Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 126



The items that Spunkymond had confiscated while disturbing the Dartanel transaction was brought in front of the mansion.

It was so big that it had to be carried by a large wagon that was drawn by four horses. You could tell at a glance that this was no light matter.


A number of trustworthy citizens helped carry all of it from the wagon to the mansion’s storage shed. As it was tightly covered with cloth and rope, its contents were not visible. However, there was the faint smell of iron, and the hardness of it seemed to suggest some kind of weaponry.

I let the people go as soon as they were finished moving everything. It seemed that even they understood that it was something dangerous, but I couldn’t show them any more just yet. We had to decide what to do with it first.


And so I untied the ropes myself and pulled off the remaining cloth.

What appeared before my eyes was a weapon that looked like a large canon. However, unlike a canon, it had lots of small barrels, instead of one large one. There were about twenty of them around a cylinder and they were welded to it very neatly. Its base had iron wheels and looked like it could confidently carry the heavy weapon. The height of the barrel came up to my chest.

The thing had an overwhelming presence.


“Seems quite different from the canons in the royal capital? No, very, very different…”

It was both my impression and an invitation for Rahsa to check it.

“Yes, the magic canons from the royal capital are designed for long distance and great firepower. But I feel like this thing is a little different.”

Besides… He seemed to want to continue, but instead, moved to inspect the weapon in more detail.


And so Rahsa spent the whole day analyzing the weapon. He found out that there was no mistaking that it was imported from the Ammirale Kingdom, judging by the materials used. As for who made it, it was likely a nobleman from the Ammirale Kingdom known as Salman.

At first, he had no idea how to use it, but as he tinkered with the weapon, it soon became evident that it was incredibly efficient. And with that realization, came fear.

Apparently, the system for launching magic bullets was the same as the canons that Rahsa was so familiar with.


You put your hand over the magic stone on top of the weapon and send magic energy after its property has been changed. This causes it to resonate with the magic stone; the transformed magic bullet will then fly out of the cannon barrel with immense destructive power and with great range.

However, the magic cannon had a weakness, and that was that it could not fire in rapid succession. This was because the cost was much too high. It was necessary for three skilled sorcerers to work together and send energy into the stone. If the amount of magic used was 3, then the power of the fired bullet was 4, which meant that it was not particularly efficient. There were obvious merits such as the long distance, but it required a one to two minutes rest every time it was used.

Still, there was immeasurable value in the magic cannons, and so they continued to be used. They were especially useful in battles where a castle had to be protected.


Now, as for this weapon that had come from Salmon and the Dartanel family.

Obviously, each round did not have the same weight as a magic cannon. It also had inferior range. However, in terms of utility, it outstripped the magic cannon by far.

First, it could be controlled by a single person. One person could fill it with magic, and unlike the inefficiency of the magic cannons, the magic required to fire it was a 1, while the bullet carried three times as much power as normal magic. This was because the barrel was thin, allowing the magic to be compressed when fired. Not only that, but there were many barrels lined up, which meant you could fire in rapid succession. While it depended on how much magic the operator had, this weapon allowed you to fire off a few dozen bullets in the same time it took the magic cannon to fire one.


“Will this put the country in danger?”

“There is still a lot we don’t know, but I think it is necessary to return to the royal capital immediately and make a report.”

I hadn’t seen Rahsa look this nervous in a long time. Then again, he had made a similar face recently when he drank too much water and got a stomach ache…


As we couldn’t test the machine inside of the storage house, we took it outside in order to begin testing its power. According to our theory, it should be a very powerful weapon, but we did not know how powerful.


It was outside now, but what could we hit?

Trees? No, even trees are living things.


And so we turned the barrel to the sky at a sixty degree angle.

It took some precise adjustments, but we set it so that the ammunition would fall in a natural field of flowers.


I touched the magic stone and sent a rush of water magic inside.

As soon as the energy entered it, compressed spheres of water shot out of the twenty barrels at a rapid pace, one after another. It was so fast that it shot three times for every second.

Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaa. It echoed. The sound was so loud that the ground even shook.


The spheres of water were launched high into the air before exploding and falling to the ground like rain.


Woah. This was a useful way to water plants.

I thought. But of course, I could not say such a thing out loud. This was a matter of national security, and so I had to act seriously.

Still, I may use it for this purpose for a little while…


“We won’t be able to match them if these things go into mass production…”

“I doubt that will happen. The magic stones used in these are incredibly rare. It’s not something you can collect so easily. However, it is true that the technology here is frightening. I will leave the management of the weapon to you. I must return to father at once and make a report.”


As Rahsa and Iris would return to the royal capital, they began to prepare for the journey, even though it was late at night.

I and Lotson disassembled the weapon and created a simple blueprint of it that night. We would analyze it further, of course, but this would be good enough for Rahsa to take with him.


“What should we call this weapon?”

Lotson asked as we handed the blueprint to Rahsa.

Yes, it was a little inconvenient to not have a name for it.

Watering Machine? No, no one would agree to that.


“What about Watering Machine? That way, it won’t matter if the name leaks, because they will have no idea what it is, no?”

Said Iris. She had been thinking about the same thing as me… That made me quite happy.

“Yes. That is a good idea. Alright then, the weapon shall now be known as the Watering Machine.”

It was decided. Were they serious? I should have just suggested it then. I now regret restraining myself.


“So, brother. We will part ways for a short while.”

And so Rahsa and Iris took the information about the Watering Machine and returned to the royal capital by horse.


Now, it was me, Eli and Lotson who remained, but we hadn’t exactly been entrusted with something to do. And so I had to work in order to contribute to the development of the Helan territories, and since I knew the design of the Watering Machine, I wanted to make one for myself.



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