Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 116



Ever since that day when I met Iris, my wanted posters were circulated throughout the royal capital.

Not only that, but they were so serious that the contents of it were updated every day.


Sometimes it would be a message from Lady Iris.

Sometimes it would be a message from Prince Arch.

And then there were times it would be a message from Prince Rahsa.


What impressive acting ability on their part. They wanted to capture me so bad that even the names of princes were being used. Considering how much effort was going into this, it was clear that I would be shown the depths of hell if I were to get caught.


I spent days in a shabby inn after that. I was waiting for the commotion to die down, but it seemed that things were only getting worse.

I was in the kind of shabby inn that no one would want to stay at, and yet the posters were put up even here. And there was even a warning that I might be covering my face.

Through careful eavesdropping near merchants, I learned that the whole royal capital had been carefully closed off. Anyone who wanted to enter or leave had to go through a thorough inspection. And while I was the prime target, they were also using the opportunity to flush out any other troublesome figures. All you villains out there, I am truly sorry for inconveniencing you!

All because I harassed a lady.

Security was so tight that not even a rat could escape. And I knew that I would not be able to leave the capital. It would be suicide to even try.


And things only got worse from there.

I heard the news that the Gap company were working with the royal military police to catch me. Isn’t this a little too much because of some inappropriate behavior? No, it is Lady Iris we are talking about. Perhaps this degree of punishment is normal.

In any case, I had to run away.


Instead of dwindling, the number of posters increased every day. And they even added a reward.

It said that any who offered helpful information would be paid a hefty sum of money.

Shockingly, this wanted poster even added that I would be rewarded if I turned myself in.

One poster said that I would be treated to a feast. Another said I would be given gold. And this other one promised me a famous sword.

Damn it. They knew exactly what kind of things I wanted. They clearly had a brilliant strategist.


To be honest, I was at a complete loss.

I couldn’t leave the city, and I couldn’t enter inns.

I was running out of food. I was starting to give up and considering turning myself in at the castle.


However, something happened first.

In the main plaza of the city, Rail Rain was to be executed in that public space.


He was surrounded by knights and looked haggard with a sign around his neck.

“Kururi, come out now. Come out for me.”

The heavy sign read. He had been carrying it for the whole day.


Ah, how sad.

They must have found out that he had abandoned his duties by not throwing me out for my behavior.

And so I could assume that either Lady Iris or the Prince was having him punished.

I felt terrible. The important information he was keeping in his chest was now destroyed because of my thoughtless actions.

I’m sorry, Rail! One day I will repay you.


I wanted to return to Eli quickly. And I want to live a quiet life.

I will make up for harassing Lady Iris in the long term, but I just wanted to get out of here for now.


Of course, things were not that easy, and I was quickly discovered by the soldiers.

It quickly drew attention everywhere, and the soldiers banded together to chase me.

Of course, they had the advantage of knowing the area, and the situation became worse for me.

Before I knew it, knights riding horses and even small dragons with ash-colored scales started to appear.


Even when I climbed up onto roofs, I could not escape the eyes of the flying dragons.

“There he is!”

When I heard that excited cry, I knew that it was the end for me.

I was one step closer to a future where I was chained to a wall and beaten up by Lady Iris.


I jumped from roof to roof and continued to escape the knights by a hair’s breadth.

However, I finally reached my limits.

I had accidentally jumped onto the lowest roof in the area, and ten dragon-riding knights immediately surrounded me from above. If I jumped off the roof, one hundred soldiers would be waiting for me on the ground.


There was no place above. And no place below.

I knew that there was no good future waiting for me if I got caught. Then, I might as well go out in style, I thought.

I unsheathed the sword made of life dragon scales. Phew. It was actually rather romantic to go down with the last sword you made.


But perhaps they did not want to clash swords with me. One of the dragon riders descended to my eye level.

The knight was not holding a weapon. Maybe there was room to negotiate then.


“You are Kururi Helan then? Please listen to what I have to say.”

“I will listen. But I don’t know if I will agree.”

“Thank you. Lady Iris, no, this entire country wishes to greet you into the castle as an official guest. And so, would you please come with us without resisting?”

Greet me as an official guest? This pervert?

Stupid. Impossible.

It’s a trap. This is a trap. No harasser would be invited as a guest.

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