“Ah, on top of that thin lane. There, before the 3 statues!”

“I see it. What are those?”

Hohoho, that’s something you can look forward to.

Iris and Rahsa both were surprised seeing the pig, raccoon and cow statues which had a sword on their hips.

Fufufu, you can never forget this shop now, can you? It’s one of Eli’s clever plans.

Iris, Rahsa, and I got off the ride dragons outside the shop and peeked into the window.

It seems Eli is talking to a customer. She was taking detailed notes. That’s probably a customer who wants an custom-made sword. As I am not there, she is taking thorough notes. Uuu, I am sorry, for leaving the shop for so long.

“As you can see, Eli likes her current job quite a lot. Can we really take her?”

“Leave it to me!”

Iris claimed, tapping her chest.

Seeing her finish talking with the customer, we entered the shop.

Seeing my face, Eli smiled. I also smiled back.

“I am back.”

“Ara, you haven’t forgotten about the souvenir, have you?”

“Of course not.”

I gave her the stuff I bought in large quantities at the capital. She just said ‘you really have no sense’ with a small voice but still smiled.

“Ah, are these two customers?”

Eli finally noticed Rahsa and Iris’ existence. It seems she was only looking at me and didn’t pay attention to the surroundings, which is quite unlikely of her. So cute.

“Oh my, and there’s also a cute creature on top of your head!”

It looks like she also noticed Poobe only now. How narrow did your vision get? Eli embraced Poobe. I felt pleasant looking at them. I am glad she likes Poobe.

“Eli-san, it has been a while.”

“Eliza-san, it really has been a while.”

The two started speaking to Eli.

“Ah, I think this is the first time we’re meeting, though…”

“I will explain that later. More importantly, Eli-san. I will be going to Helan territory with Kururi now. He will become the Helan territory’s new landlord. It’s unfortunate but the shop needs to shift. Eli-san, what will you do? Will you stay here? Or will you come along with Kururi?”

Eli looked a bit confused with all this sprung on her all of a sudden.

Talking about moving as soon as we came back. It would be weird if she wasn’t perplexed.

“I will be helping Kururi with his work. I will be beside him all the time until things settle down in the Helan territory.”

“Beside…. him…?”

A sharp glance came stabbing me. The glint in her eye is terrifying.

“Who is this woman?”

It was a question directed at me but Iris was the one who answered.

“I am Kururi’s previous woman.”

Eh, really?! Is that true?!

“Gnnnn, I will also go. I will go to Helan territory or wherever! Kururi Helan. You’re my belonging!”

She declared, pointing her index finger at me. I thought I was supposed to say stuff like that but I guess it all worked out.

So this was Iris’ plan. Previous woman.. I am really curious to know whether that’s true or not.

Eli was feeling this burning rivalry towards Iris but Iris just seemed really happy that they met again. I could tell from their conversation. Iris only replied with a smile to whatever Eli said. And so, Eli was also taken aback after a while.

We had to close down the shop.

We were all busy tidying up. It would be nice if I can open the shop in Helan territory.

At the end, I ended up giving all the swords to Barol-san. I decided to have them sold at his shop. I also gave my farewells to everyone who helped us out here—Poly-san, Barol-san and Riot. Riot seemed really sad but his rivalry towards Rahsa also helped him regain himself.

I also bid farewell to this land.

The city from the sky appeared to be filled with grief yet it was beautiful.

At the Helan territory, my return was announced one week ahead.

They didn’t really expect me to come flying in on a ride dragon. As I landed at a marketplace near the mansion, I was immediately surrounded by the people.

There were people who didn’t even know how I looked like but word spread quickly and the day was celebrated with a big banquet.

I felt it weird sometimes about being welcomed to this extent.

But I came up with a conclusion soon.

Before my memories disappeared, I probably did what I had to do. And so, I shall do the same this time as well.

Next morning.

I entered the mansion made just for me and sat down on the landlord’sss chair in the office room.

I glanced at Rahsa and Iris, who were sitting on the adviser seats. They both looked really determined. I am thankful for it. I am thankful to have such great friends. Seems like my partner was sleeping on top of my head. He had been saying he liked my hair the best this morning as well. Eli had no intention of helping around with the work. She was now doing the laundry. ‘It is my job to support this house!’–she was full of motivation as well. I am counting on ya, Eli.

I will probably have a ton of work to do from now on. I wonder how I handled it before? I guess it doesn’t matter. That’s the past. I have to live in the present.

“Now then, let’s get to work.”

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