Return To The Cultivation Centre




We held the meeting for roughly another 30 minutes.

What I wanted to know in particular was about the specialized contract for familiar.


“Yes, I also have specialized contracts with a hundred and twenty-eight falcons”


Rin-san readily said.

From what I hear, those falcons are a hundred and twenty-eight familiars that are handed down in her clan.

Ahー, I wonder if that’s why it seems smarter than my raven and are able to establish various convenient links.


“I got it. I shall lend you the rite scroll that is handed down in the clan. It is written in unique characters that are only handed down in the clan though……”

“I’m also able to decipher such things with Read・Language……should also be able to”

“Very well”


‘Pan’, Rin-san claps her hands.

A cat-ears female servant brought over an old wooden scroll.

Closely packed, illegible symbols are engraved on the wooden scroll that’s tied together.


I guess these are the characters.

I suppose it’s carved on a wooden scroll to make it last as long as possible huh.

Or, there’s also the possibility that this『book』itself has magic applied to it.


I touched and used Read・Language on the wooden scroll upon receiving permission.

In the end…….

I was, able to read the characters.


“Erm. ‘Show Not To Outsiders’, is written though”

“At the brink of the world’s destruction, such thing as the clan’s secret does not matter, that is what I think”


Ah, yes.

A reasonable response huh.

It really helps.


“Alright then, I will read this in the white room”


There’s limited time.

I want to use it efficiently as much as possible.

If not, I can just party up with some low-level member and kill some orcs after returning to the Cultivation Centre.


“In that case, this as well”


I was handed another wooden scroll.


“It is an extremely high ranking familiar that I am unable to contract. If it appears that Kazu is able to use it then please try to contract it”


I gratefully accepted that wooden scroll as well.

Uーn, I’m handed a high-priced reward ahead of time huh.




Meanwhile, Arisu and Tamaki also came to Rin-san’s room.

It looks like they were able to safely come all the way here without being assaulted by the Pacifists.

Both their faces turn bitter when they hear of Hagan-san’s death.


“If only, I had followed……”

“But, in exchange, Arisu healed the injuries of many people and saved many lives, right”


I lightly caress Arisu’s head.

It doesn’t matter who it is, it’s impossible to accomplish everything alone.

We can only do what we’re able to do.


Now then, the sun is still, pretty high…….

is what I thought so I take a look at my wristwatch and it’s already right before five pm.


Ehー? , I tilt my head.

Based on yesterday’s feeling, it should almost be sunset at this time though.


“Kazucchi, Kazucchi. Over here is surely all the way west from the school’s mountain, you know?”


Ah, is that so.

I finally understood.


A time difference is occurring.

Which means, at the school, the sun will set in less than an hour huh.

Time difference……I wonder if there’s about an hour of it.


“By the way, at which part of the mountain should I open the Teleportation Gate”


Rin-san asks me.

Ahー, that’s right.

If we’re warping then…… I guess a room in the Cultivation Centre should be safe.


But, it seems pretty difficult to explain it in words, which part of which building.

The culture gap with Rin-san is just too wide.


“Well then, shall I align your sight with the familiar’s sight”

“Me, is it. Is, such a thing doable”

“It is possible. Over here”


I do as I’m told and got closer to Rin-san’s side.

Rin-san gently takes my hand…….


And placed her lips over mine.

A soft sensation and hot breath.

And then, Rin-san’s sweet odour.


From behind, “Hyaa” goes Tamaki’s voice.

“Waa, wawaa, waaa” goes Arisu’s voice.

“Nn. Muu” goes Mia’s voice


In the next moment, my sight dyes red.

No, that’s not it.

This is a sky dyed by the sunset.


I realize.

Right now, I’m looking at things from Rin-san’s familiar’s perspective.

I see, the field of view……it’s shared like this huh.


The sensation of the soft lips disappears.

I unintentionally let out a moan-like voice.


After that, I feel overbearing presences from behind for some reason.

