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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 301 Before daybreak

[My lord, Reinhart-sama is calling.]

Reinhart was calling Jin using the mana cam.

“It’s Jin, what’s up?”

[Ooh, Jin! Sorry for today!]

“That’s what you’re calling about? I didn’t really mind.”

He had thought something might have happened but was relieved to find out he was wrong.

[Matheus didn’t have any ill intention. He just misunderstood a bit.]


Jin wondered if he did anything which could be misunderstood.

“What did he misunderstand?”

And when he asked, Reinhart laughed and answered,

[That you and I are in a love relationship…]


[Right? Hilarious.]

But Jin couldn’t laugh. He didn’t think Matheus would have such a misunderstanding.

“I-it’s all cleared up now, right?”

[Of course.]

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