I have already spoken to Scallop as you all might have noticed from his post haha. I will release 4 chapters this month, hopefully Scallop will have mercy and not steal the novel back..

The Continuation of that Day




Someone was calling me.


It was the kind, flowing voice of a young girl. Ah, I doubted there was any man who would not answer to having his name called by such a beautiful voice.

I needed to get up. As I slept warmly, my conscious made the decision to wake up.


What appeared before my eyes, was the familiar face of a girl. There was a tinge of sadness in her round, black eyes. She had a small, pretty nose and soft cherry blossom colored lips. Her flaxen long hair enhanced her pale skin.

She was so beautiful as if she were charmed. My sleepy eyes were rudely glued to her face. Perhaps I had already been charmed.

“Kurono-kun, are you alright? You were groaning so much…”

Her face looked like it was ready to burst into tears at any moment. When I saw her expression crumble, full of distress and sadness, I immediately felt a certain panic rise within me. I did not want to make her cry.

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