I wonder what’s wrong, it feels like Arisu, Tamaki and Mia are glaring at me.


……Un, I’m a bird right now.

I can fly.

I shan’t think about unnecessary things.


“I connected the path. Directions please”


By my ear is Rin-san’s calm voice.

At the same time, her warm breath tickles my earlobe.


At the same time, the bird began a nosedive.

A forest can be seen with the sky dyed in madder in its background.

It’s undoubtedly the school’s mountain that we know of.


“Rin-san, a little bit more to the left. Yes, straight ahead, just like that”


I give her the directions and have her move the familiar.

Like a flight simulator, my vision takes a sharp left roll and then it quickly drops.

The middle school section’s school building and the buildings in its vicinity comes into sight.


Left of that and to the front

At somewhere a little ways away from the other buildings, there’s a three-storey building.

It’s the Cultivation Centre.


It’s this morning that I left this place.

It’s now evening.

It feels rather nostalgic even though it hasn’t even been twelve hours.


In the open space in front of the Cultivation Centre, people were gathering.

About fifty people.

All of them are male.


It’s the high school section’s guys.

Majority of them are holding rusty axe, swords, and so forth that I guess are items taken from orcs.


They were confronting the Cultivation Centre with dangerous vibes.

Looking closely, a single woman is showing her face from a window on the second storey and is shouting something with furious gestures.


It’s Shiki-san who’s on the second storey of the Cultivating Centre.

The girl I left in charge while I’m not around was puffing her chest out proudly and firmly glaring at the high school section’s guys who gathered at the open space.

This……basically, means that, is it.




I hear Rin-san’s voice by my ear.

Her breath tickles my earlobe.

But it seems like her voice is slightly nervous.


“Are you people, having a strife amongst each other”

“Eeh, well, embarrassing as it may be, yes. The woman inside that building is our leader”

“Then, the guys in the open space are”


How should I tell her.

I hesitated for a bit and told her truthfully.

As much as possible, in a way that I fan Rin-san’s disgust.


“Probably the high school section’s survivors……they’re a group that was treating women like slaves at a location a little ways away. They were incompatible with us and as a result, we killed their leader and it turned into a mess. The other side might be holding grudges against us”


Arisu and Tamaki raise surprised voices.

I suppose they understood what’s the situation from our conversation.


Aa, wait for a little.

The negotiation, it’ll probably end very quickly.


“It’s necessary for us to head back to assist them. Fly into the building and open a Teleportation Gate please”



After about ten minutes.

We appear in one of the empty room on the second storey.

It’s the tearoom.


Me, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia look at each other.

Lucia is looking around curiously.

Rin-san’s familiar, the falcon that opened the Teleportation Gate, lightly flapped its wings and flew on top of Lucia’s head.


It’s the nostalgic interior of the Cultivation Centre.

On the first day, the empty tatami room was occupied by orcs.


It’s the room I saved Shiki-san.

All the tatami has been replaced by the spares in the storehouse so there are no traces of the tragedy.


It’s not the time to be immersed in my emotions.

Bellows, repulsive and vulgar jeers of the guys can be heard from outside the window.

As well as Shiki’s voice that refutes it.


We went out to the corridor from the door that’s left opened.

Over there, we ran into a girl who happened to pass by.


Suginomiya Sumire.

Arisu and Tamaki’s close friend, a slightly chubby girl.


“Arisu, Tamaki-chan! Eh, what, what’s going on? When did you come back?”

“Sumire-chan, I’m back! We just came back!”

“I am back, erm, um……”


Arisu looks at me troubledly.

Un, I guess even if we try to explain, there are too many things that happened huh.


“Er, eh, who’s that over there? Silver-hair Foreigner-san……er, erm, Guten Tag?”

“Why German……. Nn, this is a natural airhead’s cuteness power”


Mia gives a casual quip.

Lucia showed a gentle smile.

