Botsuraku 121

Let’s talk about what happened after I returned to the Helan territory.

I was being wholeheartedly welcomed for the first few days and felt kind of itchy being complimented of things that I have no recollection of. That was the how the first week went.

But such feelings soon disappeared. As the top management were absent in Helan territory for a while, a ton of work had piled up and even with Iris and Rahsa’s help, we had to work through day and night for days.

There were also a few times when I had fallen asleep on the desk after working so much. And when I woke up, I found documents which needed my approval stuck on my cheeks with my saliva too. The people are probably looking forward to these documents being approved… I wonder how they would feel if I return it with approved with my drool. They would definitely think that the landlord is slacking off!! I moved to phase destroy evidence. I held up the documents on top of the fireplace and desperately tried to dry off the drool. But, although it did dry, the part where the drool was got all wavy and the texture there changed. I desperately tried to fix it by stretching it. I thought I was using just the precise amount of force but with an unpleasant sound, it happened. I could understand what it was even without looking.

And just when stricken by despair, more trouble came flying my way. The fire in the fireplace scattered for a moment and caught the document. It had just gotten dry. I just watched as the fire spread with momentum. ‘Hot, hot’ — I finally let the document go and took out the fire by stepping on it. I heard a sound behind me—the sound of someone approaching… I quietly stepped on top of the ash to hide it. I better polish the flooring later on.

“Aniki, you’re early even though you worked so late through the night.”

“Well, yeah. We have a boatload of work. It’s worth doing.”

“As expected of Aniki! The ideal landlord!!”

It was as if his hurtful words pierced through my chest.

Would an ideal landlord destroy the evidence of a burnt document? No, he wouldn’t!!

Well, I’ve already done it so it can’t be helped. In short, it would be alright if I just restore it.

Hmm, I wonder what sort of approval that document was seeking? If I remember correctly, I recall that I had dozed off before reading the document… That is bad, I can’t even forge the document then, can I? Ah, wait a minute, I think I remember the name of the applicant. I have a strong feeling that the name had “yama” in it. What could it be? I feel like it’s right there but I just can’t recall.


“Aniki, please don’t start the day by pondering about stuff. Eli-san is cooking a delicious breakfast, so let’s think about this after eating.”

“I guess we could do that.”

I felt Rahsa’s words made sense, so I decided to listen to him there.


When I reached the mansion’s living room, I found a vegetable-based breakfast lined up on the table. I could see Eli in the kitchen at the back busily finishing up the remaining cooking.

The table was a round table. I requested for this table since I can look at everyone’s face this way. My people made it for me. If I remember right, the guy had “yama” in his name… wait a minute, isn’t that the guy whose document I burned?! Ah, who was it again?


“Kururi, you’re thinking too much in the morning again.”


Iris came in late into the living room, still looking kinda sleepy. She also stayed in Helan territory and is helping out by doing the work till late at night. I’m very grateful for her existence.


“If you have any worries, you could discuss with us, you know?”

Saying angelic stuff as she sits on the chair. That really helps.

“Well, it’s not exactly a worry but I was just wondering what the name of the guy who made this table…”

“Nnn, I feel like it was a “yama” like name?”

“Right! I also remembered up to that. But after that…”

“Ah, I also somewhat remember the name. It was a name which gives off a very majestic “yama” vibe.”

So Rahsa also remembers that part, huh? Majestic “yama”? That’s no good, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting to the bottom of this anytime soon.

“It was Sanmya-san.”

Eli said, putting down the last dish on the table.

A smile appeared on everyone’s sleepy faces. Ah, that’s a “yama”. That’s majestic. I don’t feel like I will forget it any time soon. (TL note: the ‘yama’ kanji can read as yama and san).

“Now then, let’s eat.”

Eli precisely sat between me and Iris, extended her gratitude for the food and started eating.

Eli’s cooking is really delicious. I have an appetite even when I am not feeling well. According to her, it’s because of the love she puts into her cooking. It seems love is delicious. And it goes with anything on top of that. It might be something like mayonnaise.

Eli is supporting this mansion by herself like this. As of now, she is handling all cooking and cleaning around the house. I do plan on hiring someone soon but in this state, it would be hard to find someone trustworthy. She says it isn’t a problem so I left it all to her for now. Once the work settles down a bit, I should give her as well as Rahsa and Iris something as a token of my gratitude.

“It looks like we’ll be able to get done with the mountain of documents by today.”

I spoke of today’s plans while having some salad.

“Right. I think we will be done by noon. Once that happens, it will finally be your opportunity to display your skills.”

“Display my skills?”

That sounds kinda suspicious.

“Till now, we have only been looking at requests from the people or the requirements of the land. But after this, you can finally do what you want to. It’s fine if you make it like the Helan territory before or make it flourish with even fresher ideas. It’s all up to you, Aniki. I believe your people will surely cooperate with you properly.”

It’s one those—those things that really put pressure on you. Even though I am having salad, my stomach feels like it had just had some deep-fried food.

“It will be easy for you, Kururi.”

Iris’ follow attack also reverberated in my stomach.

“That’s true, this person can do just about anything.”

And as Eli’s words hit a critical spot, this conversation is done here.

After finishing breakfast and saying goodbye to all the pile of documents, our workload had eased up quite a bit.

The gloomy atmosphere in the office these past few days was also blown away. Maybe the light flowing in from the window helped with that as well.

I glanced outside through the window.

I could see Poobe there, having grown to 2 meters tall by now. He’s my partner, born from a ride dragon egg I got at the capital. He’s a different kind of dragon—one which flies by sucking by air to float his inflated body. In days like these with dazzling sunlight, he mostly floats in the sky all day. I also heard the people are using that as a way to forecast the weather as well, saying it would be sunny all day if they see him like that.

Since Poobe went to the trouble of coming down to land, it’s probably that.


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