Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 119

I’ve been having a great time with Iris and Rahsa these past few days. I’ve been eating so many delicious meats and sweets as if there were no tomorrow.

They’ve told me that in the past, I used to eat up huge piles of all sorts of foodstuffs, so I wonder how many shops did we use to visit regularly?

Since I have no memories, I can’t say I have anything to answer to that, but I know I don’t have a stomach big enough to eat up huge piles of all sorts of foodstuffs. That’s a fact.

Speaking of other things, the egg on my back has started to move, and it’s making sounds.

Although some people feel they are okay being by themselves for many years, they may find themselves emotionally moved with this kind of changes. I can’t wait for it to be born.

Is this kind of laid-back lifestyle okay? As these anxieties crawled up on me, Prince Arc had made his appearance.

Since Iris and I were getting fairly closer to each other, I was grabbed by the shoulder and drawn a bit farther away from her. After that, Prince Arc went straight to the point.

“Honestly, Iris and Rahsa, you both sure are reckless.”

“But Brother here has returned to us, didn’t he? I intend to continue doing this for one more month.”

One more month!? This is bad. Eri is definitely going to be mad at me for having to open the store too much by herself.

“That won’t do. This fellow here has many things to do in order to get back to the Helan territories.”

“Is that so? Well then, after that’s done, let’s go play with Rahsa and Kururi again.”

Hey! Nothing’s changing what Rahsa said!

But I’m happy with the fact that I’m being welcomed to that extent.

“Good grief… Next time you’re going out to play, invite me too!”

Aha, Prince Arc! So you’re human on that side as well!

I thought that you were just taking things too seriously, but it seems that there are such concerns in your mind, huh?

“Well then!”

With a snap, Prince Arc pointed his index finger at me.

“There are some people who have to see you from now.”

“Okay, let’s go meet them. Before that, though, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“This egg, will it be okay if I keep carrying it for the meeting?”

We seem to be going to meet some rather important people, so I had to make sure properly.

“It’s not particularly a problem to me. To be carrying an egg with you is not considered a discourtesy now. Iris was carrying an egg with her during our wedding.”

Well, how about that.

“Wasn’t that inconvenient? We could wait until next week if need be.”

“Don’t mind that. I really enjoyed getting this present for you, so let’s celebrate.”

Somehow, from those words alone I could understand that the Prince and Iris’ romance is not quite exactly an unwavering thing.

Surely he must have gotten me something very expensive, right? If that happened, I might even reject it.

Hohoho! I can almost imagine that happening.

“So let’s go meet them at once. First is Toral Helan.”

“Toral… Helan? Could it be…?”

“That’s right. He’s your father, and the current lord of the Helan territories.”

Surely this person has abandoned the management of the Helan territories.

Moreover, even though he is in the city, he hasn’t come to meet me until today! I’ve been gone for three years, haven’t I? I wonder if that’s not reason enough to come flying out of worry.

I became very anxious instantly. Just what kind of person is he?

“Toral is currently staying at the royal castle.”

He’s at the royal castle! And he hasn’t come to visit me yet!

“What is he doing here? I have a bad feeling about this…”

“Toral is very reliable.”

Walking in front of me and guiding me to my father, Prince Arc said that with confidence.

Huh? Is he really a nice guy? How?

After a long walk, we finally arrived at a room with a small door.

“According to his wishes, Toral has been always working here”

“What kind of work is it?”

“Oh, he’s the court painter now.”

As Prince Arc opened the door, I could see a handsome middle-aged man inside the room.

The room was littered with paper. The man was holding a worn-out painting brush with his paint-stained hand.

“Hmm? If it isn’t Prince Arc! Are you here on an errand?”

“In a way, I am. Here.”

Prince Arc pointed at me.

The man introduced to me by the prince gave a fleeting glance at me and smiled while raising his hand.

“Well, if it isn’t Kururi. It’s been a while.”

… That was it.

Really? Is that all you’re going to say?

“Is something wrong with him?”

I secretly whispered into Prince Arc’s ear.

“He is a strange person.”

“Be sure to visit your mother next.”

Are you for real? It’s as if it had been three days since we last met! I’ve been gone for three years! Three years!

“He does give off that impression, but his talent for painting is impressive. To have a newfound talent at his age is truly wonderful.”

“No, no, I mean, what about the Helan territories? And he’s painting here? Aren’t the Helan territories going through difficult times?”

“He’s just that kind of person.”

He placed his hand over my shoulder as if sympathizing with me.

How was my relation to this father of mine before I lost my memories? For now, I have no idea.

“He has also painted Iris’ portrait. The paintings that appear on the market are all but copies of Toral’s work”

“Huh? Impressive.”

Nah, I’m being tricked here.

This guy is not impressive. He’s a phony! He’s on par with the average useless person!

“Toral, we spoke of this the other day, but would it be all right for the title of lord of the Helan territories to be handed over to your son, Kururi Helan?”

“Yes, of course. Kururi, if you want to make another hot spring, let me know. We’ll go for a soak.”

Look at that. He’s so cheerful, it’s like he’s living in a completely different world.

“Well, please sign here.”

“All right.”

He signed with the same brush he had been using for painting a few moments ago. It had been barely noticeable, but I had a feeling that he had done so with great skill and speed. It was somewhat annoying.


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