That guy the other day. His name was, Alegraden Fonteyne, if I am not wrong? That extremely fat noble.

“Oi, which one of you is sent by Alegraden Fonteyne? I will fight them properly.”

No one answered.

I guess there’s no idiot who would give away their client’s name, huh?

….Or don’t tell me none of these guys are sent by him?

“Oi, do you guys have pride in your job?”

All of them glared at me as if to say that that was only obvious.

“Then, let me wear my pants. Even if I were to die, I wouldn’t want to be naked.”

“That would be convenient for us as well. It would be best to fake it as a death by drowning.”

The man at front said and drew the blade on his back.

Oi, your actions and your words are completely different. Didn’t you just say it would be best to fake it as a death by drowning? Why is it that I feel you’re completely fixated on using the sword?!

The man gave off bloodlust. That’s troubling. I want to wear pants.

“Wait. You will die if you take another step.”

I stuck out my hand to stop the man.

“A bluff….?!”

Without finishing his sentence, the guy came rushing in. However, he slipped on the marble surface and hit his head hard on the floor. To think this guy would be the first one to hit their head in this hot spring…

Since he stepped with a lot of force, he also fell with the same amount of force. Unfortunately, he won’t be waking up anytime soon.

“Who’s next?”

Although I wasn’t wearing pants, mysteriously enough, I felt quite strong.

Leaving my back to the hot spring, I spread my hands.

“You all have a certain situation you guys are good at, right? A rainy day, a sunny day, a windy day. It seems you guys are good at quiet pitch black nights. Do you know what situation I’m good in?”

They all looked tense.

“It’s when I am submerged in the hot spring. You probably thought you would attack me while I am relaxing but how stupid of you all. This hot spring is exactly my field. You aren’t thinking that that guy unconscious over there is because of an accident, are you? You fools.”

I could hear a mutter, “you don’t mean…”.

“Exactly! It’s no accident. Everything’s in my control!”

So, please, let me wear pants.

Unfortunately, none of them responded to my intense persuasion and drew their blades.

It seems the pressure made them all the more fired up. To think my actions to wear pants would light a fire in them.

I guess I have no choice when it comes down to this.

If I don’t want to die, I better fight naked.

Just when I was about to resolve myself and rise from the hot spring, I saw a shadow towards the mansion.

“I didn’t want to think so but… assassins… It seems I was right in bringing a sword along.”

Along with a quiet voice and silent footsteps, Rahsa appeared with a sword.

“I had a bad feeling so I brought your sword too, Aniki.”

Maybe to soften the tense situation, Rahsa said so while smiling at me.

I want pants more than a sword, though.

“Well, you can rest easy. After all, I alone am enough for opponents like these.”

Rahsa drew his blade. An overwhelming bloodlust ruled over the area. I had sparred with him once in the capital but to think he was this good… Glad he’s an ally.

“The sin of pointing a blade at Aniki, unforgivable. But rest assured, I will keep one alive. I need to ask some things, after all.”

Rahsa accelerated.

In a moment, he closed the gap to his target. All he had to do now was launch his drawn blade into the defenseless stomach of the target but…


Accelerating was good and all but being unable to stop abruptly, Rahsa got entangled with the assassin he was about to cut.

I mean, the marble floor is very slippery. Not to mention it’s also wet now.

After doing that for about 3-4 times, Rahsa became serious.

He stood in front of me and declared.

“We win if I can protect Aniki. Hm, there was no need for me to attack first.”

It would have been cool if you did that from the start but I guess it’s fine. It’s fine as long as I don’t need to fight naked.

And the situation played out just like Rahsa said. Since the assassin side wanted to get the job done as soon as possible, they had to get rid of Rahsa since he was blocking their way to me.

Skillfully figuring out their foothold, the assassins made their move. And Rahsa kept countering.

Rahsa is supposed to be more skilled but the fight was surprisingly dragging out.

“Sorry, Aniki. It feels like my body is a bit heavy for some reason… Please enjoy the hot spring for a while longer.”

Your body feels a bit heavy? You, don’t you notice the pleasant sound of water making waves in your stomach? You drank too much water! A swollen stomach and a resounding sound. Exactly how many glasses did you drink?!

Rahsa’s belly was all swollen up and the fight was taking longer. And just when I thought it was about time for me to abide my shame and fight as well–

I spotted 4 shadows on top of the wall. For a moment, I thought they were a new group of assassins but I was soon proved wrong.

Even while I was looking at them, Rahsa was desperately fending off the 9 assassins’ attacks. That series of attack and defense which seemed like it was going to continue forever came to a sudden end.

For some reason, the 9 assassins’ movements stopped.

Not for some reason. I could very well see why. Their bodies were tied up by iron wires.

Like a small bug stuck in a spider’s web, they couldn’t fight back.

“We’re extremely sorry for being late.”

The four shadows came beside me. I know these guys.

They are called the Spunky Diamonds. What’s there to hide? It seems I was the one who gave that name. I can’t believe it. I feel like there was something wrong with my head before I lost my memories. They were 4 siblings with an iron ring wrapped around their heads.

They are a group of chivalrous thieves who would do anything at my order. It seems they were a group of assassins at the capital before, but after losing in a fight with me, they became my retainers.

“No, good job.”

After all, I was this close to fighting without my pants.

It will be fine as long as they apologize to Rahsa for using him as a distraction till they laid down the traps.

“Hmm, these guys sure are stupid. To think they would try to assassinate Kururi-sama who has the best former-assassin squad under his command.”

The younger sister of the 4 said to the assassins.

That’s true. I would like these guys to stop assassinating as well.

“Now then, let’s extract some information from these guys.”

But first, let’s wear pants.


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