The Situation At The Cultivation Centre



Alright, now that I’ve acted cool.

It’s necessary to decide on the course to take against those guys outside.

Not by myself however, there’s also the need to discuss about it with Shiki-san.


I think about such things and head towards the room Shiki-san’s in.

I peek into the second storey’s conference room.


Next to Shiki-san, a number of anxious girls noticed us and made terribly surprised expressions.

I mischievously place my index finger on my mouth and ask of them to keep quiet……


I softly call out to Shiki-san.

Shiki-san who’s by the window briefly looks back.

The earnest Committee Chairwoman-sama lightly nodded at me.


I guess she realized we came back from the behaviour of the girls around even before I call out to her.

She takes a glimpse and turns towards outside once again like nothing’s happened.

That’s not some ordinary nerve.


“I understood you people’s demands. Let me have a discussion about it once. I can at least be given the time to resolve myself, right”


After she meekly says that, she closes the window.

Walking briskly with loud steps, she came towards us who are by the entrance.


She glares at me.

Ehー, I wonder why I’m being glared at.


“How, out of nowhere……and, that person over there is……. In the first place, does she understand us?”


She questions me in succession.

Erm, geez, how impatient.

Well, I understand how she feels though.


“We warped here just now. That girl over there, she’s Lucia. The language issue is solved with magic. Well then, let’s sort out the situation. Those fellows, why now?”


After Shiki-san glanced at Lucia, she sighed, went ‘well, whatever’, and dropped her shoulders.

Yeah, what’s important now is how to deal with this situation.

Whether to eliminate them with strength, with words, or…….


For that, it’s necessary for us to accurately grasp the situation.


“Absurd stuff. From this morning through noon, a large-scale reorganization of the organization took place in the high school section. Mia, your elder brother, Tagamiya Yuuki-senpai, is at the centre of it”


According to Shiki-san, Yuuki-senpai built up an organization of about fifty people as a result of it.

Amongst the high school section students who survived, the weak ones are at the centre of it.


However, there were also those who opposed such acts.

There were also a lot of those who wished to but couldn’t enter that organization.


To be frank, those who had opposed and those who were rejected by Yuuki-senpai, they are those who had done as they pleased under Shiba.

Yuuki-senpai, he has been thoroughly investigating the attitude of the surviving students secretly up until yesterday night.

He had done detailed investigations on who has what kind of ideology and what actions they took in this fin-de-siecle situation.


Therefore, even those who, at first look, were included in Shiba’s organization, he’s able to clearly tell the ones who did things reluctantly and the ones who didn’t, apart.

Yuuki-senpai, he sorted the criminals out himself.


It means, he, ruthlessly declared that he will forsake those who should be forsaken.

However, he’s not forsaking the weak.

He has the determination to cast away those who were oppressing others without forsaking the weak.


Yuuki-senpai’s words were greatly supported.

I suppose that that’s also the result of his mundane yet meticulous actions being accepted.

Although he himself doesn’t want to be the leader, everybody recognized that he’s the one who’s the most befitting of being the leader.


Hence, the ninja wasn’t able to hide within the shadows.

He ended up being out in the sun and bathing in the limelight.

I’m certain that it’s something unintended.


But Yuuki-senpai, he understood that that’s necessary.

It’s precisely because he’s kinda smart that, for the sake of everybody, for the sake of himself, and for the sake of his sister who’s in the middle school section, he has to give it his greatest effort.

As a result, his endeavour went well.


It might’ve gone too well, says Shiki-san.

He’s undoubtedly calculated that in the end, he’ll be able to shave off a large amount of the ‘formerly strong ones’ from the complications that’ll take place at least once before the organization is assembled.


“But that’s……. It means to kill those high school section people who were the former Shiba clique, right”

“That’s right. Otherwise, it’ll leave the root of evil behind. It’s likely that everybody will unite and cooperate, in a sense, I think he plans to make it a rite of passage”


In a calm manner, she says something scary.

Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand the usefulness of that though…….

It’s precisely because they can make such resolute decisions that Shiki-san and Yuuki-senpai are suitable to be leaders.

“Ara, that’s a matter of course. Everybody’s able to get along well when the class work hard as a whole at the cultural festival’s preparations, right”

“What you’re saying is awfully accurate though”


How off-putting, to lump a festival with murder……

No, I guess it’s no good to have such peacetime sentiments.


I think, I’m surely making a sour look.

Shiki-san makes a ‘got you!’ look.

This fellow really has a terrible personality huh!


“Sorry. You’re a loner so you don’t have a sense of unity with the class is it”

“God damn it!”


Aah geez, this personnー!

Is it that fun to tease me!

I guess it is huh, damn it.


By the way, the girls around Shiki-san are looking in puzzlement.

