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Chapter 63 becomes 65

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I will be doing this for other novels in the future.


Here is a teaser for Chapter 65..no 67

Chapter 67: A Specialisation in Defence; Growth of a Follower Spirit


Chrome proceeded further into the hole, going deeper and deeper. Syrup walked by his side, matching his steps.

“Guess I might as well check deeper. It’s not like it matters if I die.”

Chrome focused his attention towards the surrounding walls. The hole itself was in terrible shape, on the brink of crumbling to pieces. All the more evidence that it hadn’t been formed through human interference.

“We’re under a tomb. You think there might be undead?”

Chrome, at the very least, expected as much. His predictions were proven to be remarkably on point as he ventured a bit further, as the very instant he moved to enter a new area a group of skeletons began to crawl out of the earth. They wielded a wide array of battered lances and old, rusty swords, none of them giving the impression that they were particularly powerful. They utilised a common strategy that saw constant use by the monstrous riff-raff; overwhelming the enemy and dulling their responsive faculties.

Syrup assisted Chrome against the onslaught, noticeably lightening his burden, and Chrome finally managed to cull the skeletons down to their last numbers.

“Would you look at that, Syrup? Your level went up.”

Chrome offered Syrup a potion meant to countermeasure the loss of HP, and took the chance to look over what new skills his companion had acquired.

“So you learned Cover, huh? Looks pretty similar to the Great Shield skill.”


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