Chapter 110

“This black tea is delicious.”


“….Thank you.”


The man called Rail Rain drank up all the black tea and regained his calm. Eli and I were both perplexed with the change in his intensity. Exactly what is it that made him lose his composure to that extent?


“Hmmm, where should I start…”


Putting his hand to his chin, Rail was thinking about something. It seems like he knows something about us but I wonder what he might talk about.


“Let’s start off with this. Why are the two of you pretending that you don’t know me?”


Eli and I looked at each other and nodded.


“”Well, we actually don’t, so””


As if he was whipped by our clean, synchronized reply, he started coughing a lot. Reacting to every little thing. I should be careful about what I say.


“Are you seriously saying that? It’s me. That Rail Rain?”


“Which Rail Rain? A new fraud?”


“Sorry, I don’t know. Or rather, I don’t remember. We had lost our memories of everything when he had woken up, after all.”


“Lost your memories?! When did you wake up?! Where?! And exactly why?!”


He keeps coming hard, huh? He came pressing his questions while bending over closely, which made it all the more suffocating.


“I really don’t have any memories. I only somewhat have the knowledge necessary for day to day life, and not even all of it. Of course, I also forgot everything about myself. Eli is also the same as me, she just sometimes remembers stuff from really long ago and that’s all. In other words, we have cleanly forgotten completely about the past. And so, if I had borrowed money from you then I am sorry. That’s something my old self did so please make it even.”


“It’s fine ‘cause you didn’t borrow any money…… I see, amnesia, eh…… No, don’t you think it’s a bit weird, thinking from that explanation? You remember your name, don’t you? In the first place, that is why I came back here.”


Ah, yes. Rail had come once in the noon too. He came back once again ‘cause he had a proper reason.


“When I was just about to leave the city, I was greeted by the elite guard squad. And when I thanked them for letting me know about ‘Eli and Kururun’s Blacksmith’ since I got to buy an excellent sword, they corrected me, saying that the name is ‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’. My surprise at that moment…… Being able to make such great swords and even calling yourself Kururi, I thought you might be the actual Kururi. And that’s why I hurried all the way here.”


“Ah, so that’s how it went. Actually, my name is taken from the blacksmith Kururi Helan. I took it on me with all my feelings to become a blacksmith who is better than him. And so, I am not him. Sorry. Eli, too, took her name from the little bit she remembers.”


“No, you’re him!! You’re Kururi Helan!! And she is Eliza Deauville. It’s a miracle! Is there such a miraculous naming anywhere else?! No way, normally!!”


Eli and I looked at one another once again.

Looks like we are thinking of the same thing. Is this a new kind of scam?


“When did you wake up? What are you guys doing in this land to begin with?”


“We woke up about 3 months ago, I think. Seems like a person called Moran carried us here.”


“Moran…… Aah, someone related to that rebellion…… If I am not wrong, that is the name of a man hired by the Helan house. So he brought you all the way here. But, why would he want to hide you guys… Why didn’t he tell us anything at all……”


This time, he started muttering to himself.

For a while now, there’s this difference in intensity between Eli and I, and Rail.

Us, who were so tired that we wanted to hit the bed for the day and Rail, whose head was boiling as he was trying to sort out his thoughts.

I can understand that he is giving his all and what not but Eli and I only have one thing in mind for him. We just want him to leave for the day.


“There’s no way he didn’t know how valuable you two are to the country. To the point they want you to come back right this moment. Don’t tell me, he had a scheme of his own?! No, that would be contradictory……”


Even if it’s a new kind of scam, I want it to be tomorrow. I really, sincerely think that. Eli and I just looked at Rail with a gentle gaze as he worked his head to its full extent. When you’re in this sort of business, it’s really hard to tell someone to leave. And so, this was our silent way of applying pressure. But it seems like it isn’t working at all.


“Ah, right! Kururi, that Moran person, did he not leave you two a message or something?”


