Botsuraku 125 

Interrogation of the 4 assassin groups began at morning.

Of course, we did it underground. They were probably trembling in fear since they weren’t able to tell the time there.

It will probably reek of blood so I told Eli and Iris to stay upstairs.

…..But… they still came.

As such, I began the interrogation with the 3 of them, including Rahsa.

“Now then, why are you assassins after Kururi again?”

Iris was the first to ask a question. The 10 assassins were tied to chairs. None of them took the initiative to open their mouth.

Again, eh? I have had assassins after me before too. And those guys had a splendid job turnover after failing to assassinate me. They are working as a chivalrous thief group at the capital now. In fact, they also have a fan club.

“Oi, talk.”

The eldest son in Spunky Diamonds smacked the assassin at left. And immediately, they started talking meekly, unlike when Iris asked.

“I am sorry. We were hired by the Dartanel family.”

To think he would even spill his employer’s name so easily, how obedient.

“Again with the Dartanel?! It seems their fate with you is still continuing.”

What fate? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Exactly what happened in the past for them to send assassins the moment I get back?

Although it seemed like he had a stomach ache when he saw me at the capital… Was that the current head’s son?

“We had kidnapped the current head of Dartanel family and took away all his belongings at hand the other day as an activity of the chivalrous thieves.”

Seeing us perplexed hearing the Dartanel family’s name, the elder son of Spunkymond started explaining. Spunkymond…. I ended up shortening it. Will I end up getting close to them like this? It is worrying.

“It seems there was proof of an illegal deal with him at that time. Thinking that it will be bad if that comes to light, they probably sent assassins right away.”

“And that’s you three, eh?”

I gazed at the 3 at the left. it seems they were more or less strong but not a match for the Spunkymond.

“Even still, you’re being quite obedient, huh? What exactly happened last night?”

“Well, it’s that.

The 2nd son of Spunkymond answered with a smile.

“I am good at stuff like this, you see. I let them know, thoroughly. The difference between us, that is. And our position as the Spunkymonds. And at the end, about the person standing above us. Yes, about master Kururi. I courteously taught them these.”

Where exactly am I standing then? Also you call yourselves Spunkymonds as well, eh?

“Since humans are smart creatures, when we are done, they understand that they can’t really go against the top. These guys only understood that instinctively. The ones who stand above them are their noble employers at the capital. However, we, the Spunkymonds, can rampage without caring about their authority. Instead of the nobles at the capital, we are at the top of the pyramid. And it’s master Kururi who rules over us. They have a vivid image in their heads of who exactly is at the top of the food chain.”

Stop it~ Don’t brainwash them~ Top of the food chain? I don’t go around eating people. I would just be getting diarrhea if I eat those fat nobles.

“W-well, I guess that’s fine. Next. Who were the next 3 hired by?”

“We have come from Ammirale kingdom. Our employer is the strong family, Salman, from the south.”

Yep, there it is! The impossible other country threat!

Ammirale kingdom is that one, isn’t it? The one where my former school friend princess Chrossy rules and whom Vain followed?

Why a group of assassins from there?

“Did you say Salman? Why would he send assassins after me?”

“He did say something about having animosity towards you from before but he said the main reason is that your existence will become an obstacle when he advances onto Kudan kingdom. I am sorry, I do not know the details.”

Yep, there it is again! Another enmity I have no recollection of! You can’t really clear off debts of the past easily, huh?”

“Advance, you say?! This isn’t just a matter of Aniki anymore.”

It had turned into something that the royalty Rahsa couldn’t ignore. Is an influential person of another country trying to pose threat to ours? Then it’s a serious matter.

“It seems that this also has a connection with the Dartanel family.”

The three sons of Spunkymond said.

“You had the proof of an important deal, was it? Did you bring that to Helan territory?”

“We are bringing it here as we speak. You will be able to see something quite interesting later.”

I keep getting surprised by the Spunkymonds’ work. Aren’t you guys working a bit too much?

“Dartanel family thinks I have gotten hold of a proof of an illegal deal. Salman thinks I will be an eyesore when he advances onto Kudan. On top of that, he seems to have a connection with Dartanel family.”

For now, I tried summing it up.

The eyesore part really irritates me. I have nothing to do with that, do I? I could have seen their point if they sent an assassin after an important person of the country, like prince Arch. Please send one.

Well, putting that aside, as we have to wait for the Spunkymonds’ proof, let’s get on to the next two. Exactly who else is out there hating me?

