I wholly welcome business competitions. Whoever wins, if we profit from it, then that’s all that matters. In the end, the better medicine will win. I feel like Gap company will win here as well, since they won in the capital.

“That’s what I wanted to bring up, foo. We won’t compete, foo. I want you to make it such that only Fonteyne family can sell medicine here in Helan territory.”

So it came out, eh?

“And why is that?”

I guess I will hear his reasons at least, for what it matters. Although I am sure it is not going to be anything good.

“Of course, it’s because our profits will increase more if we monopolize it, foo. Medicines are indispensable. If they can’t buy Gap company’s fake ones, Fonteyne family’s true medicine will sell more. We can also keep increasing the price more and more, foo. After all, they are indispensable, foo. It will definitely sell, foo.”


I ended up letting out a sigh involuntarily.

And then, I stood up from my seat. I walked close to a window in this hall. I could see the carriage Alegraden used to ride here. Exactly how much did he spend to make such a luxurious carriage? And the numerous gems all over his body. Are those also bought using the method he just spoke of? It’s most probably so.

“Alegraden-dono, if I do as you say, it will surely bring an unpleasant outcome.”

“What are you talking about, foo? We will be able to earn, without doubt, foo. I will hand over 30% of the profit to you, foo. No, if you let me monopolize other fields as well, I will let you take 40% of the profits, foo.”

“That’s enough. Let’s end this discussion here.”

I declared, without even turning to face him. It’s time to end this. I will have him leave.

“Are you stupid, foo? How can you not understand the profit, foo?”

“You’re the one who’s stupid here. That’s why you lose to Gap company.”

I have done it now, foo! I ended up talking back as him calling me stupid ticked me off. I didn’t see his face but it’s surely filled with anger. Then I shall not see it at all. The scenery outside is worth looking at 100 times more.

“Fofofofo!! I am angry now, foo. I had heard that Helan’s landlord is wise but what a false rumor! I will teach you a lesson, foo.”

“Teach me a lesson? About what?”

“I had my private army ready to go to war against Gap company, foo. I will direct them all to you instead, foo. I will have you atone for angering me, foo.”

“Oho? Is that a threat?”

“That’s right, foo. I will forgive you if you retract your decision.”

Yep, that really ends this discussion.

I turned around and exchanged glances with Lotson-san, who was standing beside the door.

It seems like he properly understood my intention. Lotson-san opened the door and made all the servants leave.

The atmosphere of the room was tingling.

The only ones remaining in the room were me, Lotson-san, Alegraden and 3 of his subordinates.

“You dare to threaten me…”

I said quietly and slowly started walking. I walked up to his subordinates and gently put my hand on the shoulder of one of them.

“Do you have the same view as well?”

“O-of course. I have sworn utmost loyalty to Alegraden-sama.”

I started walking yet again. I did the same with his other subordinate.

“You too?”

“There’s no doubt!”

It’s a pain so I didn’t confirm it with the last one. I slowly started walking again. Only the sound of my footsteps reverberated in the room. Alegraden and his subordinates’ faces were filled with tension. Lotson-san was completely calm.

I walked up all the way to Alegraden, who was sitting on the other side of the table, and slowly declared to him.

“It will be a pain to have a private army directed at me.”

“Mmm? Right?! That is exactly true!”

“And so, let’s omit the bothersome stuff. I will have you 4 killed, right here and now.”


I am glad you’re surprised. That’s what the acting was for, after all.

“I don’t like being threatened. And what really ticks me off is being threatened by the people who are conceited that they are strong.”

“Stop it, foo. Just try laying a hand on me, I will not let you off, foo!”

Alegraden shouted. His subordinates also stood up in agitation. Their spirit of protecting their master is wonderful.

I looked around the room.

What should I use to deal with these guys?

The chair? Hmm, doesn’t feel right.

Tablecloth? That will be cruel.

The knife used for eating? It’d be a waste.

I looked at a corner of the room.

There were 4 jars there.

That’s right, those were made by the craftsmen who are making the craftsmen city. From what I heard, these were made by the newcomers. They weren’t of such a good made but after remembering that Eli wanted something to decorate the flowers, I told them I would take it as a commemoration. Although it hurts me to use it differently than what it is meant for, the perfect size of the jars troubled me.

The holes in the jars were perfectly the size of the 4 heads in front of me.

I guess I will execute them with those.

I slowly walked to the jars and held one.

“I will start with your subordinates.”

I held the jar with one hand and approached one of his underlings.

“Do-don’t come any closer! I am an expert martial artist, you know!? You will get huuurttt—aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.”

I covered his head with the jar.

He was wriggling on the floor, trying to take it off.

“Let’s move on.”

I turned around and went to take the second vase. After holding it, I looked at the other underling. I gave a small grin.



I had all his underlings get into the jars. They suffered in agony on the floor.

“S-such actions won’t be forgiven, foo. I have many connections in the capital, foo. Even to that Dartaniel family, foo. You won’t be left alone if you lay a hand on me, foo! Aaaaaaaaahhhh”

The last extremely fat head also disappeared into the jar.

“What will you do? Eli-sama will be angry if you kill them here.”

Lotson-san said something extremely scary with an utmost calm expression.

“Well, it’s fine. I will let them off the hook today. This will probably act as a good demonstration for fools who try to say the same thing.”

“Then let us stuff them into their carriage and send them back. Their bodily fluids are leaking out of the jars so I shall do it quick. After all, Eli-sama will get angry if it gets any dirtier than this.”

“Right. I could have dealt with this a bit more peacefully had they eaten the potatoes Eli made.”

I left the rest to Lotson-san. He’s not only smart, but also strong. Before long, he carried all 4 of them and threw them into the carriage. He whipped the horse once and the carriage left the mansion at once.

Lotson-san and I saw them off.

“Did I go a bit overboard?”

For what it matters, I asked him, my close associate.

“No, no, there’s no way Kururi-sama’s action can be wrong.”

“Really? I thought you would find fault in it.”

“With this, the annoying flies will probably stop coming. It might have increased your enemies but they are worthless compared to you. More importantly, leave these trifling matters aside and listen to the people’s requests.”

“What’s that? I did see all the applications, if that’s what you’re talking about.”

“It’s something that shouldn’t even be requested. Everyone is eagerly waiting for you to make the hot springs again. They are waiting for the return of the ‘Young Hot Spring Noble’.”

“Excuse me?”

While I was still dumbfounded, Lotson-san brought a shovel, for some reason. And had me hold one.

“Now then, let’s go.”

“Excuse me?”




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