Taking Off the Mask


Even thought An Zi Ran only glanced at An Chang De for a few seconds, he still was capable of knowing what his uncle was thinking.


“Aunt, sorry but I couldn’t hear what you were talking about just know, mind if you repeat?” Zi Ran asked while starring at An Chang Fu’s wife Wu Zhi.


Wu Zhi was shocked, how can the lazy boy Zi Ran have so much enthusiasm while talking?


“Zi Ran…, what I meant was that you’re still not a full grown man, furthermore you did not learn accounting from your dad at all, it’ll be tough for you to deal with An Family’s business and assets. There are lots of things out there that are still a mystery to you, to prevent you from being cheated, your uncle and I decided that he will take some spare time and help you with it.” She said as she sighed loudly, “Your father and your uncle were closely related, they’re the closest siblings, now that he’s dead, we will help you as a family, you don’t have to thank us, it’s what we should do!”


Zi Ran smirked and said “What aunt said was absolutely right, but uncle and my father had separated since when they were young, now uncle still has his own family to deal with, I would feel really guilty if uncle came and helped me out. Furthermore, recently I’ve learned quite a lot of stuff from Mr Su, he knows almost everything about the An Family, he even complimented me and said I’m making a good progress, that I can take care of An Family by myself soon.”


The husband and wife both showed a stunned face, what Zi Ran said was clearly a rejection.


Zi Ran started off the conversation by stating the clear separating line between the two siblings. Since they’ve separated, clearly the elder brother couldn’t be involved in the little brother’s family assets! If people know about this, everyone would comment on An Chang De, on how he wants to take over his little brother’s assets, but if Zi Ran agreed, it would be different, they would be seemed as heroes, people who helped out their nephew when he’s in trouble.


They both thought Zi Ran would agree, they did not expect Zi Ran to disagree with them using such lawful and critical words, they did not expect him to be this smart.


Wu Zhi took a deep breath, she’s holding back the urge to scold his little nephew. She said “Zi Ran… no matter how much he knows about the family, Mr Su is and always will be, just, an outsider…”


“Aunt, Mr Su was the most trusted person by my dad when he was still alive.” Zi Ran interrupted Wu Zhi, inferred that Zi Ran himself trusted Mr Su too.


If Wu Zhi fought back to this statement, it’ll show that she thought An Chang Fu wasn’t capable of making the right judgement, it’ll show that she thinks An Chang Fu trusted the wrong person, that he’s a blind man.


The reason why An Chang Fu can make the An Family the richest family in An Yuan Ju was all thanks to his ability to judge and foresee. This is something that even An Chang De and his wife could not disagree on.


An Chang De and his wife showed a pale face, they couldn’t hide their expressions.


Zi Ran acted like he did not saw it. He didn’t want this two people to pollute the An Family. If he hadn’t received this body, he might, but now that he’s became Zi Ran, he thought that he should hold the responsibility of ensuring the An Family was doing well.


An Chang De and his wife failed their first attempt, their first move.


They’ve even planned that once Zi Ran agreed to them, they’ll use the chance to talk about something else.


Wu Zhi didn’t like that, she felt beaten. She then shot An Chang De a signal wink. An Chang De saw it, he calmed down, then spoke to break the awkwardness that was filling the room.


“Zi Ran, after your mom passed away, An Family is now lack of a main housewife. Since now you’re the An Family’s leader, why not let your aunt to come and help you? She is really familiar with all the chores in the house, she will definitely help you tidy up the whole house so that you can focus on doing your stuff.”


They both stared at Zi Ran when she finished talking.


An Zi Ran laughed, he realised that the both of them won’t give up. He said “Uncle, Aunt, I know you guys are trying to help me, but I don’t want to trouble any of you guys. Anyways, this is An Family’s matters that we’re dealing with, I have the ability to deal with all these stuff. We don’t need an extra housewife, I still have three other aunts and a few maids to help out with that.”


An Chang De and his wife’s face turned fuming red, they were really angry.


They realise how Zi Ran used ‘An Family’s matters’ which emphasised that the both of them did not belong to the An Family.


The thing that made Wu Zhi angry the most was that instead of herself, Zi Ran would rather let An Chang Fu’s other wives deal with the housekeeping? This is clearly Zi Ran trying to show how the both of them are not part of the An Family.


Once again, Wu Zhi held back her urge to scold Zi Ran. Instead, she glanced at him coldly and said “Seems like you really did grew up. When your dad died, you remarked yourself, you see yourself highly, you see yourself important, is that it?! You do not respect your elderly, me and your uncle anymore?“


“Woah aunt, that’s too extreme. Of course I still respect you both? I still care about you both, you guys are my aunt and uncle, of course you guys should be respected!” An Zi Ran said while laughing.


Listening to what Zi Ran said, Wu Zhi calmed herself down.


“I still have to go back to the study room, if there’s nothing else you both want to talk about, then see ya” Zi Ran said.


An Chang De shot out a phrase coldly “Let me remind you, do not be too harsh on others, or karma might hit you anytime soon.”


“Thank you for the concern, uncle” Zi Ran said while laughing.


Zi Ran left the room laughing after finishing his sentence, leaving An Chang De and his wife looking miserable at the hallway. They both cursed at him once he got far away enough from them.

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