A frail voice called out.




“You guys are bad. Really bad.”


“If the boss says that, then it must be true……”


“However, you worked 1.5 times more than the others. You guys are strong, after all. On top of that, you don’t get tired easily. If I tell you to, you will probably be able to work the same tomorrow as well. Although it won’t be good to have you do the same stuff as others, you guys have your own talents. If there’s a job where you can make full use of those talents, you won’t be bad people anymore, right?”


“Boss…! If the boss says that, then it must be true!”


Their were tearing up.

After talking ill about them a bit, I compliment them on their strong points and achievements. As I thought, these guys are easy to handle!


“I called you guys over. And most importantly, I understand you. Don’t worry, I will prepare a place for you to display your talents to the fullest.”


At any rate, I decided to hop on to the prince’s lie. I will just keep it at that. That will make it easier.


“Tomorrow, I will establish the first private army corps of Helan territory. And you guys will be its first members. If you are dumb, then just shut up and follow my orders. You don’t need to have compassion, just protect me. There’s no need to be liked by others. You just need to overwhelm the enemy in front of you! How about it? You think you’re up for it?”


“”””Yosh!! Yosh!! Yosh!!!””””


Their roar was a warrior’s war cry.

Right here and now, Helan territory’s private army has been established.



From the next day, I had them take up swords.

I had them use it and observed their different suitabilities.

As expected, most were used to it. Now if I just have them wear pretty armor, they will look like a legitimate army corps.

Those who were doing well with the swords, I let them be. And those who were not, I had them take on some other weapons.

I also had them use bows and saw who had a knack for it and who did not.

And I also tried having them use clubs and lances.

By noon, most of them found a weapon they were suited to. All that’s left is to think of the composition considering their suitability.

I felt like quite a strong army was being built.


“Well, you’re the last one, eh?”


I looked at the only guy who was left to pick a weapon.

The guy had his face covered with bandages. It felt like he was covering a wound so I didn’t bring that up.


“Can’t really find a weapon suited to you, huh? Do you have anything you want to try?”


“Anything I want to try? You little, don’t talk so casually with me.”


A sharp gaze glared at me from the other side of the bandage.

I was taken aback. I had completely thought everyone of these guys agreed to me so I was surprised when he took a defiant attitude.

And right after, his head was spectacularly punched from behind.

It was Jangu. He is their representative, if I am not wrong.


“I am sorry, boss. This guy is new, you see. He has been like this since he joined. He was always trying to plot his escape while coming here as well. He doesn’t understand that it’s thanks to you that we were able to get out of that prison.”


“Thanks to him?! Give me a bre–”


Before he could finish saying, he was punched again by Jangu.

It didn’t seem like he would say anything rebellious anymore.


“Now, now, we’re fine here. You return to your training, Jangu. I will take care of this one.”


“Understood, if the boss says so.”


“Yeah. I will have a good talk with him. It seems he has a lot to say as well.”



After Jangu had left, the bandaged man’s glare returned.

His discontent was awfully visible.


“You were saying something before. What is it? If you have any complaints, I will listen.”


“Complaints?! It’s nothing that half-hearted! It’s malice!! That too deep, dark malice!”


“For me?”


“Who else?! It is your fault I was thrown into that prison. You obstructed my father’s deal and made our family fall into ruin!”


After he vigorously finished saying, he forcibly pulled off the bandages off his face.

Seems the bandages were more solid than he thought–it got caught on his ear and it was funny seeing him go “ow, ow, ow!” as he pulled it off.


The bandages were off, revealing a resentful, rebellious face. Putting his facial features aside, although his hair and skin was a bit dirty, one could tell that he had a good upbringing.


“You can’t say you have forgotten this face. Kururi Helan!”


“Eh? Who?”


“Freigen Dartanel. You little piece of… always, always getting in my way. Like a plague. I want to kill you right here, right now–ahhh, I so want to kill you off.”


“But you couldn’t even use most of the weapons. Can you win against me?”


“Ahhh!! That part about you really ticks me off! Putting on that condescending face saying some really condescending stuff!!”


“These are facts so it’s not my fault.”


“That’s what I am saying, that’s why it ticks me off!!”


Because he was just too loud, Jangu came running again. I stopped him with a glance. Jangu returned.


“Freigen Dartanel, eh? We met at the capital, did we? The guy who had an upset stomach, right?”


“That’s ‘cause I had seen your face. My stomach still doesn’t feel too good. But that is not the point. I will kill you right here and now, representing all of the Dartanel family!”


“Like I said, how? You can’t use any weapon and if you do anything Jangu will come running, you know? Don’t you have, like, a more concrete plan for this?”

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