What are you doing letting them hear that!

She might just halfheartedly cover it up afterwards.


Everything’s operating as usual, really, I’m filled with the feeling of ‘ah I’m back at the Cultivation Centre’.

My tears are about to come out.

Hey, I’m gonna cry.


“Well, leaving teasing Kazu-kun at this……. Serious talk, we don’t have the leisure of choosing our means. Isn’t that right?”


Aah, I understand that.

I even have information that Shiki-san doesn’t so, all the more.

As one would expect, I can’t say it here where there are the ears of the other girls…….


If it’s handled poorly, this continent, this world, will end tomorrow.

Saying such a shocking information all willy-nilly is as one would expect, a terrible idea.


“Yeah, if it’s handled poorly, tomorrow, the world may perish”


Tamaki said it.

She readily said it.



Oh dear, that’s the kind of person she is.

The kind who’ll give everything out if I don’t properly muzzle her.


Mia and Lucia are pressing on their forehead with their hands.

Arisu is stupefied.

Shiki-san is glaring at me with a sour expression.


Yes, it’s my supervision mistake.

I’m sorry.


“Er, eh, was that bad?”

“Well……it’s something we have to tell everybody eventually……”


Shiki-san ordered the handful of girls around who have heard it to keep mum.

They’re nodding without knowing what’s going on.

It’ll be troublesome if speculations spread around so it can be said to be a given decision.


“It seems you’ve acquired various information but if it’s necessary for me to hear it immediately, I wonder”

“Afterwards is fine. Leaving that aside, let’s quickly settle the problem here”


At the end of the day, we’re hesitating and feeling troubled because we still slightly feel that them high school section guys are compatriots.

We don’t want it to turn into murder.

Even if we’re able to fight against monsters, we have strong hesitation towards killing fellow humans.


Of course, I suppose there are those who already resolved themselves, I’ve already, killed a single person.

……eh, speaking of which, there were others who already resolved themselves as well.

I wonder what she’s doing now.


“Sakura-san……where’s Nagatsuki Sakura-san?”

“She’s currently tied and thrown into a room on the third storey”


Shiki-san nonchalantly says.

Oi oi.


“What happened”

“When the high school section guys gathered, she took her spear and was about to rush out. It doesn’t look like she’ll listen no matter what’s being said so for the time being, I had Shio-chan cast Flame・Bind to tie her up and left her”


Oh, ooh……

Flame・Bind is Fire Magic Rank 5 magic that summons a ring of flame around the target and utilizes it like a rope to constraint the target.


‘Shio’, is a fire magic user of the Cultivation Centre’s holdout group, Mogami Shio.

One of the people who holed herself up in the Cultivation Centre with Tamaki and the others, a second-year student of the middle school section.

Although she’s initially raising both Fire Magic and Spearmanship, I hear she focused on just Fire Magic halfway through.


“It’s because Sakura-chan is becoming desperate. I don’t want to do something like cornering a girl who’s destructively reckless”

“What a gentle thing to do”

“Ara, I’m always gentle. Does Kazu-kun not know”


Shiki-san says that and laughs.

She folds her arms and confidently puffs out her chest.


I know.

You don’t want to make others play the bad guy.

It’s precisely why, when Nagatsuki Sakura tries to single-handedly play the bad guy, you immediately prevented it.


“You’re gentle to everybody, but bully me huh”

“I didn’t bully you. I’m only teasing you”


The cheeky girl flauntingly shrugs her shoulder at me.


“However, if it comes down to that……. Ahー, Shiki-san, can we have a clandestine meeting, with just the two of us?”

“Ara, what do you want to do alone with me?”

“An intrigue”


Honestly, from this point onwards, it’s something that I don’t really want Arisu and the others to hear.

Ah, no, wait.


“As I thought, Lucia, you come as well”

“I do not mind but……. Are you fine, with me”

“Rather, it’s great because it’s Lucia. I want to unleash Black Power with you and Shiki-san”


Lucia looks at me with dubious eyes.

Shiki-san glares at me with squinting eyes.

While I’m at it, Arisu is also looking fixedly at me and puffing out her cheeks.


“No, really, I have high hopes for Lucia”

“Kazu-kun, you’re really……. Well whatever, please take care of me, Lucia-san”

“Yes, same here, Shiki……san?”


Ah, she’s having trouble grasping the distance.

Shiki-san laughs brightly.


“You can drop the honorifics”

“Then, I shall call you Shiki”


Lucia smiles.

Ah, looks like she’s truly happy.

As I thought, black-hearted people are attracted to black-hearted people huh.


“Kazu-kun, you’re making an unpleasant laugh”

“You are i-ma-gi-ning it”

“Why are you prattling”


Again, I’m glared at fixedly by Shiki-san.



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