Botsuraku 123

With a slightly more expensive copper shovel on my shoulder, I lead 200 of my people. They all have some sort of tool with them. We will be starting a big work now.

However, unfortunately, compared to the liveliness behind me, my eyes were lacking in spirit.

We don’t really need 200 people to dig hot springs. But the people were dying to dig hot springs and so after a lot of them gathered up, we had a lottery draw to select 200 to follow me. They were jabbering noisily behind me. There seems to be youngsters who are messing around as well.

“Make sure to not fall behind.”


I like this in-sync response, though.

It seems I was a pro at digging up hot springs before losing my memories. I am not really sure if there’s a pro or amateur at that but considering the fact that Helan territory got rich by that, I am guessing it probably isn’t an exaggeration to call me a pro.

And since now I have come back, it seems they think it’s only natural to first revive the hot springs. And I, who had no way of knowing that, had been neglecting it all this time. But finally, their hot spring fever boiled up and erupted.

Such passionate opinions were delivered to Lotson-san, who thought it couldn’t be held off any longer and half forced me to carry a shovel.

I really don’t like this. I wanna go back already. What do I not like? Well, it’s not like I don’t like heavy labor. In fact, I am probably better at those. And it’s also not like I am busy with other work. What I don’t like is my people’s twisted conviction that if I dig, there will 100% be a hot spring source there.

There’s no way that’s possible if you think of it normally.

I learnt about hot springs a bit but this is impossible. Impossible, impossible. There’s no way I will find a hot spring. No way at all.

It seems the craving towards hot springs was also present when prince Arch was ruling. However, the work he did wasn’t quite well received by the people. It’s because he didn’t dig up that many hot springs. Looking at it objectively, the prince’s ruling period was wonderful. It wasn’t anything extreme but he contributed to the land’s development steadily by building up the base. On top of that, he also had dug up hot springs to a certain degree. But even then, it seems the numbers were low compared to before.

I mean, that’s also natural.

It was absurd back then.

It seems I was the one to pull that off but unfortunately, I don’t remember any of it.

I can’t help but think I had some sort of special knowledge. But I don’t have it anymore. If so, there’s only one conclusion to this.

…..We won’t be able to dig up any hot springs!!

It’s truly regrettable. Even I do want to dig it up if possible. But reality isn’t so nice.

These guys will also probably disappointed for some time. Well, time will surely also heal that.

What I need to do today is not desperately try and dig up hot springs.

I need to tell them. That the man who dug up countless hot springs is no longer here.

Let’s just diligently progress as we can. The craftsman city is also coming along nicely. Isn’t that enough? After all, a different path is waiting for the Helan territory.

After walking a reasonable distance, we had reached the wastelands.

It was an unusual sight for the Helan territory, which is filled with life. Even in this territory, where most lands are covered with greenery and flowers, there’s a place like this. I jammed in my shovel into a cracked portion of the dried up land.


The group behind me were perplexed.

They had been replying in unison all this time but even they were confused.

The sun shined on the dried up land. Even weeds wouldn’t like to grow on this land. You can’t even hear any birds chirping here. It wasn’t even a land suited for crop fields so there was no one living nearby.

I had decided to dig up this land, which was hated by everything.

Of course, they would have doubts. Will a hot spring really gush forth here?

And naturally, there’s no way that’s happening either.

I know that best. But it’s no good if I am the only one who knows it. I have come here today to teach them. That I no longer have the ability to dig up hot springs.

“We will dig here.”

I took the lead and started digging.

thud thud

Sound of copper grazing with dried land reverberated. The people also reluctantly continued after me.

Where did all that energy go?

Everyone’s movements are dull except me.

I can’t mop up their painful feelings but this is fine. This is fine.

I just kept on digging. Probably because my body is used to digging, my speed was much faster. I had already gotten far enough to completely bury my torso. I don’t need a hidden skill like this, though… Well, I guess it’s fine, I was getting closer to my original objective either way.

That was how it was supposed to be… supposed to be but… hmm? It was the moment I thrust in the shovel into the hole I had dug. I feel like the area underneath me just started shaking a bit. The hole was big enough to cover me completely.

And then, immediately after, a sound could be heard from the land….

A few of the people around noticed the sound.

“What was that just now?!”

A few others came rushing. They looked down at me inside the hole.

Oi, oi, oi, don’t tell me… don’t you tell me that…

“What was that sound?!”

“Sorry. It seems my stomach grumbled a bit. Do you guys wanna have lunch?”

“Ehh, we just started, you know?”

Of course, they wouldn’t be satisfied. They weren’t hungry nor was it time for lunch yet. But, it’s just that, I have this bad premonition… If I were to go on like this…

“Well, that’s fine, isn’t it? You heard the sound just now, didn’t you? Our landlord is that hungry, it wouldn’t hurt to eat lunch a bit early.”

“Haha, landlord-sama, did you have breakfast properly? I guess it’s fine. Then, I will go tell everyone!”

That lively youngster went around and told everyone about lunch.

I also came out of the hole to have lunch.

It was just when I had gotten both of my hands on the ground. It shook again.


It is probably my imagination.

I will try climbing up once again… this isn’t good, it’s definitely shaking. It isn’t my imagination. I held my head.

I can’t get out of the hole!!


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