“What is my crime? Surely a knight would know?”

“Crime! We were instructed to ensure your complete safety.”

I see, so they want me in tip-top shape for torture? You have extreme interests, Lady Iris.

I might have to hurt myself if it comes to it.


Still, there was yet a chance to escape, if I could defeat these 10 knights. I didn’t want to kill good people, but I would make up for this as well on a later date! If I remember to!



I dash forward and slash at the knight who was in front of me.

He instantly tried to control his dragon and escape into the sky, but the dragon resisted unexpectedly, and he was unable to move.

He then went for his sword, but by then, my sword was already at his throat.

Of course, I had no intention of killing him, and only used the flat of my blade.

The knight was hit hard enough to knock him unconscious, and he fell off the dragon.


Yes! I think I could win this!?

I immediately grabbed the reins of the dragon.

I tried to ride the dragon like I would ride a horse, but…it wouldn’t move. Did this really control differently than a horse!?


I kicked its sides, but it did not react. In the meantime, the other knights had made a tight circle around me. Not only that, but I could see that soldiers were climbing up the building.

Bah! Move! I swung my sword threateningly and only then did the dragon finally fly.

I nearly lost my balance, but realized that it was indeed similar to a horse once it was in the air, and I was able to regain my balance.

The knights surround me. It was good and well that I was in the air now, but the air around me was not open space.


I desperately swing my sword around. Come and I’ll cut you!

However, none of them charged towards me. It wasn’t because they were afraid of casualties.

All of them had lost control of their dragons. And an opening was created in front of us. The circle had broken for some reason.

And I was not going to let such a chance pass me by, and so I flew out from that gap.

These dragons had a lot of speed.

I was quickly far away from the building I was just near. I already looked quite small.

Phew, I escaped public execution then.

This dragon would allow me to escape the tight security of the capital. The disaster had turned into a blessing. I was so thankful to this dragon.


As we flew, I thought back on the sudden change with the knights.

There was one possibility I could think of, I mean, it really was the only possibility.

I looked at the life dragon sword I was holding. It was when I swung this sword that the dragon finally obeyed me, and then the other dragons had followed my will over their riders.

It was unexpected good luck, but I was going to make the most of it. I would figure out the reason for it later when I had time.


And so I continued to fly with the dragon under the warm rays of the sun.

I could see the edge of the royal capital now! There was the strict inspection station. It had nothing to do with me, now that I was in the air.


Ahahaha. Viva, my escape! …or so I thought.

But something was wrong with the weather.

It had suddenly become cloudy.


I was scared but looked up.

Woah!? This is the worst.

There was a dragon flying way up high that was at least twice the size of the dragon that I was riding. I was sure that there was someone controlling it.

The huge dragon had red scales and easily caught up with my dragon, which was flying at top speed.

And with the harsh sound of cutting through the air, it moved in front of me as if to block my path.


As I had thought, there was a rider.

But there was something different about this one.

It was something like refinement. A noble and dignified person. That is what I thought of in an instant.

And also young. I knew it when I saw his face. All of the knights had been older than me, but this man was younger.


“It’s been three years. Brother, I looked for you long and hard.”


As if. How could I have had such a noble-looking younger brother?

I’m sorry. I’m a terrible older brother. Your brother is now doing all that he can to escape from his crime of harassing a girl.

“Brother, do you not remember me? It’s Rahsa!”

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember you. Besides, we don’t look alike. Did we have different mothers? But your brother is busy now, so let me go. It will be horrible to get caught now.”

“Brother, I have so much that I want to talk to you about. But for now, there is absolutely no chance that I will let you go! Please allow me to capture you!”

“No! I don’t want to be crucified!”

“What are you talking about!?”


I was through with talking.

I swung my sword at the dragon of this man named Rahsa.



The blade swooshed noisily in the air.

Huh? What!? I thought this opened paths through dragons for you… That’s weird. I guess some dragons were immune!

I quickly changed gears and controlled my own dragon to dive down under the belly of the red dragon.

And then I accelerated and shot forward.


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