Chapter 236 The Villain and the Heroine

The lecture ended without any setbacks–well, even though I say that, today’s lecture was just about the course details and outline–and so, after parting with Zephyr and Sieg, I headed towards the meeting place with Emilia.


The specialized lecture hall, used for the special courses starting from the 2nd school year, was located on the left side and was mainly called the left-wing. We had used the right-wing during the first year and the dining hall, lecture halls and reception halls were between those two wings.

They made the two wings with their appearances in mind and how they would contrast each other, so the structure was fundamentally same. However, because of the small differences between the two buildings, I ended up getting a bit perplexed and took a longer route to the lounge which ended up taking a bit more time.


The lounge, which was an open area facing the hall, was supposed to be a place which wasn’t used by many people from what I heard but when I reached there, I discovered that there were several female students other than Emilia there.

And so I unconsciously stopped talking and ended up hiding in the shadow of the wall…… It was because it looked like the girls were surrounding Emilia, who was sitting on the couch.

The students going through the hallway also gazed that way from the distance while passing by.


“Oi, what happened?”


“Shh, quiet.”


Stopping Ratoka and Leka who were confused by my actions with concise instruction and gestures to close their mouth, I observed the situation from behind the wall.


Those girls seem to be from a different class than me as I don’t recall any of them. But if so, then I can’t think optimistically that these girls would surround me or Emilia and talk happily.

Judging from Aslan and Tira standing at a corner of the lounge looking irritated and worried, it seems like my impressions are not wrong.


From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like a big argument broke out yet.

Their conversation was quiet and didn’t reach all the way to the hallway, so even if they just say that they started talking after spotting a new face, it would also work since, from the distance, they looked calm.


However, my excessively good sharp ears caught a portion of the conversation.


“ ……… like I said, misunderstanding…… saying it……… That……… dancing with you………… For that situation……… for you it is…………“


“That’s right. You………… princess of the enemy country………… impudent………”


“I am sure………… complicated that……………”




…This is, perhaps…


‘Don’t go having some sort of misconception just because the crown prince chose you as his dance partner!’ or something……

It can’t be that it is……


In other words, this situation… is it that a villain event is happening to Emilia, the heroine… or something?


But, the villain is supposed to be Eliza Kaldia, me.


Using Emilia to better up or take advantage of the crown princes. Gaining rights in the capitals and craving for more, being atrocious and greedy to meet their needs… that is supposed to be the ‘Villain woman’ of this otome game.


—-No. This world isn’t a game. The human society doesn’t move according to scenarios, it moves with people’s thoughts, belief and feelings.

Emilia is a former princess of the enemy country. It was more than obvious that many nobles would have an ill feeling towards Emilia as she can do as she pleases by the crown prince’s side.

My reasoning denied the impulsive thought.

Even though I have known this for years, maybe because the game’s timeline was this timeline or maybe because Emilia is close to me now, I end up thinking of the game’s scenario whenever something happens.


If I am going to take advantage of remembering what happens in the game in a certain scenario, that is great. It is also good to admit the differences between reality and the scenarios for that.

However, I should stop being manipulated by it at this point.

After all, I also know that all the choices I have made up till now are a big reason we are now dissociated from the scenarios.


“Ms. Eliza, what happened? Are you fine with not saving her?”


Even though Leka urged me with a small voice, I hesitated for a moment.

It is true that it would be easy to get rid of those girls if I force myself in there……


After hesitating a bit, I stepped out from the shadows such that only Emilia notices me and not the other girls.

And like that, I stood near the hallway wall and quietly watched over the situation.


If these girls can’t even comprehend her status as she officially came to Arkshia and surround her like this, it just goes to show their level of education and family background.

I don’t need to lend a hand to her when it’s even presumptuous for girls like these to talk to her in the first place.

In fact, I could use this situation to show that Emilia is being treated coldly.


I don’t plan on forsaking her but I also don’t want to pamper her more than needed.

Let’s see what you’ve got.


Emilia immediately noticed me. Her gaze shifted from the girls to me and she tried to hide her agitation with her folding fan.

It isn’t like she is estranged from human subtleties and thoughts. In fact, Ratoka had been saying that she was especially understanding of human spite and because of that she gets nervous and timid really quick. Also that if he were to choose, he would say that she resembled me.

As of that moment, Emilia has only been feeling perplexed by me so I was wondering what was exactly going on…


She gazed towards me just for a moment.

…Ah, I know that look.

It’s the look she has when she is trying to see through someone.


In response to that, I just slightly squinted.

Telling her to get it done quick.


As a result, it seems Ratoka’s analysis was better than mine.

It seemed like my thought was conveyed more or less as Emilia looked agitated once again.

Her light rose-colored eyes restlessly wandered. She was keeping up her appearance on the surface so I will give it a passing mark.


However, it isn’t that Emilia doesn’t have the guts.

Otherwise it would have been impossible for her to dance to two songs without much interval in between with the crown prince in front of that many people.


She suddenly closed her eyelids, as if she had given up or let go of something.


And then–she just raised her left hand elegantly.

And then held it out towards me.


I reflexively felt like laughing out loud.

Her gesture just now meant ‘Escort me’.


It is something I taught her.

It is also something which would look arrogant if any of those other girls do it and is only permitted for someone of the highest class in a social platform.

And of course, the person of highest class in here was Emilia.

I didn’t think she would do something like this but if it is something she did to take revenge on me as I just stood and watched, then it was quite delightful.


The girls looked puzzled seeing her raise her hand like that and then looked at the direction of the hand… in other words, towards me, which made their expressions stiffen.

I intentionally didn’t look at them at all and advanced forward to take her hand respectfully, also as an apology.




One of the girls surrounding her was exasperated, as if feeling that she was made fun of.

Just before her shaking lips opened to abuse,


“Good day to you all.”


Emilia said as calmly as possible, which made the girl flinch.


–Ah, now that I think about it, the heroine (Emilia) might have been like this. If I were to say, she was of a cowardice nature, was easily tensed, introverted and didn’t have self-consciousness as a duchess–a girl with little confidence.

However, she can strengthen her resolve when needed. And when she does, her resolution is clean.

That was the kind of heroine she was.


—Saying she resembles me, what a misunderstanding, Ratoka.

I don’t have such hidden pureness like her.

All I have is just feelings of guilt, coldheartedness and ruthlessness.


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