Chapter 111

“After thinking about it for a night, I have come to my own conclusion.”


You talking about the assessment of the soy milk stew from yesterday? It certainly had a complex taste. It is hard to assess it as either delicious or bad but to think about it for a whole night…… This guy is quite the foodie!


“By the way, I am not talking about the soy milk stew. You guys were very excited after that meal yesterday.”


“How did you know?”




After having the breakfast Eli prepared and relaxing for a bit, Rail asked the two of us to sit down because he wanted to tell us what he had thought about.

The chances were already low to begin with but it seems like he isn’t going to talk about the soy milk stew.

Last night, after having our vitality revived by the soy milk stew’s taste, Eli and I were talking intensely about its strange taste.


“It was my first time seeing two people have that much fun over just a stew. And it made me think, you guys have a very good compatibility.”


“Only during meals. Usually we only fight.”

Well, rather than fight, it’s just me being beaten one-sidedly but I will stay silent. Something terrifying might happen if I let it out.


“Back to the topic. After thinking about it last night, I have decided. That I will keep you guys hidden inside my heart.”

“Meaning, you will stay quiet to the prince, who gave you that job?”


“Yes, to both prince Arch and prince Rahsa. Of course, to all the other people worried like Ms. Iris.”

“Isn’t that neglecting your duty?”


“I haven’t received any pay so the right to decide lies with me! ……… right?”


Seems like he is quite serious. He probably thought it through last night. He has a refreshed expression today, because he decided that he wouldn’t tell anyone about us. A face that has come to a decision…… he also had a very good appetite in the morning.


“Well, I am fine either way. I don’t have any of it in my memory, after all.”


“That was quick. Are you not curious?”


“I am a bit curious but there’s a reason as to why Mr. Rail is going to stay silent, right? Then I don’t really feel like learning about it by force either.”

“I see…… And Ms. Eliza, you’re okay with that?”


He also asked Eli as she was coming this way while wiping her hands after cleaning up. She had probably listened to most of what he had to say while she was tidying up. Eli’s reply was also clear and simple.


“I don’t really feel interested in it.”


“I-I see…… Ms. Eliza also has an unexpectedly refreshing personality, huh?”


“It might be different if the prince himself comes here but surely that is not happening, is it? He would be a great customer if he came.”


“Ah, I see…… you’re strong-willed.”


Rail had a bitter smile on his face. You had been underestimating Eli’s business nature! Mine too but doing business with the prince is being too strong-willed!


“I just started feeling that you two doing business here like this might be for the best. We will not have anything to do with you anymore. At least, from us.”


“I don’t really understand but come anytime you like as a customer.”


“Right. I will do that. And this, I will give you something important.”


Saying that, he handed over one sealed letter.


“Inside, there’s a picture of you both. Whether you want to read this or not, it’s up to you.”


“Our picture……”

It better not be an embarrassing picture from the past!


“Yes. But, as Mr. Moran had said, you two have fulfilled your duty. It’s fine if you don’t read the letter and even if you do, I don’t think you need to feel any obligation. You two are free now.”

“Got it. I will read it if I feel like it.”


“Right. That’s fine. That much is fine. Well then, I made a racket and whatnot the other day, so I am sorry. Really, I will set out now then. No, I did find the two of you, so I guess my training journey will soon end. You two please be well.”


“Yep, got it. You too, don’t work too hard and fall ill.”


Eli and I got out of the shop to see Rail off.

Rail set out with a refreshing smile.

…… But, he keeps turning back over and over. He glances back a bit, walks a few steps and then glances back again.

How irresolute.


“Kururi! You really don’t have to read the letter, alright?!”


Rail said, after going a bit far.


“Got it! I won’t read it!”


“Really, really, you don’t have to read it! You don’t need to read it, even if it’s just a bit!”


“Yes, yes.”

It’s just him pretending at this point, isn’t it? He wants me to read it, doesn’t he?


“Well, what do we do?”

After we couldn’t see Rail anymore, I asked Eli beside me.


“He was acting like that so he probably wants us to read it. To be honest, now I am kind of curious about what’s inside.”


“Right? But even still, I was surprised. To think you were the real Kururi Helan.”


“Ah, that. I was surprised too. Eli’s real name is Eliza, eh? There really are these kind of coincidences, huh?”


“If you are the actual Kururi Helan…… we need to consider increasing the price of our products. What should we do about the publicity…? We also need to think about shifting the shop…… murmurmurmur…”


Eli is getting more and more ambitious!


We returned to the shop together and thought if we should open the letter or not.

Eli went to cleaning the shop after saying she will leave it to me.

I, for one, am pretty interested about what’s inside but it seems like she is not.

Hmmm, what should I do? I feel like I can’t back down if I read it. I feel like that after seeing how Rail was acting.


“Hey, Eli. Do you really not have any interest as to what’s inside this letter?”


As I called out to her, she stopped cleaning and turned towards me.


“…..I do have interest. Just a bit.”


“But aren’t you being quite relieved?”


“The right to decide lies with you, right? Besides, it was handed to you.”


“But you know, I want to think about this together, since we are living under the same roof. It also seemed like Rail knew us both so the stuff written inside here might be connected to us both too.”


“I guess that’s true. Then, should I say what I think?”


“Of course.”


“I am against it.”


“Why is that?”


“It’s surely nothing good. That Rail person didn’t take us back even though he knew us, you know? And even if he did, it probably wouldn’t have turned out well. For us or for them.”


“Hmm, that’s true. But he really wanted us to read it.”


“Right. And so, I assume what’s written inside is not good for us. That Rail person deemed that we would be happier here running a blacksmith, didn’t he? And so I am against it…… besides…”




Eli hesitated. Although just for a moment, I could see her cheeks redden.

She averted her eyes and continued with a low voice.


“This lifestyle, I like it quite a bit. I want to stay here, by the two of us.”


Ah, that. So she hid her face ‘cause she was embarrassed.

Hearing that, I also ended up smiling.


I am happy but also a bit embarrassed.

So she likes her life here……

We have breakfast together, open the shop, have a busy lunchtime and invite in customers till the sun sets. At night, although we don’t speak much, we have dinner together. After taking a bath, we both count our sales, day after day. With an unpleasant expression. And after that, we both fall asleep.

I see, so my life here is quite enjoyable.

When I think back on it again, Eli’s words sunk deep into my mind.


It is true that I want to stay here together with her. If I read the contents of the letter, I will end up losing this life. Eli is afraid of that. And so she is against it.


“…..I won’t read it. Let’s get rid of this letter. I also want to live here with Eli. This life is important to me.”


“I see…… Then I am counting on you for the cow’s sword.”


Ah, right. I didn’t do that yet.

To not have any regrets, I set the letter on fire. The paper immediately burned up and turned to ash.


With this, our past is lost.

We will just happily do business here, in ‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’.



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