……”


As I answered, I felt a weird sense of discomfort and looked to my left and right. Zephyr and Sieghart had an indescribable expression on their faces and looked behind me.

Don’t tell me……

Overcoming my desire to escape the reality so that I don’t have to turn around, I slowly turned around.


“Yo, nice to meet you. That was a very nice and simple explanation, thank you. I might need you to help me with some lectures sometimes. After all, there aren’t any more appropriate teaching material for territorial business administration than this.”


Seeing that smile and obsidian colored eyes, I felt like laying my face down on the desk.

I have seen those eyes way too much already.

Mark Terejia—the instructor of this territorial business administration course slowly looked at me, blinked and said ‘nice to meet you’ once again with a smile.


…… Although I had been extremely naturally answering the questions, what am I doing, talking about my inexperience and explaining the pre-developments to my territory like that?

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