Business Man’s Ranking


After returning to the study room, An Zi Ran took his pen and started practising writing words. Mr Su told him that these words are challenging, if Zi Ran can write them well, he will have no problem writing other words.

When Mr Su came in, he saw Zi Ran focusing on writing. There’s no trace of uneasiness or sadness on his face, it doesn’t look like he just had a quarrel with his uncle and aunt.

Mr Su witnessed every change that had happened to Zi Ran, from the immature boy to the now responsible and mature man.

To be honest, Mr Su did not expect that the death of Zi Ran’s father will change Zi Ran by this much. Maybe it’s just like how they say it, one will only ‘be awake’ when someone leaves.

Mr Su was really relieved. As he was the one who had taken care of Zi Ran for years, he knew Zi Ran’s laziness and immaturity. If Zi Ran took over An Famiily’s assets, it will surely fall in ruins. That why, Mr Su was really relieved when he saw how Zi Ran has changed these days.

But as he remembers what happened in the corridor just now, he instantly got worried again, and frowned. That frown was so obvious that it’s impossible for Zi Ran to not realise.

Finally, he stopped what he was doing, and looked up to face Mr Su.

‘Mr Su, just spit it out’ Zi Ran said.

Mr Su had been waiting for this moment, he said ‘Zi Ran, I know that I’m nothing but just a servant, but sometimes there’s just something that I have to nag about. Today the act of pissing off your aunt and uncle in the corridor wasn’t smart at all.’

Zi Ran had known Mr Su for a long time, he knew that Mr Su wasn’t someone who does not know what he’s talking about. So, he asked ‘Why do you say so?’

When Mr Su realised Zi Ran showed interest in what he was talking about, he felt really happy. If it were the old Zi Ran, he would’ve ignore him and told him to go away.

‘Zi Ran, your uncle is someone with fame and power, if he really wants to go against An Family, An Yuan Ju’s chief mayor would be standing on his side.’ Mr Su said.

An Zi Ran was confused. Putting down the pen, he asked ‘Even though uncle has fame and power, he is still just a scholar, how much influence can a scholar make? Why would the chief mayor be on his side?’

Mr Su replied ‘Zi Ran, our country is a country that prioritize education, that’s why lots of people study a lot to get fame and power. Compared to a business man, a scholar’s ranking is actually higher, lots of people despise businessmen. Therefore, even though your uncle is just a scholar with low-income, he still has a higher ranking than businessmen.’

Zi Ran did not expect that this is how this country, China works.

Indeed, knowledge is really important, but the factor that has been pushing China’s economy is its business. Without these business, this country’s economy would have been way worse.

Mr Su continued ‘But the person that you have to be cautious about is not your uncle, but your aunt Wu Zhi.’

‘Why?’ Zi Ran asked.

Mr Su said worriedly ‘Wu Zhi’s sister is the wife of someone really important in Yong Zhou district, if Wu Zhi complained to her sister about this, I’m afraid that they will do something about it and go against us.’

Wu Zhi’s sister is the wife to someone really powerful, if they really want to go against An Family, An Family will be in deep trouble.

After a few moments of deep thoughts, Zi Ran said ‘Mr Su, can you go help me find someone trustable and let that person spy on my uncle and his family? This is so that if they really want to go against us, we will be prepared as we’re one step ahead.’

Mr Su wasn’t really happy with this idea, if people know Zi Ran was spying on his own uncle, it would be really bad for An Family’s reputation, but seeing how there’s no other way, he agreed with it. The next day, Mr Su did as he was told.


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