Not getting out of the hole after suggesting lunch myself?! There’s nothing more unnatural than that.

Now then, what to do?

I am probably acting as the lid here.

There’s no doubt that the moment I get out of the hole, the shaking will continue and the noise will spread. And then, the blessing of hot springs will await us!!

Hmm? Isn’t that fine? No, no, no, nope. I was this close to falling for a trap.

I do not have the ability to dig up hot springs. It was just a miracle this one time. What’s important today is to tell them that I can’t do it so actually doing it won’t be good.

Yep, I am in an extremely difficult situation.

As I was worrying in vain, that previous lively youngster came back, peeking into the hole.

It seems he found it weird since I didn’t come up. That’s only natural.

“Landlord-sama, everyone’s waiting. We can’t start eating if you don’t come.”

“Ah, start eating without me. Right, I will have my lunch here so could you bring my lunch box here? I want to confirm the geological features of this land a bit more.”

As I said that, his face lit up.

“As expected of landlord-sama! To think you were thinking of hot springs even during lunch! Even though it’s only normal to not want to think about anything during break. But you are even thinking about the geological features? This is how prodigies are made, huh!”

“…..Well, yeah.”

Is it just me or is he agreeing with me a bit too much? Sorry, I don’t have any interest in geology.

He immediately went and brought the lunch box. Fortunately, he went back to his group soon after. I couldn’t have moved if he stayed. I mean, if the ground shook every time I raised a leg, surely he would find out.

Even if I have lunch, I wouldn’t get any closer to the fundamental solution. After all, this doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get out of the hole.

However, I mustn’t panic either. I will gladly become the lid today. I will slightly increase my weight by having lunch and will resist. You know what? The hot spring will also probably stop feeling like gushing out if I stay seated here for 2-3 hours. After all, feelings are mostly fired up temporarily in this world.

This hole is quite narrow to have lunch. I guess I will extract the shovel for now.

I pulled it out and put it on the surface. With this, I can sit down.

The lunch box was made by Eli. After settling down, I opened up the box. A sweet-smelling scent spread throughout the hole from the vivid contents inside.

“Such intricate cooking from the morning… thanks, Eli.”

I expressed my gratitude and started eating.

The flavor spread throughout my mouth…. but at the same time, something spread throughout my butt as well…. Uhh.

I desperately sharpened my senses and realized what had just happened.

My butt—on my right butt, to be more precise—a large amount of water is there.


This place is weird for a leak. And I don’t have any experience of suddenly having my right butt sweat this much. I mean, it would have been troublesome if I had but I don’t have such a characteristic body.

….This position. It’s the portion where the shovel was inserted. And it’s just underneath my right butt.

Shaking, noises, and now finally water, eh?

Even though the surface was that dry… There’s no way. I mean, nothing’s impossible but no, still, this is impossible.

Cold sweat wouldn’t stop flowing down my forehead. I don’t feel like eating my lunch anymore. I am afraid of even a little movement at this point.

Only time passed by.

After lunch was over, the lively youngster came to me again.

I wonder what he thought after looking at my serious face with the half-eaten lunch box on my hands.

“Landlord? Are you not feeling well?”

“I just feel a little bad after being exposed to the sun. I will be fine if I rest a bit.”

“Then please come to a cool spot. There’s a shade there.”

He extended his hand to bring me out.

“No, this hole is fine. I like it here.”

Of course, I rejected his hand.

“Even if you say that, you have been digging vertically so the sunlight will hit you altogether, you know?”

“This much sunlight is just perfect.”

“Even though you were feeling bad after being exposed to the sun?! What kind of a physical condition do you have?!”

“Explaining would be a bit hard. Now, now, go back to work already. Ah, right, digging up a different place might be good.”

“We can’t do that. We will continue digging with your spot in the middle! Now then, I will get back to work!”

After giving a refreshing big smile, he left.

After a while, I could hear their lively voices around the hole. They were going at it at a good pace.

Sitting like this inside a hole is quite difficult so I tried lifting my waist just a bit to change my position but the shaking, the noises, and the water came gushing out at once. I immediately sat back down.

Now my whole lower body is wet.

Are you telling me I am not permitted to move anymore…?

It’s over. It’s all over.

…After a while, I made up my mind.

But first, I will finish up Eli’s lunch box.

I was also reaching my limit as it was getting warmer underneath.

I hurriedly stood up and crawled out of the hole.

“Everyone!! Run!! Boiling water—the hot spring will start gushing out!!”

I started running, all my people started running and with a grand sound, the whole area started strongly shaking.

Before we could go far enough, large amounts of water came gushing out from the hole.


And before I knew it, the dried up land and the men’s skin was sprinkled on with water.

The gushing water formed a high pillar. We kept gazing at it in wonder.

Ah, would you look at that, it finally came gushing out.

In large portions as well.

If maintained, it will become a wonderful hot spring spot.

The people were hugging each other in joy. It was an unfortunate miracle but I guess seeing their smiles isn’t so bad.

But it’s still a fact that I don’t have the ability to dig up hot springs. I should let them know quick.

I grandly celebrated with them that day but decided to go to an even worse place the next day.

And so, the following day.

“Oh, would you look at that—”

Moving on, the next day.

“Ooohh, would you look—”

And so, after another day.


And like this, a few days passed by.

Today as well, a pillar of water came gushing forth as if it was only natural. The water scattered, making a warm pour. I wasn’t even surprised anymore.

This is no biggie. It seems that I actually do have a skill to dig hot springs. This is definitely a level you would call pro.


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