“I see. That’s a possibility.”

Iris grumbled something like ‘Even though you’ve forgotten about us, you haven’t forgotten about being a blacksmith, huh?’ while staring at the sword.

After being struck there, I could say ‘sorry’ with deference.

“The dragons are creatures who are given a specific rank at the moment of their birth. Perhaps the dragon whose scales were used to make this sword was of a higher rank than that of the ones that the knights were riding. But I wonder if it was the same rank as my dragon, or another unknown rank? The reason behind it obeying your sword’s command might be connected to that.”

Thank you for your eloquent explanation. Maybe that’s it.

If we consider that, then one thing comes to mind.

“Rahsa, your dragon is different from the others, isn’t it? Its appearance, size and speed are different.”

“That’s correct. That dragon is a special one.”

“It’s one of the best Ride Dragons in this country.”

One of the best, huh? Certainly, it was giving off such an imponent aura back then. Its speed is top-notch, and it did not yield at all before the rampage of two fully armed men.

That dragon being one of the best of this country could only mean that there are many dragons like it in Princess Crossy’s country, where it originally came from. You can be sure to expect as much.

“What other kinds are there?”

“There are five confirmed species in the Kudan country.”

As if it were perfectly okay to casually carry such a thing with him, Rahsa had pulled out a tightly written book and showed me a passage.

There are five species currently confirmed.

Starting from the lowest ranks, the first one is the Gray Dragon. I stole one of those from one of the knights the other day.

Next is the Black Dragon.

The third one is the Yellowscale Dragon. By the way, I think that Reil has one of these in his possession.

Number four is the Bluescale. Notable examples of this variant are Iris’ and Prince Arc’s Ride Dragons.

And then, at the top of the chart, the currently confirmed to be the best species: The Redscale Ride Dragon. There is only one of said species in the entirety of the Kudan country, and it is the mount of Rahsa Kudan.

By the way, typically one would put the color of the scales before of their name when referring to a dragon.

In this country, the Red Ride Dragon is Rahsa’s signature possesion.

“As a feature of the Ride Dragons, each person is assigned to a pair of dragons to serve as a foundation. Those who succeed at the special knight exams are granted an egg from that pair. The egg will hatch after being carried on said knight’s person without fail for approximately one week. It hasn’t been confirmed as a rule yet if the person’s own ability has any say in the outcome, but the color of the newborn dragon will differ from person to person.”

“And that’s why your dragon is a Redscale, right?”

“That’s correct. Back then, I was quite confused, because it was the first of his species. It’s been one year since then already.”

That’s so amazing! I want one! I want one of those Ride Dragons…!

“Recently, even the noblemen have started to acquire Ride Dragons. It is now customary to base one’s social status on the dragons one possesses.”

“The aristocracy sure enjoys such things, don’t they?”

“That they do.”

I had no knowledge of things so widely spread across the Kingdom’s capital such as this. The price of having been asleep for three years is quite steep, isn’t it?

“Could I take that special exam myself?”

“That will not be necessary since it’s you, brother. Let us prepare an egg at once.”

Just because it’s me? Is it okay to do that? Will your fellow knights not resent you for that? Imagine if, as soon as I get my dragon, they do something nasty like not letting me feed it out of spite!?

“That’s right! I received an egg specially for you, Kururi, from Princess Crossy herself two years ago! Without a doubt, it was intended to be your dragon!”

There’s more? What’s with this special treatment? At this rate, my dragon will get bullied by other dragons of the same generation as him! I will protect you, you… Ride Dragon I have yet to meet!

“Was there such a thing? Well then, I will fetch it at once!”

Since there are many servants, it would seem appropriate to use them. However, both Iris and Rahsa looked like the kind of people that wants to do things for themselves.

‘I will fetch it at once’ he said, but this castle is considerably big. Will Rahsa be okay on his own? How big is that egg anyway? He said that the egg should be carried on one’s person without fail for a week… I suppose its size should be pretty reasonable…

After waiting for a little while, a slightly covered in sweat Rahsa returned while carefully holding an egg. The white and sturdy looking egg was big enough for Rahsa to hold it with both hands.

That’s a good size.

“I almost dropped it on my way back!”

Said Rahsa with a laugh, but hey! That’s not funny!

“Do I have to carry such a big thing on me for a week?”

“Here, use this special belt. Let us wrap it around your body, shall we? Do you want it on your back side, or over your stomach?”

Is that a question to be making with such ease? Which one would be best?

“Well, how about on the back side? That way it will be easier for me to move.”

“Understood. I’ll tie it down now, so please stay still.”

Rahsa fixed the egg on my back so that it would not slip out and fall.

I look like a father who’s rocking his baby!

“Good! I have said all I wanted to say, so why don’t we go out?”

Like this!? This is heavy, you know?

I didn’t want to make them worry about my shaking legs, so I suggested that the three of us go fishing. They crossed their arms and agreed, but is it really okay? Oh, well.

By the way, there were many people in the castle who were carrying eggs on their backs, just like me.

Oh, you too, huh? What a friendly look you’ve given me.

…When it’s born, I hope I can be friends with my child.


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