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The Trap (1)







The content of the note was very simple. There was no report, only an interesting message that said, ‘If you want an initial report, then come out in front of the mansion. If not, I will continue to investigate.’




Seems like the story was that it might not be what he was looking for, but if he wanted to hear it, come out. Something subtle and interesting.


‘Let’s hear it.’


Ian stood up with determination. He took the vial from the table next to him and drank the painkiller that Douglas had made.


‘It is.’


If it had been a normal human, they would have thrown it away, since it was made with poison. Ian, however, had mana protection so there was nothing to worry about. The drug had a scent that spread all over and a bitter taste that he didn’t like.


‘Why is it this bitter?’


He had witnessed the preparation process and knew exactly what ingredients were used. Yet, it still tasted bitter. Will other people be able to swallow this potion without any doubts? Ian drank it because he knew the entire process. Unfortunately, there was no way to know the cause for this bitter taste.


‘There is no suitable explanation for this kind of taste.’


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