“Then, the next group. Who is your employer?”

They promptly started answering my question. Glad the brainwashing is working so well.

“We are assassins sent by the Talon family who govern the harbor city. It seems that there was an increase in pirates lately, causing them problems in business. While searching for the reason behind this, it seems your name popped up.”

“No, no, no, I don’t have any connection with the pirates. Definitely not.”

I glanced at Iris and Eli’s face and they too were in confusion. Rahsa also looked like he didn’t know what this guy was talking about.

I have confidence in this. It’s not like I lost my memory or something. I am innocent!

“It seems that is not the case. The pirate captain seems to have received a prophecy. ‘Kururi Helan is the source of power. Divide the assets taken from Talon family into three. Use one portion for yourselves. Use one for the citizen. And give the last to Kururi Helan when you meet him. If you protect these rules, everything will surely go well.’”

Rahsa and Iris’ gaze was hurtful. I don’t know anything about this!

I have no connection with the pirates.

“They say that the pirates have stored up quite a lot already.”

And that’s all for me?! No, no, no, I can’t accept it. Really. Really….

“It seems the Talon family has decided to get rid of you, the cause of the problem, rather than fight with the pirates who have gotten stronger. Such was the setting behind sending us.”

What a nuisance to people!

I am completely innocent regarding this. What is this source of power? I don’t know of it!

“Next! You’re the last. Why did you come here?”

I closed in on the final assassin a little roughly than the others. It’s just me venting my anger.

“I am an assassin from a different country. It’s a small country called Pursur where fortune-telling is very popular.”

“Well? Why is such a country which I never heard of coming after me?!”

“Ah, yes. Our country values the Kudan kingdom’s state of affairs very highly. And we have hugely relied on fortune telling to know of it but it has stopped working from a certain time.”

“And that’s my fault?! Ehh?! What?! I don’t know anything about that. I have never even done any fortune telling!!”

The interrogation continued. I am completely venting my anger at this point. I was so close to the guy that our foreheads would clash any moment.

“Well, you could say you’re the source… From a certain point, when we tried predicting Kudan kingdom’s situation, your face started coming up. Your angry face, stupid face, and even sleeping face. Your grinning face has quite a bad reputation.”

“What?! Is that really my fault?! Isn’t that the fortune teller’s fault?!”

“No, no. Our country’s fortune telling is really amazing. There are a ton of amazing fortune tellers. However, no matter who does it, your face comes up. I am also somewhat good at it and your face comes up even when I do it. It was a close-up of your nostril but I could tell it was you from your hair color.

“Stop getting close-ups of my nostril!!”

That’s probably not where I should be biting into but oh well.

I am definitely not at fault for the pirates and the fortune telling. Definitely not.

“I mean, you did get rid of the few-hundred-years-long curse over Helan territory. Something weird might be happening to your body.”

Iris was weirdly convinced, for some reason. Stop it, stop it, please. Let me stay in the human side.

“Ah, that reminds me, that other time, something interesting happened. Kururi was drinking water from a glass but before I knew it, the contents of the glass turned to grape juice. He himself didn’t notice and I wondered if I saw wrong as well. But it really was grape juice. This person is quite strange.”

Here comes the assurance from Eli! Water turned to grape juice?! What kind of a miracle is that?!

“The moment Aniki touched my shoulders, my stiffness in them…”

That’s definitely a lie. Rahsa, you… you’re just piling it up now, aren’t you?

“Ah—yes, that definitely happened!”

“Me too!”

Are you for real now?! Iris and Eli too?!

“In other words, it is probably like this. As a result of you destroying the curse, you probably got a hold of inhumane powers. The people who try to cause harm to this country are bothered by your existence and the fortune telling of this country is blocked by your strange power. However, it is also probably your strange power’s characteristic to abuse it like with the pirates. What is this?! Aniki, are you okay?!”

Rahsa said it himself but then was lost again. Now even I am confused.

“I think I am okay…”

“For now, try turning water into grape juice again!”

Iris seems to be having fun too so I guess I am okay.

And like that, when the interrogation ended in the afternoon, we performed an experiment to see if I can turn water into grape juice.

They were more excited than I expected and I got goosebumps when it actually turned into grape juice. Wait a minute… I might be going down a very weird road.

Ah, by the way, the 10 assassins became my new servants. I wonder if there are other nobles who have this many assassins under them? If they don’t, then their reputation isn’t really that high, is it? That’s what’s been bothering me these days.



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