I decided to clear the air as I have been getting the same question asked repeatedly. I will be posting this announcement on Patreon and on my website too
You can see from the response from a member of the translation team below. I hope this resolves it
Question by Darkgrifter below
[QUOTE=”Darkgrifter, post: 4462585, member: 5017″]Is it just me or has the quality really fallen in the last few chapters. 
It may just be me but this seems much harder to read.[/QUOTE]
Response from a member of the translation team
[QUOTE=”userunfriendly, post: 4462928, member: 97302″]Because Korean tends to use predicate-subject sentences, both Chamber (previous translator) and I, the editor, have had to do extensive rewrites to make it more easy to read for Americans.  Like this would the sentences read following the original Korean.  :p 
But this brings up an ethical dilemma…are you here to read my sentences or the author’s
Around chapter 90 I’ve tried something new…keeping more of the original structure intact while adding enough clues to allow the reader to understand the intent of the author.
This has not gone well, and after comments on the AH website, as of chapter 96(?) I’ve switched back to rewriting as much as needed to make it easier to read.
This isn’t great literature, it’s a fun, action packed web novel.  So I’ve reverted to the extensive rewrites, and the translator agrees with me. Better to make it enjoyable, and ignore my nagging conscience. :eek:
I’m a fan editor, doing this because I love this novel. Besides, the novel I fell in love with was the extensive rewritten one by Chamber.  That’s what I should be doing.
So the extensive rewrites are back.  Sorry about the “drop in quality”.  :D[/QUOTE]
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