“Ah, yes, there was one. Ms. Poly gave it to us. What was it again, ‘you two fulfilled your duty. I want you to live as you please when you wake up’–something like that, I think.”


“You two fulfilled your duty……”

As if to digest my words, Rail muttered the message we received from Mr. Moran over and over again.

And then, who knows where all his excitement went, he sat straight on the chair and calmly looked at us. And then also around the shop. And finally down to the cup of black tea that he drank. After looking around once, he smiled and nodded, as if he had come to terms.


“Are you two happy now?”


What is this question all of a sudden…… it’s a bit troubling, even if you were to ask that.

There are hardships when you’re managing a shop. There are also times when Eli gives me strict looks. However, the work I do is worth doing and it’s also fun. And even though Eli also had her complaints, isn’t she also satisfied with this life? If so……


“I want you to answer seriously.”


“I am happy, I think.”


“Ms. Eliza too?”


“I guess, more or less.”


Confirming Eli and my serious reply, Rail let out a huge sigh.


He is clearly hanging his head in depression. Eh? Are you sad because we are happy? What is this person? Just leave already!


“It might have been a mistake for me to have come here. Yes, going about your life like this might be best.”

It is a mistake–you coming here. So just leave!


“Kururi, do you know what I am doing right now, travelling to different cities?”


“You’re a doctor, right? You were the topic of the whole town.”


“Yes, that’s right. I became a doctor, which was my dream. Although I am still in training. But, that’s not the only reason I have been travelling around this country, corner to corner. There’s one more job I have, given to me by the prince. It is the search of Kururi Helan and Eliza Deauville, who disappeared 3 years ago after saving the Helan territory.”


Seems like that is us. Eli and I saved the Helan territory? I honestly just thought, what are you talking about? Where is this Helan territory? It’s definitely a remote region as I never heard of it.


“To be honest, I had given up somewhere in between. Prince Arch too. We had thought that the two of you might not be alive anymore. But, prince Rahsa and Ms. Iris never doubted it and kept believing. That you guys are still alive. And that’s why I kept searching……”


“Good thing you found them, huh?”

“Other people’s problem?! It really sounded like you’re talking about some stranger just now! I am talking about you two!”


“Ah, I see. Right. I just got carried away, as I really felt that you worked hard.”


“Haaa, but I guess it might be fine now. The words that Moran person left behind, I am feeling their weight now. I had never doubted that searching and confirming that you two were well would be best for the two of you but maybe opening up a blacksmith like this might be for the best.”


“It’s a good shop, right? We open in the morning and close when the sun sets. Ah, the sun has already set today, huh?”


“Are you telling me to leave!? You implicitly told me to leave just now, didn’t you?! Seriously, you don’t understand a thing. About the weight of the matter! I will stay tonight! I want to sort things out so I will definitely stay! I will not leave, okay!”


“Then you will be 3rd in line for the bath. Eli goes first, then me, and then Mr. Rail.”


“It’s okay?! So you will let me normally stay over!”


“Well then, let’s go eat something. It will be a pain to make something now, right?”


The talk had reached a conclusion for the time being so Eli started preparing to head out. Seems like she is also bringing my clothes.


“That’s too fast! You’re completely different from all your dawdling a while ago. You two were thinking about that all that time, weren’t you?!”


Exactly. But I will keep it a secret.


“Do you two have something you wanna eat?”


Coming back with my clothes, Eli asked the two of us about what we wanted to eat.


“I would like something spicy.”


I somewhat feel like warming up my body with something spicy before going to sleep.


“Umm, I would like seafood.”


Rail will have seafood, eh? I guess he does look like someone who would like refreshing food like that.


“Then, let’s go to that shop who serves soy milk stew today. With the ingredients being mainly pork and vegetables.”




“Why?! That has none of mine or Kururi’s request, though?! Kururi, why are you so submissive?!”


“It’s the usual, so”


“You have been dominated quite a bit, haven’t you?! Hey!!”

Now, now, that’s all fine. Hohhoho, soy milk tea, looking forward to it.


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