Poobe wasn’t a ride dragon who flew with its wings, instead, he flew by sucking in air.

Amazing, this is too good!

After floating for a while, he seemed to have gotten tired of it and came slowly landing on top of my head.


It seems he likes it here.

Poobe wasn’t as heavy as he looked. In fact, he was extremely light. It felt as if I didn’t have any burden on my neck.

And it also seemed like he took quite the liking to my head so I didn’t have any reason to hate it either.

“I am counting on you, alright?”


It seems he also feels the same. Good thing he’s so docile.

There are tons of merits in having a ride dragon interact with another one so after Poobe had settled down a bit, we had him meet with Rahsa’s red ride dragon and Iris’ blue dragon.


These dragons are huge—Poobe was astonished.

There’s a rank to the dragons but it looks like he is also not normal in regards to that. All the dragons are supposed to prioritize Rahsa’s dragon’s orders more than anything else as it is of the highest rank but Poobe didn’t listen to him at all. On the other hand, Rahsa’s dragon, Infu, also didn’t listen to Poobe.

The dragon society is ranked vertically but Poobe was born into this world outside of that line.

“It somehow feels like normal that this is your dragon.” said Rahsa.

“In fact, it would be weird if a normal dragon was born under Kururi.” Iris added.

What’s with that image?

Either way, I somewhat felt good that I got a nice dragon.

“In emergencies, every dragon comes under my direct control. However, if the enemy has a higher class dragon, the situation gets immediately overturned. Aniki, your dragon doesn’t fit into that so it will be really helpful in those situations.”

And so, I had also ended up accepting future jobs. It would be best if such a situation doesn’t occur. In fact, only the knights and nobles are allowed to have the eggs so it is hard to imagine that something like that will happen. But, you never know. We will be counting on you then, Poobe.

My life at the capital was really nice.

I had come outside the royal castle.

Poobe was riding on my head. Iris was beside me with her ride dragon, Rain. And Rahsa was also behind us with his ride dragon, Infu.

And in front us was a man wearing a coat and a long hoodie.

“Do you remember me? I came rushing when I heard you were embarking on a trip.”

“Toto, was it? Gap company’s boss?”

“That’s right but… you still can’t remember anything of the past, huh?”

“Hmm, it’s kinda impossible.”

“I guess it’s fine. I will be going to Helan territory soon. Let’s develop new kinds of medicinal plants like we used to then. The ones you produced are really selling well.”

“Oi, you’re sending some of the profits to the Helan territory, right?”

“Haha, of course. If you make more new stuff, let’s divide the profits in half. That was how it used to be.”

Like before, it is easy talking to him.

It seems he’s also quite friendly with Iris seeing how casually they greeted each other.

“Alright then, we will be going. Good luck with your work.”

“You too. I think there’s a ton of work in the Helan territory.”


After a handshake, I got on Rahsa’s ride dragon.

Iris and Rahsa were ready to take flight.

And with a loud noise, Infu began moving his wings. His huge body took to the skies.

Poobe also seems to be happy to feel the wind.

I looked down at Toto from the dragon. He was energetically waving his hands.

When I turned to look at the royal castle, I found Rail and prince Arch seeing us off from the window.

Well then, capital, I will be returning to where I belong.

And so, Infu flew, heading towards ‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’.

“This might be a bit late but why are the two of you coming along?”

The two didn’t just see me off, they were accompanying me to Helan territory.

“Well, I am like your younger brother so you can make me work as you please.”

Although he says that, he is supposed to be the supreme commander of dragons in state of emergencies, right? Well, there are rarely any emergencies so I guess it’ll be fine. I will return Rahsa when everything settles down in Helan territory. We have the ride dragons, we can come back anytime we please. We are living in such an era.

“What about you, Iris?”

“I will get rid of your anxiety source for you.”

Anxiety source… I immediately understood she was talking about Eli.

Eli likes the smithy. It’s kinda embarrassing but it seems that she also doesn’t dislike living with me.

Even still, I am now heading there to pick her up.

I need to ask her to come to Helan territory with me.

Would she mind? It seems Iris will take care of that for me. She might have some kind of a plan, seeing how confident she looked.

Dragons weren’t really common in the place where we woke up. And so the people were astonished at our sight, soaring in the sky.

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