“Ah, alright. Yes, yes. Why does he want to become the lord of the Helan territories? I wanted to ask that.”

“The Helan territories. I don’t know why you want to know that, but I will answer. It is an important place for the boss.”

“Important place? It’s not because the Dartanel family wanted it?”

“No. It’s nothing so stupid as that. That place… Yes, Nuno and Tristana are from there. Three years ago…well, you probably don’t know.”

Oomph. He thinks I don’t know anything now.

However, I had heard about it recently.

“There was some incident in the Helan territories, wasn’t there? I know that.”

“Oh, that’s a surprise. Yes, the people of Helan were suffering. That’s when I built the company. I made donations with the profits, and then Nuno and Tristana approached me. They wanted to work for me as a show of gratitude. Ever since then, they have continued to protect me.”

“That’s a nice story.”

“Isn’t it?”

The man in the coat laughed with a little embarrassment. I could only hear him, but I could tell.

Still, I learned something important.

The Gap company wasn’t trying to go against the Dartanel family. They had been helping the people who lived in those lands from a long time ago.

Then I had no reason to meet him now. I was sure that the people would be satisfied if such a man became the new lord.


“Thank you. Now, my purpose is complete.”

“It is?”

“Yes. I came to ask the motive for wanting the Helan territories. If your boss has no disgraceful intentions, then I have nothing to say to him. And so, I think I’ll just escape from here now.”

“Should you really be telling me this? What if I told Nuno?”

“Please don’t. We’ve become such good friends.”

“I suppose you are right. And I don’t have many people I can talk to, so I will save you the trouble. Alright, but wait a moment. I’ll give you some of these medicinal herbs. It will help when you have a cold. Just drink it. And if we meet again, let me know how it worked.”

“Why are you so secretive about doing this? You could have the others help you.”

“This is too fun to share with other people.”

“What the hell?”

The man in the coat was picking the herbs. I couldn’t see him, but I think that he was enjoying himself.

It was something that I thought about since he first came in, but he really likes medicinal herbs. In fact, he was touching them even while we were talking. And now the smell of the herbs was filling the entire room. He touched them every day, so I suppose the smell had soaked into his skin and was difficult to get rid of at this point.

But I liked people like that.

We would have probably become good friends if we had met somewhere else.


Well, unfortunately, it was time to make my escape now.

I created a blade of wind and cut my way out of the prison.

I had met someone nice in the end, and so these two days had not been a waste.


After I was out, I sensed a presence nearby. It was the man in the coat.

He took my hand and filled it with the herbs.


“You should grind it up and drink it. It’s a little bitter, but who doesn’t like that?”

“I guess so.”

Medicine is better if it is bitter. It makes you think that it’ll be more effective.


“Alright, I’m going now.”

“Be safe.”

I said goodbye to the person whose face I could not see.

He now moved to the far corner of the basement. He would continue to fidget with the herbs even after I escaped, I guess. He really loved them.


Before going through the door that led to the first floor, I decided to ask a final question.
“What is your name?”

“I…Tristana has forbidden me from saying it. But, I feel as if I can tell you anyway.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Don’t worry about it. My name is Toto Gap.”

Toto Gap… Wait? Wasn’t this company called the Gap company? Was that a coincidence?


“Are you related to the boss by any chance?”

“No, I am the boss.”

“Ah, I see.”

That was a surprise. So I was talking to the boss the whole time. I wish I could see his face, but I needed to escape. Hmm, I’ll give up on the face then.


“So, I can believe what you said about Helan, right?”

“Without a doubt. That was my true feelings.”

“I see. As a thank you for telling me your real name, I will tell you mine. I am Kururi Helan. I am a blacksmith. See ya!”


I opened the door and ran.

The other employees were shocked to see me, but I just kept running.

I knew that their boss was a nice guy, and I did not want to use violence against them.


I was able to go outside after running.

When I turned around, Nuno and a man in a hood were there. Perhaps it was the boss who had been in the basement.

But this was goodbye.


I used the small imperfections in the wall to climb up and waved at them with a smile.

Now, I guess I’ll go to the king’s castle next.



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