I know though, that it’s a totally fake and superficial smile.


“Nice to meet you. I am Lucia, I have the pleasure of being Arisu and Tamaki’s friend”


She curtsies in a graceful manner.

It’s as though she’s wearing a dress even though she’s wearing the same leather armour garments as a soldier.

Lucia’s really a princess when it comes to things like these huh.


“Eh, sorry, I can’t speak German……”


Sumire who’s still panicking.

She’s not a German for heaven’s sake.

Er, ah, is that so.


I cast Many・Tongues on Lucia.

Yup, Sumire didn’t understand Lucia’s language.

Lucia gives the same greetings to Sumire again.


“Ah, thank you for being so polite. My name is Sugimiya Sumire”


Sumire who servilely bows.


“Uh, uhh, you are good, with Japanese language huh. And also, your silver hair, it is very beautiful……. Eh, your ears……”

“This is my race’s trait”


“Nn. Lucia’s an Elf……”


Hey hey, it’s not the time to be chatting away carefreely.

Especially Mia, don’t say unnecessary things.


“Leaving that aside, explain to us the current situation”

“Ah, that’s right! Kazu-san, there’s trouble. The high school section, they erm, say they want to join together as companions and are intruding on us……”


I listen carefully to the bellows outside.

Vulgar jokes about women can be heard.

Sumire’s face is blushed.


Myー, isn’t that quite the euphemism for “to join together as companions”


“Sumire-chan……. Erm, I think that not speaking badly of the other party is a very right thing to do but, at times like this……”


Even Arisu was making a bitter smile.

Un, being told something like this by the amiable Arisu is, well, it’s quite something.


“Hey, Sumire-chan. In other words, the seniors outside, they want women?”


Tamaki rolls up her sleeves.

Oh, she’s all pumped up.

No, this time, I think you probably won’t have a turn though…….


“Geez, how rude. How about throwing in the towel and obediently become sex slaves?”

“Sex sl, erm, um”

“I got it, I’ll go and take them down!”

“Well, wait”


I grabbed the hand of Tamaki who’s about to go out.

Tamaki went, ‘Kazu-san, you shut up!’, in a bad mood.

Uwaa, she’s blown her top.


“We don’t know how much our opponents have levelled up. I mean, I guess there’s nobody who can win you but, if ten people or so use magic on you……”

“Ah, I see. Magic is……muu”


If it’s limited to close quarter battles, Tamaki who became Rank 9 in swordsmanship is invincible.

Those high school section guys outside, they are about level 10 at best but I suppose their levels are probably way under that.


Even if I were to give them a high estimate, they’re at most a Rank 4 or 5.

I think they are probably about Rank 3.

In all honesty, they’re small fries.


However, it becomes a different story when it comes to magic attacks.

For the muscle-brained Tamaki who’s experienced numerous unwise battles, she understands through experience the terror of multiple magic users working together.


“Besides. Let’s imagine if you go out and beat them up……if it goes badly, you’ll end up killing fellow humans, fellow schoolmates”

“Som, something like that, I’m fine with it! Kazu-san as well, killed Shiba, right. In that case, I as well……”

“That’s not it. I, just don’t want you to do something like that. Of course, if it really becomes necessary, I’ll nevertheless order it”


As I’m saying that, I recall Shiki-san’s words from before.

It’s something from when a hundred orcs advanced onto this Cultivation Centre.

She, said to me, “It’s all my order, think of it as something the commander ordered and send your companions to the land of death”


“When you kill someone, you kill them under my orders. Both the responsibility and privilege, they are mine to bear. ……Alright”


I said in a strong and indifferent tone.

After Tamaki nervously listened to my words, she swallowed her saliva.


“But, Kazu-san. If so, only Kazu-san……is hurting”

“I’m happier if I can share Arisu and Tamaki’s pain”


I said and smiled.

Those words are from the bottom of my heart.

I think I was able to smile from the bottom of my heart.



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