There, Eli went outside the mansion with loads of Poobe’s favorite food. Poobe gets food by himself sometimes but he also likes to get food from Eli as well. He isn’t bound by any laws. Quite a free dragon, I would say.

Now then, I should stop looking elsewhere and start with the work.

And while working like that, time went by real quick and before I realized, it had been time for people to come visiting the mansion. Eli generally deals with the visitors.

The visitor just now is Lotson-san.

He’s a very capable person who had been working in the Helan territory even before my memories disappeared. He had refused to come back for a while but I was stubborn and pulled him back. And now he’s busy working.

“Landlord, good morning.”

Having come all the way to the office, he greeted politely as always.

“Good morning, Lotson-san. The documents will be done by today. With this, we can relax for a bit.”

“Glad to hear that. I am in awe by your work, landlord.”

“Thanks. By the way, Lotson-san, would you happen to know the address of a person named Sanmya?”

After pondering for a while, Lotson-san replied with a yes.

“Sanmya-san, the carpenter, yes? If you plan on going there, I could note down the exact route on paper and give it to you.”

“It really helps when you are this fast to pick things up.”

Lotson-san is a person who is working as my limbs. And he knows a lot about the people too so he’s quite popular. He’s quite the capable person who is very friendly.

After finishing off the last of the papers, leaving Iris and Rahsa behind as they wanted to rest, I went to Sanmya-san’s place to visit.

By riding Poobe, who was floating around happily, I was able to drift to Sanmya-san’s place real quick. I use drift here since Poobe’s flying doesn’t really feel like flying. It feels like he is doing nothing and is just being drifted by the wind but the direction is accurate and he’s much more faster than one could tell. Poobe is a dragon with hidden high performance. He’s my pride.

Having reached the destination, I got off Poobe’s back as he lowered the altitude and went in front of Sanmya-san’s house.

The people there were surprised to see the landlord suddenly visit the place. I am sorry for that.

I knocked on his door. His house was nice—made of wood and getting good amount of sunlight. The door was also done really well. As expected of a carpenter.

“Yees, who is it?”

And the person who came out was short in height and a bit wide to the sides, about 40 years old.

“Hmm, aren’t you the landlord?”

“Yes, that’s right. Can I come in?”

“O-of course!”

I was welcomed into the house cheerfully and his wife also gladly welcomed me inside. It seems my reputation is quite good. I felt bad again for drooling over the document and ending up burning it.

“Now then, landlord-sama, what brings you here?”

The husband asked as soon as the wife came and served tea.

“Umm, it’s that, that. The document you sent. I came to talk about it.”

“Ahh, I am very sorry you went through the trouble to come all the way here. I would have gone myself if you had just called.”

“It’s okay, there’s no need to be so upright. Even I want to go out every now and then. I also have Poobe with me so going about the vast Helan territory isn’t a pain either.”

Although I say that, my biggest motive was the guilt of burning the document.

“Thank you for your consideration. As I thought, was that request a bit unreasonable?”

…..what do I do?

“It’s not that. I thought it was a good idea.”

“I-is that so?! Haha, I talked about it quite a lot with my wife and my friends. And that if it’s this, then Kururi-sama might just accept it. I am kinda in charge of the carpenters around here so I was worried if I will be able to bring them good news. Haha, really, I am so glad.”

This is bad, this is really bad. He completely thinks I accepted it. Even though I don’t even know what it’s about.

“Now, now, don’t be hasty. It is a good idea but I haven’t approved it yet. I have come personally like this, I would like to hear about it in more details.”

“Ahh, I am very sorry for that.”

The husband said with a bitter laugh and the wife just nudged him saying, ‘geez, you’. And me, who is in cold sweat!

“It all started when you returned here, Kururi-sama. As one would think, there are a lot of youngsters looking up to you. And we couldn’t take in that flow and momentum so we asked you for assistance.”

This is bad, this is so bad. I can’t guess what it’s about at all.

Looking up to me? Do you mean like when I am riding Poobe or something? It’s impossible if you’re talking about increasing the amount of ride dragons. That’s not a good idea at all.

“About how many people look up to me?”

“I don’t know if all of them are serious or not but in total, there are about 300 of them.”

300 people?! Oi, oi, exactly what do you plan on doing? I can’t see what this is about.

“I am not sure if I will be able to prepare goods for all 300 of them…”

“That part won’t be a problem. What’s important is the skills and if we craftsmen gather them then I don’t think we will be lacking.”

Skills are important??

Looking up to me, 300 people, and skills are important.

Ah, this is that. They want to be a blacksmith, eh? I think it would be more accurate if I were to say they want to be a craftsman. That’s definitely it. The swords I created, the Kururi series, are quite popular in this country. I mean, they also call me the legendary blacksmith after all. I guess it can’t be helped if they look up to me then.


“Wh-what happened, so suddenly?”

Nah, you know, just that I now know what you’re talking about and that the fact people look up to me kinda tickles my heart.

“You’re saying 300 people want to become craftsmen?! And that you, the person in charge of gathering them talked to them?! And that at present, there’s no facility nor money to accept them?! And that’s why you applied for it, huh?! You wanted an environment to increase the amount of craftsman!”


He had the look saying ‘what is this, after so long?’ but I can’t help but feel happy.

“Alright, I have decided! I will make this Helan territory a paradise for the craftsman. That’s right, in this Helan territory which has abundant resources, it is easy to count on that. But that’s not it. If you’re a man, you would want a job! Sanmya-san, as of this moment, I appoint you as the grand person in charge of the plan—Turn Helan Territory into a Paradise for the Craftsmen! Raise the young ones, train them! And then construct, a production kingdom! In 10 years time, behind all the products in Kudan kingdom, it will be written ‘Made in Helan’!”

“Ha, hahaaa. Thank you, very much, for this huge role!”

“I shall use my knowledge, human resources and wealth. Now, let’s proceed!”


The husband and the wife looked at me with glittering eyes. They probably see Helan territory’s future behind that.

But, that aside, there’s one thing I need to tell them.

“Well then, about the application, write it again with all these and send it over.”

“Application? Ah, yes….”

“Well, I will be counting on you then.”

Now then, I was able to deal with the burnt document with this and was able to devise a plan for the future. My Helan territory’s future is bright.

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