I got slaughtered for the cliffhanger, well here is a longer teaser

Hero’s Hunt (1)


Walpurgis whispered as she bowed her head and stopped moving her hand before removing her helmet off.


“Valler, what I am about to show you is a secret that no one other than the nuns and order know.”

“In that case, will it be alright for me to know it?”


The relationship with her in the past.

The relationship with her now.


What caused the difference in the situation? Even in the past, Walpurgis was a close friend. We shared a firm friendship like a stone statue.


We have been in the battle field for so many years, that I trust her. However, even during that time Walpurgis had never taken of her helmet.


Right now, our relation was only for of days. And I can’t figure out what exactly moved her to this.


“Honestly, I’m not so sure about telling this secret. But this is what my heart says. Valler, please look.”


And there was no reason to decline those words. Even I was curious about her secret. Walpurgis nodded her head and finally took of her helmet.




Words of admiration came out from the mouth. It was because her blonde hair was shining in the sun. I remembered the Fairy Queen that I saw once.

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