I decided to clear up some misunderstandings on what this site is about.

  • This site is one by one person. I had to learn how to use WordPress and other things I never thought I would ever need to learn
  • This site uses paid translators. There are paid per chapter.  And I pay them out of my own pocket. Ads and donations supplement that.
  • I am not a translator. I only speak English but have been studying Chinese. I was invited to a Chinese wedding and many close to me are Chinese so I have to become fluent as soon as possible.
  • I do not read any of the novels being translated on here, probably would not read most even if I am paid. That is why it is pretty annoying to get complaints when I do this out of pocket. Complaints will usually get you blocked
  • It seems like I forgot something hmm.. I will reiterate. This site is ran from out of my own pocket. I do not expect thanks but I will not entertain complaints. You will get blocked. If you do not like how the site is ran, you can start your own. Since I am in the business of setting up websites with Google ads approved in 24 hours for others. I will gladly set up your website for you. I have always believed that talk is cheap.
  • Ads in the middle of pages earn the most. Unless you have run a site that actually pays staff, I do not expect you to understand.If I do not earn enough, there will be no future chapters. I think it is a fair trade-off.

I probably missed a thing or two but I think this will do for now. Subscriptions should be fixed now, so this is also a post to test if it works properly



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