Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 115




I will admit it with honesty.

Eli is very cute.

After waking up without any memories, I was so taken by her beauty. I have met many women since then. And every time I think it. That Eli is the most beautiful in all the world. There is no one else who compares to her beauty. But I was too embarrassed to say such a thing in front of her. But sometimes, I think it. That there really isn’t another women in this world who is more beautiful than her.


But why am I confessing this?

It is because for the first time ever, I saw a beautiful woman who can compare to Eli.

Yes. Perhaps she did not exceed her, but she could without a doubt stand next to her!


It was when I had bought fruit from an old lady in the market and had just bitten into it.

I was wondering how I was to get into the castle. I went the day before, and the guard threw me out. With accusations of being a suspicious person.

Could I jump over the walls like I did when escaping the Gap Company?

But there was a big risk in doing that.

Of course, breaking in would mean that the castle knights would chase me.

Not only that. What if the prince was to ask me who I was? There was a possibility. In spite of what Rail said, it was still dangerous.


It was as I was thinking such things and wandering around, that an angel descended from heaven.

A large crowd had gathered, and so I had looked to see what the commotion was.


And it was then that I saw an almost unbelievably beautiful woman who was being escorted by guards. I was so shocked that I nearly dropped the fruit that I was biting into.

She was just as cute as Eli. No, Eli was still cuter. No, she really is just as cute.

“You seem to be really smitten.”

Uh, it was true. Some strange old man started to talk to me. He was one of the spectators.

“You know that it’s no good? That person lives above the clouds.”

“Really? She is a real angel!?”

“As if! She is the maid of the first prince. Her name is Iris. I have a painting of her.”

Would you like to see it? The old man asked.

I see. So that beautiful person is Lady Iris, who Rail was talking about.

Huh…so she really was that beautiful. And she was the prince’s exclusive maid. What an envious relationship they had.


If we really did know each other, I would really like to shake her hand. No, no!

If we really did know each other, maybe I can enter the castle if I speak to her?

I doubt it would work so smoothly. The guards are glaring at everyone, they would probably cut at me if I jumped out.


“Lady Iris often shows her face outside of the castle like this. She comes to listen to the voices of troubled citizens, as the prince is too busy.”

“Ah, how commendable.”

“Yes. Commendable. But she is too far out of our reach.”

Out of our reach, huh.

But the more I looked at her, the more that felt like the truth.

Oh, Iris was walking again. It looked like she would be moving away from here now.

The people that had gathered around her were now moving in order to allow her to pass through.

A clear path was made for her to walk.

Lady Iris would wave at the people as she passed them by.

Oh, she was looking this way now.


Maybe she would wave at me too… Damn it, I was just one of the spectators now.

But this was such a good opportunity.


Lady Iris was now very close to us.

Just right in front of me, so close that I could touch her. She smiled cheerfully and continued to wave.


Yes. She totally waved at me just now. I’m so lucky.

Damn it, damn it. I was acting just like these other old men.


Lady Iris moved on past us.

It was amazing. She was a commoner who rose to the prince’s maid. And now she visited the people whom she cared about. What a wonderful person. I was glad to have even gotten a glimpse of her.

Lady Iris continued to walk between the crowds of people. Her back became smaller and smaller.

And then she suddenly stopped.

It was like she had frozen.

Her back looked tense. Then her head tilted to the side.


Then she turned around so sharply that you could hear her shoes scrape the ground. Her guards were unable to react in time to this strange movement, and Iris moved away from them.

Iris dashed back to a certain spot. Right in front of my eyes.

“Hey, look. It’s Lady Iris. She is looking towards us!”

The nameless old man said loudly.

I knew that perfectly well. She really was in front of me.

We both stood very still and looked at each other in the eyes.

Woah, she was so pretty. I wonder if she would give me her address.

No, no, no. I can’t think such impure thoughts.


“La-lady Iris!! What is it!?”

The knights said as they came after her.

They saw that Iris was staring at me, and they cast me a suspicious glare.

Other people were now gathering to see what the matter was. But Lady Iris remained still. Eventually, everyone fell silent.


“What is your name?”

Lady Iris broke the silence.

Huh? Is she asking me? Me? Me!

“My name is Kururi.”

Lady Iris rubbed her eyes. Then she blinked wildly and looked at me again.

Then she closed her eyes again and started to furiously slap her cheeks.

“Lady Iris!? What are you!?”

Seriously, what was she doing!? Her poor, beautiful skin.


“Are you Kururi? Are you really Kururi?”

“Yes, I think I’m Kururi.”


She seemed to finally relax. Well, actually, it was more like her spirit left her body.

“Ah, aawawawawwa, so-someone!!! Seize him!!”

One second she seemed to have left her body, but the next, she was screaming madly and ordering that I be captured.

Everyone else was surprised at this, but the knights were quick, and they immediately came at me with drawn swords.


What!? Why is this happening!?

I pushed the nameless old man into the oncoming knights and ran in the other direction. I had to get away! I was being chased by armed knights.

“Hey, wait!”

I won’t wait! I pushed through the crowds and ran desperately.


Ultimately, I was able to run away. But wanted posters of me were posted all over the city.

I had a mantle that I used when coming to the royal capital, and I wore it to hide my face.

And so I was able to escape capture.


Still, why had the lady ordered for my arrest?

This question lingered in my mind.


That night, I stayed at a shabby-looking inn where I would be allowed inside in spite of covering my face.

I looked at the poster I had hidden in my clothes.


‘Wanted: Kururu Helan

Please come to the castle immediately. You will not be harmed. I just want to ask you some questions.

We request information from anyone who recognizes this face. Please do not hurt him!’


The first half was for me.

The second half was to the country.


You will not be harmed… Lies! Complete lies!!

I could see this trap from a mile away. This was the same thing as people who promise they won’t get mad!! Seriously, this was scary! The royal capital was scary!!


That night, I imagined who my true self was before I lost my memory.

I think of Iris’ face when she looked shocked and then tried to have me arrested.

And this was the answer that I came up with.


Before I lost my memory, I must have used my status as a noble to harass Iris, who was a commoner. That must be it.

And now that our statuses have changed, she wants to throw me into hell for all of my bad behavior!!

It will be the end if I get caught. I will be in prison for life.

They would find out that I escaped from the Gap Company prison, and so have a 24-hour surveillance team, no doubt.


This was bad, bad, bad.

I needed to escape the royal capital as soon as possible!





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